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Game Vs. Steelers: QB Nick Foles


On whether he accomplished what he hoped to accomplish during the preseason:** "I feel like we improved every week as a unit and as a team. We just have to keep moving forward. There are a lot of corrections to make from this game, but I feel like we went out there, got in a rhythm faster and started moving the ball. I feel like we have a lot of opportunity to work coming up."

On having WR Jeremy Maclin and WR Riley Cooper back in the lineup: "It's just great having those guys healthy, just getting back on the same page and letting them get more game feel. This was [Cooper's] first time back on the game field and he's been trying to get better. It was just great seeing him out there in uniform and ready to go. Just having those guys out there was great."

On recent hits that TE Brent Celek has taken which have caused his helmet to become dislodged: "We'll have ways to make sure that doesn't happen, but Brent is able to make the play. He's one of those guys who uses his body really well and he gets right back up. Like I said before, he's a tough player and a tough guy. We'll have ways to protect him and ways to do things moving forward."

On the improvement of his play since the first preseason game in Chicago: "I think Chicago just wasn't a good game. I just stayed focused and didn't freak out. I just kept working. I know that every day you learn a lot throughout the day and I learned a lot from that game. I moved forward from it and learned from the interceptions. I just wanted to go through the week of practice and work on those things. This game will be the same thing. We won this game, but there is a lot of stuff that we can take from it and improve on. That's how we have to be each and every day. We have to be critical of ourselves. For me as player, I'm very critical. I think it's very important not to get complacent with your preparation and how you review yourself."

On whether the offense is ready for the season-opener against Jacksonville: "We'll be ready when it starts. We have a lot of improvement to do before then. We have to fix some things, but I know our guys and I know our team and we'll work towards it and get ready for the opener."

On how much easier the passing game is for him when Maclin and Cooper are on the field: "I think Riley and Mac are great receivers. I've played a lot of football with those guys, and I have a great feel for them. The guys that are going behind them, I'm getting a great feel for them too, so if anything did happen, I have all of the confidence in those guys in terms of going in there and being on time and in rhythm. I know the concept and we work on it every day when a play is called, so I have all of the faith in the world that those guys will go out and make a play no matter who the receiver is."

On whether the offense felt a little more ready for the start of the regular season following its performance tonight: "Definitely. This is our third preseason game and we got more reps tonight than we have in the previous two. I definitely feel more comfortable. We still have a lot more room to improve and lot of film study to go over these next few weeks, but I feel good about today and I just want to keep improving."

On spreading the ball around and getting a number of different receivers involved in the passing game: "I think it is important. I'm going through my reads, I'm reading the defense and going through that, and I never even think of when a receiver is out there, unless it's man coverage and you're trying to find the best match-up. I just trust those guys to get to their spots and get open and run the right routes. It just so happened that we got eight different receivers [the ball] in the first half. I think spreading the ball around happens because you get to the right guy, you get to the guy that is open instead of hanging on a guy too much and keying on one receiver. Whenever anyone is out there as a receiver, I know he is going to do his job and get open, and I'll give him the ball and let him do his thing."

On the development of the offensive line throughout the preseason: "They're great. They're a great group of guys and we have depth, which really helps them out. We were getting things going in the beginning of the game, and we got things rolling. They did a great job [tonight] and they did a great job last season. It just goes back to their personalities and how they are as a group. It's a really tight-knit group that has a lot of fun personalities. When we go out there and play, we're playing for each other, and that's what happens."

On his thoughts when Maclin was down on the field and clutching his knee: "You never want to see that, especially with everything that Mac has gone through. The first thing I did was say a prayer for him. There were several players out there who prayed over him, and the good Lord had him right there. If you look at pictures, it didn't look good, but the next series he comes out and catches a curl route and he's the same old Mac. We're very thankful that there was nothing there, but it was definitely scary."

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