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Game Vs. Saints: Eagles Offense


Eagles Quarterback Sam Bradford

On what he thinks the key to getting the roll out and play-action passes working was:

Bradford: "I think it was just something that we kind of saw during the week and some of the coverage they were playing. They were playing some single-high zones and we just felt like the way we were running the football, coming back to some of those roll outs and nakeds, it was a good look for us today."

On the protection he had today:

Bradford: "Man, those guys were unbelievable today. Not only in the pass game but in the run game. I thought our guys up front were phenomenal. I think I went to the ground maybe one time today. When those guys play like that, it makes my job a lot easier."

On whether he was surprised that the offensive line was as effective as they were all game long, given the injuries at the position:

Bradford: "No. I have all the confidence in the world in those guys. I think we had a great week of preparation. We were prepared to see some different and difficult looks today. I thought everyone was on the same page. But I thought those guys up front, they just did a great job. You could really tell that they were just wearing them down, with the way we were able to start running the football at the end of the game. Those guys dominated the line of scrimmage today."

On what happened on the two interceptions in the red zone:

Bradford:"The first one to [WR Riley] Cooper, I just missed the throw -- it was behind him. I can't miss that one – you know behind him, I just have to put it back to the pylon and let him go get it. And then the second one, I think the kid made a good play."

On how the short passes early on were able to give him confidence in the beginning of the game:

Bradford:"Yeah, I think that was huge. I think one of the biggest things for us today, one of the reasons we were able to have success, was we were efficient on first and second down. We had a lot of positive plays on first down that got us into second and medium, second and short. And when we can put ourselves in that situation, the playbook really opens up and we can keep the defense off balance. They know that it's not always going to be a pass. If it's second and long, we can still run the ball. So I thought our efficiency on first and second down was key today."

On having 519 total yards on offense:

Bradford:"Yeah. I think after what we were able to do in the preseason, I think everyone had kind of been waiting for this. It's obviously a great feeling to go out there and be able to do that today. And now it's just something that we have to build on. Obviously, it's not going to be like this every week. But to know that when we're clicking and we're rolling that we can go out and do that, it's just going to give us confidence now to go out there and do it more often."

On the different personnel looks today, including more two-tight end sets:

Bradford:"I think it was kind of to exploit some of the looks that they were giving us. We felt like when we were in 12 [personnel] or two tight ends that early in the game they were playing primarily a lot of man. We liked our matchups out there, so that's why we kept going to that. And then obviously at the end of the game, when we kept 12 on the field, we were just pounding the rock out at them with those guys."

On his response to the two interceptions:

Bradford:"Yeah, I mean you just keep going. Obviously, you don't like to throw interceptions but when you do, you just have to forget about it and move on. I thought our guys did a great job at just continuing to battle. It would be easy to fold up and say, 'Oh man, Sam's throwing interceptions, we're done, we can't do anything.' But that's really not how it went today at all. We just kept going, kept moving forward. I'm just really proud of the way we came out and finished in the second half today."

On what he was thinking at halftime:

Bradford:"At halftime, we had moved the ball, I think we had 300 yards of offense at halftime. I don't think they had stopped us once. I was stopping us throwing interceptions in the red zone. So we knew it was still out there, we knew we were still able to move the football on them. That really wasn't a problem, so I think at halftime we were still confident. And then to come out, I think we scored first drive out of halftime; that was big."

On whether he was surprised with the calls to go for it twice on 4th and long:

Bradford:"It gives you a lot of confidence knowing Coach [Kelly] has the confidence in us to go out there.  We have to do a better job converting. I know we missed the first one, I don't remember what happened – oh we missed them both? Great, okay, good (Joking)."

On whether he was surprised that those plays were called:

Bradford:"I think in that part of the field I think you are always ready to go for it on 4th down, especially with Coach Kelly."

On what went into getting WR Josh Huff more involved today:

Bradford:"Yeah, obviously I think we got everyone involved today.  I think we spread the ball around. We talked about it a little bit last week, but I feel like when we are able to get everyone involved and spread the ball around, both inside and outside, it makes it a lot tougher for defenses to really zone in on one or two guys. And I thought Josh did a great job today."

On whether he can exhale after the win following criticism over the first month:

Bradford:"Obviously, the win is nice. I think the big thing for us and this team is just to build on this. By no means are we where we want to be as a team. But I think today was a step in the right direction. And if we can continue to build on this, hopefully in 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks we will be in a better position than we are now."

On whether his answer to the previous question relates back to Chip's talking points after the game:

Bradford:"Oh really? No, actually. Great minds think alike (Joking)."

Eagles Tight End Zach Ertz

On the success of the offense in the win:**

Ertz: "It feels great. We played a complete game on offense. Obviously, we had some miscues in the red zone in the first half, but nobody really got down. We played with a big chip on our shoulder. We were 1-3 and we needed this win, so to go out there and execute the way we did was very rewarding."

On whether it has taken time for QB Sam Bradford to build rapport with the Eagle receivers in the passing game:

Ertz:"The whole offense kind of had to build that rapport. We weren't successful early in the downs in prior games, and this game we were able to have big plays on first downs. We were very efficient in the game overall, and I thought it was a very good win."

On the importance of the offense having success early in games:

Ertz:"Early in the game we have to get first downs so that we can wear down opponents. I'm not saying that we wore them down, but I thought we played extremely well early in the game and I think that sets the tempo for the entire game."

On why it has taken five games for the Eagle offense to have a performance like it did today:

Ertz:"I don't know honestly. I know that this week we were playing with a huge chip on our shoulder because we were very upset in the prior week losing to the Redskins the way that we did. It just took some time and hopefully we'll be able to build on this."

On whether he was confident that he would have success in the passing game based on the offensive game plan:

Ertz:"I like to think that I can get open regardless of who is on me, but we knew going into the game that our two tight end package was going to be on the field a little more than it had been in the prior weeks. I thought [TE] Brent [Celek] and I did a pretty good job. We'll go watch the film and learn from it, but hopefully it stays in the game plan."

On whether being involved in the passing game early helps him get into a rhythm:

Ertz:"Definitely. If you get anybody going early, you're able to feed off that energy and know that you've been successful and able to make plays. I think that goes for any position."

Eagles Center Jason Kelce

On whether he was surprised that Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly elected to go for two fourth-down plays early in the game:

*Kelce: *"I'm not surprised. We've been looking to get something going on offense, and I think that was Chip's way of emphasizing that we've got to get moving. I think he was being aggressive and showing confidence in us that we could get something going."

On the improved play of the offensive line in the win:

*Kelce: *"We put in a lot of work on the offensive line. We haven't played up to the standard that we've held here the last few years obviously through the start. We've worked very hard in practice and we've worked very hard in the film room. I think everybody has obviously been ashamed of the way that we've been playing. The fact is that we have the quarterbacks, we have the running backs, and we have the skill players to go out there and win games on offense. As long as the offensive line gives them the opportunity to make plays, we're going to make plays. Today we facilitated that opportunity, and that's really all we can do."

On why the offensive line was able to have more success today:
"I think that the whole process and mindset going into today was just to make sure you do your job and the guy that you're supposed to play does not make the play. As long as you do that, we felt that we were going to go out there and have success. I think everybody did the small details of football, the surfacing of the blocks, the double-teams. I think that if we do that, from here on out, we should have some success and hopefully we can get some momentum going." 

Eagles Wide Receiver Josh Huff

On contributing to the victory today:

Huff: "It definitely felt good, especially since we got the win. But it's over right now and we have to go back and analyze the film and get ready for next week."

On him personally being more involved in the offense today:

Huff:"I just prepare like I'm going to get my number called. Today, my number was called and I was able to make the most of my opportunities."

On his flip following his touchdown reception:

Huff:"I haven't done that since high school. I thought it would be fun."

On whether today's performance will help build his confidence:

Huff:"My confidence was already high, but again I just have to keep preparing until my number is called again and try to help us win games."

On whether today's performance was exactly what the offense needed:

Huff:"I would say so. We were able to get the ball going on the ground and in the air. We had a balanced attack, we were able to get our running backs involved and we spread the ball around. It was fun."

On whether he sensed the offense was poised for a performance like today:

Huff:"This is something that we've been working hard for all offseason. You're going to have your ups and downs in this league, but you just have to learn to bounce back from both losses and wins. We have a goal set, and we're ready to continue working toward that."

On whether a big kickoff return sometimes gets him in his zone as a receiver:

Huff:"I'm always in my zone whenever I get a kickoff return that is able to spark the offense and spark the team. My guys did an excellent job up front of moving the pile and getting me going." 

On whether QB Sam Bradford will look his way more often if he continues to make plays:

Huff:"I can't control that, but I know that Sam trusts and believes in all of his receivers. Right before the game, he brought the whole offense together and told us to play like the way he knows we can play because he has confidence in us." 

On his 41-yard touchdown reception:

Huff:"[TE Zach] Ertz was able to make a nice block on two defenders. [QB] Sam [Bradford] was able to see me, and I was able to just turn up."

On the team needing the win today:

Huff:"I feel like we need every win on the season, but the ball doesn't bounce our way all the time. You have to continue to move forward. It feels good to be the reason why we were able to get off to a great start, but that's over and done with, and I just have to keep moving forward and build from this."

On whether his goal is to have a game like today's every week: Huff:"That's been my goal ever since the season started. I've prepared every week like I was going to have my number called."

Eagles Running Back DeMarco Murray

* *

On whether this was the game he had been waiting for offensively after a team total of 519 yards:

Murray: "Yeah, I definitely feel that we gelled and we played well together. Obviously, there were a couple of turnovers and things we didn't execute as best as we should have. But, I think for the most part, the offensive line played extremely well. [RB] Ryan [Mathews], [WR Josh] Huff, [WR] Jordan [Matthews], as well as [QB] Sam [Bradford] played well so I think we have a team that can grow from this, watch the film, and correct the things we didn't do so well." 

On if he saw something this week on the Saints film that made him think he would have success running the ball today:

Murray:"Obviously they're a good front. [Saints DE] Cameron Jordan is an all-pro, he's a heck of a player. [Saints defensive coordinator] Rob Ryan has been known for a great defense. I was in Dallas with him so I reflected and was able to see some of the things he did in Dallas. But they're a great defense, and I think our offensive line played really well today and we have to give credit to those guys."

On what it was like on the sideline after the interception in the end zone following a down the field movement:

Murray:"I think it was positive. I think this was a game that guys weren't too down. The guys were saying, 'Let's just bounce back and start from scratch.' I think whenever you have a negative play or a turnover you have to not be too down on yourself and come on the sideline, talk to the coaches, look at the film, and just get it corrected."

On if he was still able to get into a flow during the second half following a lot of touches by both Mathews and himself:

Murray:"Yeah, I was able to get into a little rhythm and Ryan did a good job. [RB Darren] Sproles came in there and did a good job as well. Like I said, the offensive line played extremely well today and I think all of us were in a rhythm."

On whether he thinks it goes to show that a lot of plays and a lot of touches from multiple players keep everyone happy:

Murray:"Yeah, I think we are successful in third downs so that was good for us to continue to keep the drives moving forward. It was awesome. The play calling and getting different guys involved in different formations was good on [Eagles Head Coach] Chip's [Kelly] part." 

On whether running from under center played a part in today's win:

Murray:"Yeah, whenever you can get under center and run the ball I think is great and it helps out the offensive line to hide some of our runs. But we ran it well from the gun as well so I think we were just on today." 

On how a game with a lot of high points can help a team's confidence:

Murray:"It was a big win and we needed it. But, it's just one game so we have to reflect on it, we have to watch film and learn from the things we didn't do so well. But, it's just one game so we have to continue to move forward and learn from the negative things that we did and grow from the positives that we had today. But, it was a great win, a great team win. The defense played tremendous again. 

On his thoughts at halftime after a 10-7 lead and over 300 yards on offense:

Murray:"I think it was just the self-inflicted wounds with the two turnovers in the red zone. You can't do that and you can't give [Saints QB Drew Brees] any more chances. I think the defense definitely played a great game. He's one of the best quarterbacks, but like I said, it was more our players and not being able to get on the same page that shot us in the foot. But we were able to bounce back, the defense was able to make some key stops for us." 

On whether he thought of the significance of avoiding a 1-4 record:

Murray:"No, you never think about past this game or before this game. Just to reflect what you have to do individually or collectively better, but I don't think anyone was stressing. Obviously guys were upset that we were 1-3 but you have to keep going. You have to keep grinding and come in every day with your hard hat on ready to work to try and be the best you can be." 

On what it means for the offense to have 10 different players catch a pass:

Murray:"There are a lot of playmakers on offense. Obviously [QB] Sam [Bradford] did a great job looking at his reads and dumping it to the guy that was open. I think a lot of guys made yards after catching and that helped us tremendously. [WR Josh] Huff, [WR] Jordan [Matthews], and [WR Riley] Cooper. Hats off to Sam for finding an open guy." 

On whether it takes the coaches to watch all the new parts to figure out how to fit it all together:

Murray:"Yeah, there are a lot of new parts to this offense, a lot of guys who haven't run this offense in the past, and a lot of guys who are new and are starters now. I think everyone is continuing to get a feel for each other. But I think gradually you have to be confident, you have to continue to work hard and do the little things right. I think that will roll over, it's a big thing for us and I think it makes us play well. 

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