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Game Vs. Titans: Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: As far as injuries go, (Winston) Justice and (King) Dunlap hyperextended their knee. We will just see how it works out here with them. Ernie Sims has a lower back strain.

Opening Statement: Compliments to Tennessee for battling all the way through. We learned a crucial lesson from this that can help us the rest of the season. You have the opportunities to put a team away, you have got to do it. You can't give good teams an opportunity to survive when you have their back against the wall and we did that. Opportunities in the red zone, you get yourself that far in the red zone, you have mistakes and come out with field goals instead of touchdowns and a turnover, absolutely brutal there. Ten penalties, way too many and we need to sure up some things on the coverage. They were able to take advantage with Kenny Britt, who had a good game.

On the fumble at the goal line: I saw it. The guy got penetration.

On how Kenny Britt exploited the defense: A lot of times we had him doubled, so he did a pretty good job. I give the kid credit, he's a good football player. We have got to do a better job there.

On disappointment in pass rush in the second half: They had a little bit more time. We were trying to take care of some things secondary wise, but no excuses. We have got to a better job.

On the breakdown in the secondary: I am not going to pinpoint guys, but we have got to do a better job all the way around. I take that responsibility. For a guy to continually catch the ball, over and over, I have got to do something better from a coaching standpoint and obviously the players need to do a couple of things better too.

On evaluating Kevin Kolb's performance: It was up and down. He has some good plays, some phenomenal plays and some I think he would like to have back, but when you're playing a good football team, you're going to have that. When you battle through it and we were trying to take shots in the end (inaudible). We have got to continue to work with pressure and make sure we continue to protect him and so on. So make sure we give him the right plays to do so.

On a young team going through a game like this: I told the team this, it's a great lesson. You can learn from this if you handle it the right way. If you look at it, and that's not an easy thing to do, but you have got to look at it. We will figure this thing out. There are some great lessons we can learn and we will make sure that we do that.

On the secondary coverage: There were mixed coverages, but he made a few nice plays.

On the swing of the game: It really came down to where, when you have an opportunity to really put a hammer on things, you have a turnover at the three-yard line. That can't happen. And they take it the length of the field. You can't have those kinds of things. You have a crucial third down situation where you need to get off the field, you have got to get off the field on the other side. There are things we can take out of this and learn from it.

On common things with last quarter rallies by teams against the Eagles: I blame the obvious. We have got to do a better job. You saw the game, so we have got to make sure we do a better job when we are in the red zone. You're down in there, you score touchdowns. You really can't have turnovers.

On the who the starting quarterback after the bye week will be: Mike (Vick).

On why the offense stalled: I come back to the turnover that we had and then we have got to make some plays there. They were playing us in man coverage and you have got to make some plays there. You have got to be positive on first downs more so that what we were. I'll go back and look at all the plays and that situation when I get back with film in hand.

On the number of penalties: I wouldn't say it was laziness, they're aggressive. You have got to work through them and we're going to keep going.

On the Titans' run game: We knew that was a big part of it. At the same time, Kerry (Collins) is a good quarterback, so we respected that part of it, the throwing game. We did a pretty good job there initially. It was just that stretch there they…it really kind of happened after that turnover and they took it the distance there and then they started building plays off that.

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