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Game Vs. Redskins: Quarterback Sam Bradford



On the tale of two halves:
"I wish I knew how to explain it because then we would get it fixed. It seems to be the story of these first couple games. It's almost like we are two completely different offenses, and once we get it going we are pretty good but for some reason there are times we just struggle to get it going."

On what happened to his ankle:
"It was just a slight sprain and they just taped it to give it some support."

On if there was any doubt in his mind that he would come back in:

On if it was the same ankle that was bothering him a few weeks ago:

On how the team gets on the same page:
"Just come back to work, keep grinding and keep putting in the time. I think the good thing is it is close. A couple of the games we have had the opportunity to win but we just haven't finished but it isn't like we are lightyears away from getting things where we need to be. I think it's just small details here and there and everybody needs to get on the same page."

On describing the mood of the locker room:
"I think everyone is a little frustrated right now. This is obviously not what we wanted or expected to be after Week 4, but just knowing this group of guys for the short period of time that I do, I don't think anyone is going to quit or anyone's head is down. I think everyone had a great week of practice, everyone's energy level was great and I think we will be back at work Tuesday with the same attitude. We know we are close and we know we can get on a roll but it's a matter of cleaning up the same details so they don't come back to bite us."

On what made him look downfield more today than in first couple of games:
"You guys act like we don't want to throw the ball downfield, but I think we saw something we could take advantage [of] this week and we called a couple of plays trying to get those posts this week."

On how the deep passing game changed the offense:
"Obviously any time you can get big plays like that they're kind of game changers, momentum changers. I think the one to [WR] Riley Cooper in the third quarter kind of got us going. It brought some energy to that sideline."

On having the lead and going three-and-out late in fourth quarter:
"[It was] very disappointing. Obviously we felt like at that time we had all the momentum. We felt like we could go down and score and put the game away. [We] just didn't do it."

On his level of play at this point in the season:  
"I think there has been some good, I think there has been some bad. Obviously I think I'm starting to get more comfortable out there, but [there are] still too many mistakes; too many things that need to be cleaned up."

On if the team is feeling pressure because of offensive expectations:
"I don't think so. I think at this point, when you're 1-3, I think those expectations are gone. Obviously I think there were a lot of expectations early. I think that as a group we put a lot of pressure on [ourselves] to score every time we touch the football, but I think we just have to take a big breath, relax and just go have fun."

On the third down pass to RB Darren Sproles in fourth quarter:   
"I just missed it a little behind him. That's one I'd like to have back."

On if the team has figured out why they have only been playing one good half each game:
"Obviously not because we did it again today. Like I said earlier, if we knew what the answer was we'd get it fixed. Somehow we do have to find out what the answer is and it'd be great to play four quarters because I think that we could really do some damage if we played for four quarters."

On playing with injuries on the offensive line:
"I've got confidence in all those guys. Someone goes down, it is next man up. I really didn't think about it much today."

On the reason offense is not on the same page:
"I think there's just some small details here and there that have showed up in the past couple weeks that we've left opportunities on the field. I think it's just getting dialed in and making sure we're all seeing things the same way."

On what changed for him in the second half:
"It's not like we had any huge change in the game plan at halftime. I think it's just what they presented in the second half."

On the team's emotional change after halftime:
"I think we were all a little disappointed in the first half but we knew it was still a two-possession game. With our ability to score, we didn't think it was that big of a hole and we came out and got on a roll in the second half and took the lead."

On gaining confidence from clicking on downfield throws:
"Yeah, absolutely. I think I said earlier, that pass to [WR] Riley Cooper seemed to get us going. It seemed to bring some energy to our sideline."

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