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Game Vs. Vikings: FS Brian Dawkins

If you could put your finger on it, what are some of the things that have allowed you to revive your team and be where you are right now? "All of the things that we went through we stayed together. We didn't finger point. We didn't say it was this unit's fault or this unit's fault. We didn't do that. We carried on. In the mist of all that adversity built character. It brings a team closer together. When you go through those things and no one is pointing at the other guys. Now you even want to play more for that other person. Accountability goes up just a little bit more. Now you feel that if I make a mistake I'm going to let all of these guys down because they had my back when I was down. All of that is why we were able to win this game tonight."

How much confidence do you guys have in the fact that you have gone to the Meadowlands just a month ago and beat the Giants and perhaps you can do it again?"Every game is different. We do understand that it can be done and not too long ago we did it. That means we are going to have to go up and play physical ball against a physical team but we feel good right now. It's going to be a tough game. A physical game which it always is against the Giants. We feel good right now."

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