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Game Vs. Vikings: Eagles Locker Room

CB Asante Samuel

What did you read on the interception? "Just reading the receiver right to the quarterback and I got a good jump on the ball. I went for it and made the play and took it to the house."

You have had four interceptions returned for touchdowns in the postseason. Did you have to raise your level of play? "That's what it's all about. The postseason and trying to get that big win. So I just try to set up my game up to another level every time. I got an opportunity in the postseason. I helped the team out today and you know we got the victory."

What about the block on the interception return? "Did you see that? That was incredible. I was waiting to see if I had to cut right or left and he just jacked him up and slammed him. He had him about seven feet off the ground. So that was a hell of a block."

Did you think (Tarvaris) Jackson was vulnerable today both with pressure and experience? "I don't know. He did OK. He did his job and it is what it is. We are going to apply pressure to whoever the quarterback is. That's what we like to do."

Did you have a feeling it would come down to a big play? "You are always thinking that going into every game. You always say it's going to be a tough match and it might come down to the last play. And you are always going to try and make a big play for your team. Hopefully I can just continue to do that."

How much did your hip bother you?"It was doing OK. I'm going to just keep working and trying to improve and get as healthy as possible."

Is your hip bothering you at all? "Yeah, you see me come out of the game? Just aligning and my hips get off a little bit. It should be alright."

Feel a lot better when you are running one back for a touchdown?"A whole lot better. You don't feel it for a little while when you do something like that. Your adrenaline is running, rushing, it was awesome."

This is your sixth pick in the postseason. What is it about the postseason? "That's when it's time to step your game up. You have the preseason, regular season, the postseason, and Super Bowl. You have to step your game up. From the preseason you have to bring it up a notch for the regular season, playoffs and so on. That's what I try to do."

You have been on two Super Bowl teams. Does this team have a feel like either of those? "We have a good team. Like I said, I think we are dangerous. So we just have to see how it plays out."

What do you think of having to face the Giants again? "We are 1-1. We got to see who's going to break the tie. Hopefully we can get the tiebreaker."

Has anyone faced the Giants more in the last year than Asante Samuel?"I guess not. I think I have faced them more than anybody."

WR DeSean Jackson

Tough win on the road today? "On the road, we got one win. Now we're going up against a team we know pretty well. Amazing the way the defense played today."

The offense seemed bottled up, until Brian (Westbrook) breaks one? "It's the playoffs. We just had to get out there and get comfortable. I can't take anything away from Minnesota, they're a great team. Their record is 10-6, NFC North champs and they have got a great team."

How much did you think special teams factored in, for example, your big return? "Field position, that's the name of the game. We weren't able to take it down every time. We stayed patient. We had confidence in ourselves and we knew when it was our time, we would make a play. It's a great feeling. We saw on film some opportunities to make some plays and we took advantage of it."

CB Sheldon Brown

What kind of adjustments did you make to shut them down on third downs in the second half? "We figured out they started going to the sticks on third down. Just to move the ball instead of taking some shots down the field. You have to give them credit. Coach Childress has done a great job and they just couldn't convert on third down.

Can you talk about Asante's (Samuel) interception and what it meant at that time when the offense wasn't clicking? "We always thrive on the big plays, create fumbles and we can see it was a critical play during the game where it gave us the momentum and a little bit of confidence."

Do you feel your pressure got to (Tarvaris) Jackson? "When they had to throw the ball at the end I definitely think that Coach (Jim) Johnson's blitz schemes are in for us to prevail at the end."

How did you guys put it all back together? "Everything happens for a reason. You can take it back to DC, but we can go as far back as Cincinnati. We tied Cincinnati and then we lose to Baltimore. We have had that adversity and we knew how to build on it. We have been just adding that as fuel to the fire."

What did you think of the ability of the offense to make that big play in the second half? "It was huge. Not only that, they won the field position a little bit. The offense is able to drive the ball 90 yards or 80 yards keeps us fresh and keeps us on the bench even though we are not scoring points. It was a big help at that point of the game. I think the offense did a tremendous job of moving the ball down the field."

How much confidence does this team have knowing that you already went into the Meadowlands and beat the Giants? "We're confident. I mean that's the way we are. It has nothing to do with the last game. It will be a totally different contest and totally different game. Both game plans will be different because neither team will do what they were susceptible to the last game. One of those NFC East rivals that we should enjoy."

Did you think it would come down to this? In the Meadowlands, you and the Giants? "You know I never look past any NFL football game. But I figured we would have a rematch."

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