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Game Vs. Steelers: Eagles Locker Room

Trent Cole

On the overall performance: "Obviously the Steelers came out playing. They're a good team. It's preseason. We just have to go back to the drawing board.  That's why they call it preseason. We're going to get everything back together. We still have a great team, I don't care what anybody says. We have a great team. We're going to pick this thing back up and keep it moving."

How does the defense stop the screen? "It's a team effort, and everybody has to do their part. We have to get to the ball. That's pretty much what it is, us being ballplayers and getting to the ball."

How's your elbow? "I'm not worried about my elbow. I'll be practicing. It's nothing serious, and I'll be all right."

Gerald Jones

On his performance: "Regardless of what happens when preseason is over, I'm here and I'll do my best.  If it turns out well here, then great.  If not, I'll try to make something happen somewhere else."

On scoring two touchdowns: "They were called plays. I don't know if I'm the first option, but I'm at least one of the top two options. He just found me. He put the ball on me and I tried to get in there."

How does it feel to have a performance like this? "I'm happy, but then again I'm not because we didn't win the game. That's my biggest concern. But I'm glad I got better this week from last week. I'm just trying to impress the coaches. Hopefully they like what I'm giving them.  If not, then hopefully somewhere else somebody will like what I'm putting on film."

Todd Herremans

On the team's performance: "There weren't too many good things out there tonight, but there were a couple.  We just have to focus on what we did wrong.  In the NFL, you have to come to play every week."

On the performance of the offense: "We had some turnovers, that didn't help.  We kept getting opportunities to get back out there.  We have to find ourselves a groove no matter what happened in the series before.  We have to get that going.  We have a lot to work on this week."

Kurt Coleman

On the performance of the defense: "The bottom line is we didn't make the plays we needed to.  It's all correctible.  It's still preseason, so we still have time to get ready for the regular season."

Is the defense still getting used to different responsibilities from last year? "It is different, but that's not an excuse.  We play this game.  We know when we have to fill on runs.  The bottom line is that we didn't make the plays today.  We have more responsibilities on the run.  Especially in certain coverages that we have, we have to be able to fill these gaps a lot more quickly."

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