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2024 Schedule Release

Philadelphia Eagles News

Game Vs. Redskins: Redskins HC Mike Shanahan

On establishing the running game early: "Well, you know in the first half, I think we had the ball three times. It worked out the way you'd like it, except for that penalty down there in the red zone where we couldn't get a touchdown. But in the second half, they did a great job keeping us off balance. We had some penalties, just couldn't get a whole lot going--credit to them. But we found a way to win, that's the key."

On RB Ryan Torain in today's game: "Ryan's obviously got a lot of ability. I think you could see it there. I've seen it in the past, I've watched him in practice. He didn't surprise me. I think he'll get better and better as time goes on. We'll just have to wait and see."

On if their game plan changed when QB Michael Vick got hurt: "Obviously you change your plan a little bit here, a little bit there. With what Michael can do, you've got to have a plan for him. And when he went out, obviously it changed a little bit. But when we've worked on a plan the whole week, we adjust a little bit, not a lot."

On stopping WR Jeremy Maclin and WR DeSean Jackson: "Well we tried to jam them, that was part of it. We tried to get our hands on them and play a lot of zone. And you know, have the quarterbacks, and put a lot of pressure on them. But any time they get out in the open field, they are big threats and great players. We were happy to keep them somewhat under control."

On putting pressure on the quarterbacks: "Well, like I said, I think the big key in any defense is getting pressure. I don't care if it's a three-man, four-man, five, six, whatever you're doing, you got to put pressure on people. Especially when you have the type of weapons they have."

On how QB Donovan McNabb handled his return: "You got to find a way to win. At the end of the day, you want to come back and do that. And he was able to do that. I think he handled himself just like a pro throughout the week. He's really a classy individual."

On if he strategized in order to take pressure off of McNabb early in the game: "Not really. We had a game plan. We understand the type of defense we were going against. You get into a throwing game, especially here, in this environment with the crowd, usually you're in for a long day. So you have to establish the run and kind of build some play action off of it."

On what Brandon Banks did with his early punt return: "Obviously gave us great field position. A lot of times, that yardage is it and people realize how much of an advantage that was for us to start on their end of the field."

On whether McNabb's return to Philadelphia was a distraction: "I don't think it really was to be honest with you. I addressed it I think Monday. I talked about if you ever went back to someplace you've been, there's always a special mindset. Because if you've been fired before, or let go, I think everybody in this room understands your emotions. But after that, that was that. We had to take care of business and work hard and do the things that you need to do to hopefully find a way to win."

On offensive and defensive third down plays: "Well that's going come. That's just kind of part of the game, like we talked about. We try to get better each week. Sometimes you might have a good stat in this area or that area, but the thing that counts is where you're at at the end of the season. I thought we made some strides in certain areas of our team and in other areas we were just so-so. But it's always nice to be where we're at, at least. After starting off 1-2, to be 2-2 in the NFC East, and be where we're at right now, so we can control our own destiny. I know it's way too early to talk about that, but this was a big game for us."

On if NT Albert Haynesworth was more active today: "Yeah, from the sideline it looked like he had a lot of pressure. Looked like he had a good game."

On if he had information about the injuries of RB Clinton Portis and RG Artis Hicks: "I really don't. Clinton's was a groin, I'm really not sure how severe it was--severe enough that he was out of the game and he was walking around on the sideline. So that wasn't a good sign. And Artis, I'm not really sure at this point."

On the Eagles' last play of the game: "Yeah it was almost like déjà vu looking at Houston. I saw the receiver go up, look like he had it in his hands. I couldn't even see who came down with it. I felt pretty fortunate at that time."

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