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Game Vs. Saints: Eagles Defense


Eagles Safety Malcolm Jenkins

On the team's win:

Jenkins: "It's a week-to-week thing and we still have things to improve. We beat a good team that was in a similar situation to us. We did a good job of executing today. Everybody was clicking. Now we just have to figure out how to do it again on Monday night and continue to do it week in and week out. That starts with practice, so we look forward to getting back at it this week. We didn't talk about this game being a must win, but I think everyone understood the situation we were going into. Both teams were desperate for a win. This is a huge win for us because you don't want to start out 1-4. We have a mature group in here so everyone knows the situation. We have to win. Now we have to find a way to put wins together."

On playing his former team:

Jenkins:"For me personally, I looked at this game the way I would look at any other game. My goal is to always earn the respect of my opponent, so that's really how I went out there." 

On DE Fletcher Cox's performance:

Jenkins:"You can just watch him play and see what he means to our team. He had a huge day. A lot of time he probably doesn't get all of the glory he deserves along with our whole defensive line. Rarely do I have to make tackles deep in the secondary, which is why you see me and [Eagles S] Walter Thurmond get a lot of tackles for losses, because there's nowhere for the runner to go. The ball carrier is always going east and west which is easier for us to clean up. The defensive line is a huge part of our defense."

 On Eagles LB Jordan Hicks:

Jenkins:"You didn't expect him to have that much significant success so early, but due to some injuries he got forced into the fire and has done an awesome job. He's further along mentally than a lot of other rookies and he understands the defense in totality. He can adjust, he can make calls, and he has the respect of all of the guys out there. He has a knack for being around the ball. It's been great and calming for us to have him go out there and play with the demeanor that he does."

Eagles Defensive End Fletcher Cox

On his three sack performance:

COX: "I'm going to give the credit to the back end today. All three of those sacks were coverage sacks. When the quarterback holds the football, it gives the rush time to get there."

On the defense forcing key turnovers:

COX:"It was real big to have four turnovers. A couple of them put our offense in position to score, and they did what they were supposed to do and put the ball in the end zone."

On whether he expected it would be difficult to generate a pass rush due to the quick release of Saints QB Drew Brees:

COX: "I knew it was a going to be a grind playing a Hall-of-Fame Quarterback. Drew Brees was getting ball out early, and a couple of times he held the ball, we got great coverage on the back end, and we were able to get after the quarterback."

On whether he was surprised that Brees held the ball longer than he usually does at certain times in the game:

COX:"I was pretty surprised on a couple of them in the way that he was holding the ball. You see tape and the ball is going real quick. We just stayed in his face like we talked about and got after it."

On the last time he had three sacks in one game:

COX:"Probably never. Not even in college, high school, never. It's the first time I've ever had three sacks in one game."

On how important it was for the team to win in the fashion that it did today:

COX:"It's real good. But most importantly, we won the football game. That's the most important thing about it, to get this team back on a good roll."

On the importance of today's victory:

COX: "We needed it bad. We knew what we had to do as an organization and just as players. We knew what we needed to do in terms of coming out and dominating and winning this game."

On his ability to force fumbles with strip sacks:

COX:"We preach it all the time. No quarterback likes people around their arms. That's the goal. Instead of just going for the big hit, go after the football." 

Eagles Defensive Tackle Bennie Logan

On the team's performance today:

Logan: "We just know we have to go out there and take care of business. It's about executing the calls and making sure we don't give up any big plays. We just went out there and played football and executed in every phase of the game." 

On the Eagles' five sacks:

Logan:"We were expecting a lot of quick passes, but when [Saints QB Drew Brees] held onto the ball we knew we had to contain and not let him get outside the pocket. The thing we focused on this week was collapsing the pocket and just getting in his throwing lanes. I think we did a good job of that." 

On teammate and fellow DT Fletcher Cox:

*Logan: *"It didn't surprise me at all. Fletch can have games like that every time he is on the field. The guy works hard and trains hard. I love see him have all of that success because he's a dominant player. I think he doesn't get as much recognition as he should, but the guy is a force to be reckoned with. Every time he's on the field other teams have to make sure they account for him. As you saw today, the way he trains and prepares makes him that dominant guy. We push each other. When he has a game like that it just makes us all want to up our games. Everyone was feeding off of his energy and good play."

On the Eagles' secondary:

*Logan: *"Anytime you get sacks like that you have to give credit to the secondary. They stay deep while also handling the underneath routes. In a game like that you have to give credit to them. They did a great job playing their responsibilities which allowed us to rush as well as we did." 

On Eagles head coach Chip Kelly's confidence in the defense:

*Logan: *"He believes in us. The defense was having a good game. That's the thing a defense looks for, to have a head coach believe in us that much. If he wants to go for it anytime on fourth down, not only in this game but in any game this season, we have his back. Anytime a coach has that much belief in you, it's a great thing."

Eagles Linebacker Connor Barwin

On the Eagles' response after a 1-3 start:

Barwin: "I think we had a great week of preparation and practice. We played football the way we're capable of playing. We played well in all three phases of the game and didn't really hurt ourselves at all. It showed on the scoreboard. It was great to see the defense play well for four quarters as well as the offense and special teams. When you do that you're going to give yourself a chance to win. The name of the game is points and turnovers. Obviously we were good in both areas today."

On the performance from Fletcher Cox:

Barwin:"It was an unbelievable game by him. To knock the ball out twice and get three sacks that's huge. I'm very happy for him. We knew that kind of day was going to happen eventually. He was outstanding. He'll get recognized. I'm not worried about that anymore. I don't need to campaign for him anymore."

On the significance of the win:

Barwin:It's just one win. We need to come out and have a great week of preparation for the Giants on Monday night. If you go rest on this game and then go lay another egg next week, then this week's win was meaningless. We need to be happy with the way we played, look at what we did wrong, and try to improve next week. We try to find a way to win against whoever we're playing. We need to get wins and play better football. We believe in the system. We know we've played well at certain times. We just need to put it all together, and today you saw what happens when we put it all together."

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