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Game Vs. Steelers: Eagles Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On getting the jitters out in the first preseason game: "It's definitely good to get out there and just get out on the field again, playing a different opponent.  The entire camp we've been going strong, so summertime is really good to get on the field and get a lot of anger out, but I think next game we'll be better since we'll play a little longer. I think we're on the same page."

On what was running through his mind when QB Michael Vick was running off the field favoring his hand: "Mike's tough. I wasn't sure what it was, I knew he was a little nicked up, but he's fine. He always finds a way to play through it."

On the emotion the team gets out of just getting this first preseason game out of the way: "I think we needed to get this game under our belts. This whole week has been tough for us and to have our coach back in the mix, it means a lot. The next game will be different."

C Jason Kelce

On what the sideline was like pregame during the moment of silence for Garrett Reid: "With everything the team has been through over the past few days, the funeral the other day was great and I think that Coach Reid and his family got a lot out of it, the moment of silence kind of brought back the feelings that we had at the funeral. It was good. It is hard to put into words. We were happy that everyone in the whole stadium was paying respects to the whole family. When everybody started chanting Andy's name, I got goose bumps."

On rallying to win the game: "It was awesome. The backups did a great job of fighting back. We put them in a hole early on. They battled, stuck in there and we got the win."

WR DeSean Jackson

On what the last couple of days were like for the team: "We just try to be supportive of him and it's definitely a tough time for the organization and for (head) coach (Andy) Reid. First and foremost, football is important to us and we just wanted to relieve everything off of him by going out and doing our jobs and giving our best effort. Giving him the remembrance of his son in a good way and just thinking about all of us as his sons as well, too. So we just kind of wanted to support him the best way possible."

On the kind of person Coach Reid is and why the players love him so much: "He's definitely a great coach and a great human being as far as individually with players and things like that. He definitely has good relationships with players as well, so it's not just like a coach. He's like a father figure as well, too. Sometimes I say he's a big teddy bear because he gives us a lot of love. On the opposite times too he is tough and hard-nosed as well, too."

On whether it seemed as if Coach Reid was feeling a little bit better today: "No, I mean, he's still been the same. It's been tough for him. It's going to be tough throughout the whole year. I mean, there's not going to be a time it goes by where he's not going to think about Garrett (Reid). Like I said, as far as our team, we build relationships with him as well, too. Whatever we have to do to make this year as positive and remember him in a good way and try not to be too sad and uplift him by going out there and just giving our job the upmost and coming back with success as well."

QB Nick Foles

On his first NFL game experience: "It was exciting. It was my first time getting to be in an NFL stadium. To be out here, in Philadelphia, in front of the fans was a special moment. It was fun to go out there and play football again."

On his first NFL touchdown: "I dropped back and there was one defender coming off the edge. The line was doing a great job blocking all night. I just moved around and our inside receiver did a great job taking their free safety out of the picture and it left (WR) Damaris (Johnson)right down the middle. I just had to get him the ball. I actually underthrew it a little bit. I didn't help him out, but he made a great play and made me look good."

On his whole experience tonight: "It was a good start. It was a great win for us in a preseason game, but there is still a lot of work to do. It was exciting to go out there with my teammates, but we still have a lot of things to work on. I am excited about us winning, but I can't wait to go back to practice and get back to work."

On his second touchdown: "We really liked the matchup. (WR) Mardy (Gilyard) has made a lot plays at camp and I feel comfortable throwing the ball to him. It was a go route. I just tried to look the safety off a bit and give Mardy a ball that he could adjust to and make a play on. He did a great job of doing that. The line protected once again and it was great to get another touchdown like that. It was a good feeling. It put us up in the game and then (QB) Trent (Edwards) came in and did a great job."

On head coach Andy Reid telling him to keep his eyes downfield: "I guess it's natural. I felt comfortable and stepped up in the pocket. A lot of times if you keep your eyes downfield it is hard for the defensive backs to keep up with the receivers. It's what you do in the back yard when you're a kid, so I felt comfortable making the play."

WR Damaris Johnson

On his touchdown: "I guess it was a nice play. Coach gave me an opportunity on the route. I knew I was getting one-on-one coverage, so I just wanted to take advantage and make a play"

On when he realized he was completely alone downfield: "I don't think I did. Once I caught it, I felt the defender on me, so I just tried to make in to the end zone."

On whether he thought QB Nick Foles could get the ball to him: "It was a great throw. He got moved out of the pocket a little bit, but he did a great job of keeping his eyes downfield. He found me and we made a nice play."

On whether he feels like this is his job to lose after having a successful night returning punts: "I am not going to say that. I am just trying to take advantage of opportunities that are given to me. They gave me the chance to return the first punt tonight. I caught the ball well. I will just try to take it like that every game."

On whether he thinks it is crazy that he went from being undrafted to starting the first preseason game: "It is not really crazy. Everything happens for a reason. I am thankful for the opportunity that they gave me and I am excited to be an Eagle."

On how important it is to prove himself every day, being an undrafted player: "I don't think that being undrafted changes anything. I want to be a great player, so I will go out every day and work on something new. I am going to try and better my game and become a better player every day."

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