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Game vs. Steelers: FS Brian Dawkins

* On going after the QB:*
"It's a must that we go after a QB. The first thing we did was defend- we had to get going on a thirddown and long situation. That's what we've been talking about with you guys all week. We had to get this team to third and long and (Defensive Coordinator) Jim (Johnson) called a blitz. Give him credit. He said that was what he was going to do, and he did. He just let us loose."

* On taking criticism from the media all week:*
"I wasn't agitated. I guess people in the room could see I had a smirk on my face. I wasn't agitated. I kept hearing the same questions over again so I said what I said. I told you guys, I understand the way it works. You get to a certain age and every play I make from here on out is going to be the same way. "He's getting old, he's getting old". But one thing you can't do is keep a man of God down. That's where I get my strength from. That's that and I can't worry about it.

* On how old he felt flying through the air:*
"I have no idea. I told you I play the way I play and I've said this before and I'm going to say it again. I don't know what a 34 year old is supposed to feel like or play like. I just know that he was scrambling and I had to make the play to do it. That's always been my game for these guys. I know what I can do on the football field. I feel what I can do for my teammates."

* On what it feels like to dominate on the field:*
"That's not a feeling you can explain. Everyone is feeling the same way that no matter what happens, they are not getting into the end zone. And that's really what we felt tonight. I'm not going to sit here and talk down on Pittsburgh because they are an excellent football team. An excellent offensive team. But, sometimes you get that feeling defensively and say "You know what, I don't care what they do. We're going to get loose and stay loose and they are not getting into this end zone."

* On the importance of QB Donovan McNabb being able to play his game:*
"Let me tell you what I told Donovan. "We got your back. You be aggressive and go do what you do." I don't want him to think that he can't throw into tight coverages because the defense is not playing well. We want you to be Donovan. Put the ball in there and be aggressive. If a turnover happens we'll then kick a field goal and you guys do what you do and try to score again. I never want Donovan to be a passive, sit back, dink-and-dunk quarterback. He has the tools to get it downfield and get it to receivers and that's why he is here."

* On watching RB Brian Westbrook limp off the field:*
"It's tough, you know. To lose a guy like that for the game. And I said the game. That's what I believe it is just a sprained ankle. When you lose a weapon that he is on the football field, that's where we have more than capable backups and you saw what Buck could do when he got in there. He put it down. We're hoping for him to be back here soon, but like I said, Buck put it down."

* On the quality of the team:*
"Well we are very together, first of all. We cheer one another on. Great character in that locker room. Young guys seeing how its supposed to be and joining right at the battle. We're having a great time at the same time. We're still kind of learning what we are as a team. I don't think you've seen the best of us as a unit. I mean every phase yet. And when that time comes and we put all our units together, it is going to be a good team."

* On what it was like to jump over the guard:*
"You don't think. You just do it. There's not a lot of times in football that you can think ahead of time and say "if this happens, if that happens, I'm going to do this." I got off the block, the black tried to block me, pushed him back, I saw (QB) Ben (Roethlisberger) try to step up and I knew I had to get to him. I felt something at my feet and the next thing I knew I was in the air."

* On expecting to watch that play on the highlight reel this week:*
"Obviously you want to have a big impact in a game and I want to be on the reverse side of plays. Last week I was on the other side of things and this week I'm on this side. You're going to go both ways sometimes, one way or the other. This week I was on the good side of things and I thank God for helping me to do that."

* On coming straight down on the ball:*
"I knew I knocked it out. I didn't know where it went but as I spun back around I saw it was basically right under me hardand I tried to cradle it in."

* On whether punter Sav Rocca gets more respect after a game like this:*
"Big time. Those were huge, huge plays. I made my way to him every time to make sure I gave him a high-five and let him know how much we appreciate that he put that thing down there every time deep into their territory. There are certain things that an offense won't run if you're that far back because they don't want to make a mistake and give the ball over in their territory. That's huge. That's usually the way it works, you have maybe one unit of struggling and the other two unit you pick it up and that's what you saw today."

* On the defensive game plan today:*
"They just told Jim to dial it up, that is basically what we talked about and we got it."

* On CB Asante Samuel's interception:*
"That was a kind of blanket coverage on the receiver. I had him inside, Asante had him outside. My job is to make sure that the ball does not get completed a straight line pass, to make sure there was air on it and I gave Asante a good look to get over top of it. I just made sure not to get a pass interference so they wouldn't take the interception away."

* On the key to being so good on the run:*
"The front seven men, the d-linemen –Mike (Patterson), Bunkley and that whole rotation in the middle. They're getting after those cats and then (LB) Steve (Bradley) and those guys are coming downhill. I don't know if you think this is a 'just now' thing but those cats are coming up front. Those guys are playing up front so we have all the confidence in the back to play coverage, they can do what they're doing in the front and we can just play coverage."

* On playing in the backfield:*
"We've got to be able to jump more things. It just gives you a confidence that I don't have to come up all the time and stick my head in the run. I don't mind it but if those guys are just getting it done then as the secondary you can just lay back and read the quarterback and jump some things."

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