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Game Vs. Texans: QB Michael Vick

On how satisfying it was to score after the Texans had taken the lead: "It was very satisfying. First thing I just have to give glory to God for giving us the opportunity to come out here and play this game and win. Just putting the drives together after going down four points, we just did a great job in battling back. I told the guys 'Now's the time to put it all together and come out and make the plays I know we can make. Let's be efficient, let's be smart and win this football game' and they did."

On whether he was, in fact, more vocal in the huddle: "Well, I just wanted the guys to believe in themselves. I have all the belief in the world in those guys. I think the world of them and I'll go to battle with them any day. So, I try to encourage them and say whatever I can to keep them upbeat, keep them confident and keep them with their will to win."

On how he felt when the defense was on the field for a long stretch in the 3rd quarter: "It reminded me of last week when Chicago kept us off the field for a long time, extensive periods of time. When you do that, you limit your opportunities to score. We want to get every opportunity to score. We want to take advantage of every possession. Sometimes we put more pressure on the defense than we have to. I think we have to be able to compliment each other at any given point in the game."

On how they were able to rebound from the extended period off the field this week: "Well, like I said, last week they kept us off the field. By the time we had the opportunity to come back and win the game, (we were down) 17/ 18 points with only nine minutes left. (Tonight) the defense did a great job of giving us the ball back. Guys made unbelievable plays. Everybody stepped it up in the 4th quarter. Brent (Celek) made a great catch in the red zone that put us in a position to win the game."

On this being a tough physical game: "There are a lot of games like this. You get knocked around a couple times, you get put in the position that you almost have to come back and score. You find out a lot about yourself playing this game. Times that you think you can't do it, there's something always in the back of your mind saying 'Yes, you can.' That's what drives me, that's what motivates me. The opportunity at achieving greatness is what I strive for."

On whether there has been another season where he has been hit this hard so many times: "Like I said before, I'm used to taking hits. It's not that bad. They may look harder than what they seem but it's not that bad. If I take one and I lay down, then I took a good one. I'm a pretty tough guy I feel like for the most part so I try to bounce back whenever I can."

On whether there is a science to bouncing back after being hit: "It's no science to getting hit. There's no science to getting hit or protecting yourself."

On the job of TE Brent Celek this season: "Brent is a total team player. There were a couple times I missed him earlier in the season and I can give him better chances at catching the football, better ball placement. When you're throwing the ball to a tight end, you have to put it around his body. Those big guys are not designed to make the greatest spectacular catches like (WR) Jeremy Maclin and (WR) DeSean Jackson are going to make, so you just put the ball on him. Brent's role is different. He understands it and he's going to continue to be a factor in our offensive."

On what "missing" Celek means: "No, I never overlook him. It's just other guys were open."

On whether he feels his teammates are lifted up when he gets off the turf after being hit: "Yeah, well I feel like when those guys see me getting up time after time, they feel like they're responsible for that. Not every play is going to be perfect and I also want them to understand that. I expect to get hit. Sometimes it gets me going. You get hit a couple of times early and then you realize and understand that you have to move a little bit in the pocket. I always want those guys to know that not every play is going to be perfect. Things are not going to go the way we want them to go all the time. We just have to battle and I hold them accountable, just as well as they hold me accountable. It's real true on both ends and we understand we all have jobs to get done at the end of the day."

On how big this win is in the NFC and with the Giants and Dallas coming up: "Well this is a big win. We just have to keep going, not get too ahead of ourselves and understand what's most important and that's the next game."

On getting WR DeSean Jackson involved early in the game: "We wanted to get DeSean the ball early. Get him involved. Get some plays out to him. Get him going and put him in a position where he can help us win. He's a major factor in our offense."

On how he knows when it's the right time to be more vocal: "When you get down and you know you should be winning the game by more points than what you have, then instinctively you just step up as a leader. That's my job. My job is to rally, motivate, to push these guys as hard as I can just as much as I've pushed myself. So with that said, you just got to not put yourself in that position and not make this game harder than what this is."

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