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Game vs. Seattle: Eagles Quotes

WR Reggie Brown

On Seattle Cornerback Marcus Trufant: "You have to break tackles, but Trufant is a great corner back; when you are going against him, you have to bring your 'A' game. That is what I tried to do."

On the day McNabb had: "He usually is pretty dialed in. The defense started a little slow but the defense held them in there and after that quick scored they allowed, we knew we were going to get back in there on the pads and start executing and get some points on the board. It only takes us a little bit. We have times when we stall out a little bit and today was one of those days, but we brought it back."

On Andy's direction about over compensating: "Certain things happen and you might not be executing as well as you need to on a certain play; sometimes it is the luck of the draw. One that is really important for us is that we need to be efficient on third downs because that is something that we have had to deal with in the past. Later on in the game we did a pretty good job of it."

On how satisfying this was given the big challenge next week: "It is very satisfying. You always want to get a win. We know we have a tough road ahead of us and you really can only take it one step at a time. Seattle is a good team; I tip my hat to them, but we have to get it moving. We take no prisoners right now. And, as long as we keep playing and executing, we will be alright."

On McNabb as a leader: "The thing that he does well is that he just keeps it consistent—he is very even keeled. When your leaders is like that and you know what to expect out of him, that helps everyone else calm down and know exactly what they need to do. He just went out there and did what he needs to do and that is go out and execute and make plays for us."

K David Akers

On his perspective of today's game: "It was a good day. And, it was sweet for Andy as he was playing against an old mentor, and all that. It was just a good game for us; especially given how the game started for us. I thought that we just kept battling through. I thought the defense played a good game. I thought it was a crazy kind of wind out there today too; it was swirling all over the place out there. I thought Sav [Rocca] did a great job punting. even at the end when the game was pretty much out of reach."

On hitting four field goals: "Personally, of course I like hitting four-for-four. Making four is a lot better than missing four, obviously. If I am making a 25-tarder or a 45-yarder, it doesn't change much. I have to swing it just the same. And, whether I make it or miss it, I have to go out and hit the next one. So, I am not going to get too high about game like this. But, when people try to tell you that you can't make them over 40, you have to know within yourself that you can do that. So, today was definitely a good day for us."

On Andy's direction about over compensating: "I didn't have a lot of answers for the first two kicks of the season that I missed; they went right where I played them. Unfortunately, for that, I miss judged them. But, I hit them where I wanted to; that went back to what Andy was saying about over compensating the wind for the leg strength. Today I did, kind of, say to myself that I was going to put them down the middle, even with the swirling wind. For me that means aiming just left of center and the ball just draws right in."

CB Lito Sheppard

On knowing Seattle's injuries and what they would try to do offensively: "The key today was getting penetration getting off the ball and playing within the scheme of our defense. That is what we did and we played hard-nose ball."

On defending the outside run: "Today was just a matter of studying the film and knowing what they were going to do. And, we had to know their tendencies; once we knew that, it was a matter of playing our game. We did that; we held them down."

On defending Seneca Wallace's mobility after the running game was defended: "Getting the run stopped and force the quarterback into something else, that is what you want to do to every quarterback. And then, if you get the pass rush on him; that is what you want. We got the run stopped and played it pretty good. And no, I don't have [Seneca's] helmet in printed on me anywhere, but I was on him a lot today."

TE Brent Celek

On the team's offensive effort: "They were in man-to-man coverage a lot and it meant that we had to beat our guys. And they were blitzing a lot; the line and the backs did a great job of picking it up and Donovan did a great job of throwing the ball."

On LJ, being out and his opportunity to step up: "He is a great player and we need him back."

On the best receiver today: "It was amazing to see Todd [Herremans]. He did great. He actually wasn't the first read on that play, but he stuck with it and everyone else was covered. He leaped out and late and got himself a touchdown; I was so happy for him."

On Coach Reid's advice to have no sense of panic: "That is huge; that is especially huge when you get down early. You have to stick to your plan and you have to keep doing it, keep playing and keep plugging away at it. That is what we did and it worked out well for us. ."

On Coach Reid saying he was an "intellectual" player: "I appreciate his saying that a lot. I hope I can keep doing good things consistently on a week-in-and-week-out basis."

SS Quintin Mikell

On the intensity they played with today: "I am proud of the way that we came out and got together after their initial score and eventually shut them down from then on out. That is what we call Eagles football. On the first play we were aggressive; and we are always that way. After that first play, we talked about staying aggressive, but being smart and keeping that up."

On how they planned to shut down the Seahawk tight ends: "It is the same that that we do every week, we just did better with our execution. And, it was a big win and it puts us right back into the thick of things. It is tough to come out here all the way across the county and for us to come out on top out here; it is a big win."

On planning to defend against Wallace: "We knew that any time we could get pressure on [Seneca] he would use his feet to get out of it. He did that a couple of times but what we tried to do was stay in coverage and our guys eventually got there. Our front four did a great job today."

On the quality of the run defense the Eagles are currently playing: "It feels like this is the best run defense I have been a part of. But for the most pat if. Of course at times we let some things bounce, but for the most part we are shutting guys down and that feels good."

WR DeSean Jackson

On the teams outlook from this point on: "The Seahawks are a great team; it is good to get this win. The Giants are also a great team; if we can get that finished up we will be in good shape. So now we just need to go back to practice and get to work."

On Todd [Herremans] touchdown: "I saw that in practice this week. That is one of those plays where I thought it was sweet and that it would work. I am glad they called it. We were all pretty sure it would work and as we have been struggling in the Red Zone, it was needed to get the team sparked and that was what they did. As far as I know that was his first touchdown in his career; that was huge…it is awesome that there hasn't been one from an offensive lineman in like 60 or 70 years. That is awesome. It shows good play calling and that we are all out there doing what we need to, to get the victory ./ it is a great time for us now. We are not going to get too big for ourselves. We know that we have got a good team here. And, like I say, we are going back to work Wednesday and get ready. "

On Coach Reid stressing character and when it really shows: "It is a huge point to make that Coach Reid talks about character all the time; never give up and be patient. It is a long game and we know if we do our best it works out in the end."

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