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Game vs. Redskins: RB Brian Westbrook

On the offense slowing down after a strong beginning: "We didn't do a very good job of executing from that point on. I think the first series we did pretty good of course we got the punt return and we found a way to stay on the field, after that there were a lot of things you could point to and say the reason why but as an offense you have to do a better job of executing and staying on the field."

On how close he is to becoming 100 percent: "I'm feeling better today. The tough part about the ankle is that it feels good for a while, you might get tackled and it doesn't feel good after that point so you just try to go out there and fight it off and do the best you can."

On getting work done on him after his touchdown run: "I got a little bruised, something like that, so I was just trying to make sure that everything was straight."

On using extra protection after the injury: "No."

On getting an MRI on Monday: "Probably so, yeah."

* On having a brace on the ankle:*

* On the playcall changing after the first series:*
"I don't know if the playcalling changed or if it was just a difference between what we were doing. I think Coach Reid does a good job of calling the plays, we weren't executing. We weren't doing the things that needed to be done for us to have success."

* On being 2-3 and 0-2 in the division:*
"It's tough, it's going to be tough for us but the good thing about this division is that we are going to continue to fight, this team is going to continue to fight. We are going to continue to do the things that will allow us to have success. We are not going to quit, we are not going to give up and we have to try to get everybody on board so that we can do the things we can do to have success."

On what happened on third and one on the goal line:"We didn't execute, another opportunity for us. I think when the play came in, it was a little miscommunication. We didn't execute the play very well. When you have those types of miscommunication, if you don't execute, you are not going to have success and we didn't."

On seeing an opening after Donovan McNabb audibled: "I didn't see any opening there."

* On hearing the original play:*
"I thought that guys could have got it done but, at the same time, when we audibled, I know what my offensive line can do and they can make a hole and I had faith that they would make the hole, unfortunately we weren't able to get in."

On the miscommunication and the blocking:"I thought [QB] Don [McNabb] he was trying to call a timeout at first and different things went on during that play, but we just didn't get it done."

* On being limited physically after he went out:*
"I try to fight through everything, every pain that I had I try to fight through, my ankle my rib things like that. Of course when you're not 100 percent you're limited in some way but I continue to try to fight through it and try to make the most of it."

* On the offense changing against Dallas to today's game:*
"I'm not sure. I know that we're not executing very well, we're not staying on the field on third downs and when you don't do that you're not going to have success and you'll leave your defense on the field. We can't leave our defense on the field because we're not converting on third downs. We're having three and outs, we're not catching the ball, we're not blocking very well and that hurts us. We have to do a better job of that."

On Donovan McNabb saying that the team is not on the same page: "As a team we are not executing well. It's not one person. It's me, it's [QB] Donovan [McNabb], it's the offense, it's everybody. It's not one person that's just doing something wrong every single play. It's a collection of guys, all of us, are doing something wrong on different plays throughout the game. You have 70 plays in the game and, here and there, we are not doing the right thing and we have to find a way to do the right thing as a team."

* On not calling a timeout because the officials reset the clock:*
"I believe so, yeah."

* On remembering the play that his rib injury happened on:*
"No, I don't remember."

* On the side of his body that the injury occurred:*
"On the right side."

* On where the team is now:*
"I think we know what we are as a team. We have to do better as a team. We know what we have, we know the guys, the playmakers that we have, we know the team that we have. We have to do a better job of doing the things that we're good at. We have to find a way to do it every single week. We can't say we did it last week and depend on that to win the game this week. We have to find a way this week. Now we are going to look at this tape, we are going to dissect it and see what went wrong, we're going to move forward to San Francisco."

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