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Game Vs. Titans: QB Kerry Collins

On Kenny Britt's game: Kenny is a great player. He had some stuff going on off the field this week, but he was able to put it behind him and come out and play a heck of a ball game. We needed him and he showed up big for us tonight.

On Britt having to come back to the ball to make some catches: The second touchdown for sure. My arm and the ball actually got hit a little bit, so that's why it was turning end over end a little bit. I was able to get enough on it for him to come back and make the play. It wasn't by design.

On Britt learning how to adjust to the ball: He has started to really show that he has learned how to adjust to the ball.

On the difficulty of playing a physical game at his age: I feel fine. I feel good. I have to give the Eagles defensive line credit. They are a good defense. They are a good football team.

On experience helping after a rough start to today's game: You've got to keep playing. That is part of playing quarterback in the NFL. You are going to start out; there are going to be bad decisions; there are going to be some bad throws, but you keep saying to yourself, you try to keep making good decisions. You just try to keep making good throws. That's part of it. It is never going to go 100 percent great your way. I think a lot of playing quarterback in the NFL is being able to fight through those kind of things and hopefully you can make the plays to help your team win.

On defense stepping up: All three phases stepped up today. Our defense, getting that turnover was huge.

On Kenny Britt's potential: There is not much better, that I've played with. He is big; physical; he can run. He is going to do everything he can to get the ball. He is aggressive going after it. The guy loves to play. He loves making big plays. As a quarterback, it is nice to know that a guy like that is on your team because like I said today, there were some throws that weren't exactly perfect, but the guy did whatever he had to do to get the ball.

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