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Game Vs. Titans: Head Coach Jeff Fisher

Opening statements: I have kind of said that quite often that your opponent is different every game, it is different every situation, every circumstance is different. So, with that being the case you find different ways to win ballgames and we found a way to win this game today with 27 fourth quarter points.

That's a very, very talented football team. You know, I'm proud of our guys because we hung in there. They were inside the five–yard line with a chance to go up by 16. And we make a play, knock the ball loose and that was a really huge turning point for us in the ball game.

But, we came through it healthy. We are fortunate to sneak a win away from a really talented team. And I very proud of these guys from what they have done over the last month with three of four on the road and then the Monday night and the short week and find a way to beat a team like Philly is good. So, we have to put it behind us and move on because we got a huge challenge this coming week.

On Kenny Britt's performance: Well, he has been getting better and better. His production over the last month, not a lot of catches, but big catches, touchdown catches for us. He had a great effort today. Kerry (Collins) did a good job getting the ball to him.

On how close he was to not playing Kenny Britt in game: I just made the decision based on one, I haven't had enough time to gather all the information and two, the reason that I elected not to start (Britt) is that he missed Friday's practice as a result of the incident. And, I just wanted to make sure he was in the swing and flow of the game. And I am also still in the process of gathering information and when I get information, I will come to a conclusion and if that merits disciplinary action then I'll take it. His performance has absolutely nothing to do with what happened last week, O.K. Absolutely nothing. It was a great performance. I mean an outstanding performance. It is two separate issues right now.

On if there was a specific time frame for Kenny Britt to enter game:No, you saw the start. Our start wasn't good. We had three and outs and turnovers and once we started to settle down offensively, I gave him the green light to go in.

On if the focus was to get the ball to Kenny Britt: Well, it was much like the Chicago game a few years ago where everyone was on the line of scrimmage and they are not going to let you beat them running it. We said basically, let's just pick it up and throw it and that's a tough thing to do against them because of the variety of pressure that they bring. But, I thought our offensive adjustments were good for the most part. We settled down, protected the quarterback and Kerry was able to step up and put balls up and we made the plays.

On the improvement of the secondary throughout the second half: We had our hands on a number of balls, but fortunately we got a couple and we've done relatively well in the plus territory. You know, our feeling going into this game, as explosive as our offense is, is that field goals would be okay. They would be wins for us. We'd just try to keep them out of the end zone and, you know, there was a touchdown as a result of them making a great play and Chris (Hope) not making a play on the ball.

On the play at the goalline with Jason Jones changing the game: Oh, it's huge, as I said. They're going up by 16 instead, you know, we go down and get a field goal and it's a different game.

On what he did on third down when the Eagles were ahead:We made some adjustments at halftime and did some different things.

On if Ernie Sims should have been called for helmet-to-helmet contact with hit on Chris Johnson: You know, the rule is if the ball carrier is defenseless, if he's on the ground, it's a foul. If he's defenseless, then he gets helmet-to-helmet protection. And defenseless is as far as the ball carrier is concerned is if his momentum's stopped. So I'd have to look at the play but that's basically how the rule is set up. If the momentum's stopped, he becomes defenseless and then he gets helmet-to-helmet protection.

On Kerry Collins's performance today and the decision to make Vince Young the number two: Well, Vince did a great job the last couple of days getting back. He ended up being much better than we thought, we all thought, he included, was going to be a couple days ago. We saw him move around enough to where we felt like he could be mobile in the pocket, so we kept him as a two. I thought Kerry, I mean, gosh, you saw. I thought he played well. That's a tough defense, (Atlanta quarterback) Matt Ryan, I mean you name them. They had given good quarterbacks a tough time.

On being down 19-10 in the fourth quarter and the big 80-yard play by Britt: Well they just play hard and you know, trying to get them to not look at the scoreboard. Just keep playing and making plays and just stay together and trust each other and then we gave up the big kickoff return and it's, you know, just keep playing. You've still got time left, just keep playing.

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