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Game Vs. Steelers: Quarterback Carson Wentz


On the 73-yard touchdown pass to RB Darren Sproles:
"I was reading the other side of the field, somebody stepped across my face from the Steelers, and I just stepped up and turned into scramble mode. I came out and saw [RB Darren] Sproles and he just turned up the field. Anytime that you can put it in the hands of [Sproles] something special can happen on any play, and he did the rest of it."

On the success of the running game in the second half:
"The running game is huge for us. During the week we always stress to be patient with it. Sometimes it's not always working early, but we were patient with it and guys started to wear them down and we started to do some good things. That was huge for us, especially to go finish off the game once we got up."

On his view of the long touchdown scored by Sproles:
"It's funny that you ask because [C Jason] Kelce came running and was in my face celebrating a little early. I was yelling at him to get out of my face and I missed part of it, so I'm excited to go check out the highlight."

On whether the touchdown pass to Sproles was basically a school-yard type of play:
"A little bit. We knew what the route concept was, but once you step up and I was border line about to run, it just turns into scramble mode. That's something that we talk about a lot. We always say that a play is never dead. I like to make plays when we need to and everyone just does a great job of getting open in those situations."

On his breakdown of the touchdown pass to Sproles:
"I was reading to the field. I was about to pull the trigger [and run], and then someone from the Steelers stepped up, and I just had to step up and avoid him. I just kind of made a play from there."

On why he did not run on the play that resulted in the touchdown pass to Sproles:
"I always want to be a thrower first. Even when a play breaks down, I'm always looking [to throw] because that's where the big plays are happening. If I scramble I might get 5, 10, 15, 20 yards, but I'm not that fast . I always want to get it to the guys that can make plays. We always want to make plays when they're there, and that's what happened."

On whether he viewed today's game as a significant test:
"We view every week as a measuring stick. We always try to just get better and go 1-0 every week. We've done a great job of just keeping it locked in one play at a time and one rep at a time.  Everyone is starting to play kind of inspired football. Everyone is believing in each other and it's been three great team wins. The defense is playing phenomenal, the special teams are doing a great job, and offensively we're doing our part."

On whether he ever could have envisioned the team being 3-0 to start the season:
"Personally I don't think that far ahead.  I'm really one that just likes to focus in one week at a time. I think everyone around here was confident and we knew we had the ability, but we just had to keep chopping. 'Keep chopping away' is a motto that we have, and we have done a good job of it."

On playing for head coach Doug Pederson:
"Doug is great. Coach Pederson for me, the communication we have is so clear, and it's just an open line. He really respects my opinion about plays if I'm feeling something. He instills a lot of confidence in me and that's huge especially for a young quarterback. To have a coach that is as player friendly as he is, it's been great so far."

On if this season has been easier than he originally thought:
"For one, I'm having a lot of fun. I'm having fun out there. It starts with the big guys up front. Everyone has a lot of confidence in themselves and everyone goes out with high expectations for the guys around us. We're playing inspired football."

On his choice of a touchdown celebration with Jordan Matthews:
"It's all business. We keep it all business. You'll have to ask him a little bit more. He might give you a little more in-depth review on that."

On TE Brent Celek's statement that 'Wentz gives him juice':
"He actually just told me that in the locker room. You know that's always encouraging. You have to bring that energy, you have to get the guys going, get them to rally around you, and that's something that I really pride myself on - trying to elevate the play for everyone else around you. That's something as a team collectively we are doing a really good job of."

On if he has always been the guy to high-five everyone as they come off the field:
"Yeah. You can go back and watch college tape. That was always me. I was always having fun and giving guys some props when they deserve it."

On whether he approached this game differently than the last two:
"For one, we were playing at home. That is always exciting, the battle of Pennsylvania as some of you probably call it. Obviously the Steelers have a great team. They've shown themselves as a great offense, and a great defense. We use every week like a measuring stick and it was fun out there."

On how he will spend the bye week:
"Like most guys, we will be resting and recovering because we really recognize that after the bye week we have a long haul ahead of us. "

On if he's going hunting this week:
"Yeah. Oh yeah."

On if he talked to Ben Roethlisberger after the game:

On how he is able to slow the game down:
"Obviously the game is faster than the college game. For me, I've always felt like I've played at a fast level. The coaches and the offensive line are making my job easy. The coaches are putting us in a great situation with the preparation we put in each week and the film work. I have to give [QB] Chase [Daniel] a lot of credit. He does a tremendous job of trying to get me ready. We have a lot of great conversations early on in the morning. So the preparation really helps the game slow down."

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