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Game Vs. Redskins: Quarterback Kirk Cousins



On how the Redskins overcame adversity today:
"Coach Gruden challenged us last night to be resilient and as we know all these games come down it seems to the last couple of minutes and you're going to have setbacks along the way and we certainly had our fair share. But we kept challenging each other to respond and be resilient and I think it's a combination of things. I know that that final drive I wasn't capable of doing that when I came into the league as a rookie. It takes time, it takes failures, it takes learning from experiences and a combination of, I guess it would be three-plus seasons worth of work got me to a point where I was able to make the necessary plays on that drive. So, you know, it's a process and I'm just going to keep working and keep learning from these experiences and keep getting better."

On if he had any words in the huddle before that last drive:
"We try to focus on the process not the results, so it's very important for us to take it one play at a time, stay in the moment, stay present. Don't try to think about going 90 yards, don't try to think about how we've got to get a touchdown. Just take it one play at a time. 'What have we got on first down?' Then from there, progress. So, stay in the moment and I think that's what helps us to handle a task."

On the contributions from RB Alfred Morris and WR Pierre Garçon on that drive:
"It took a lot of pressure of the passing game when we were able to have a run-pass mix to start the drive with more of a run emphasis. I felt like we got out of being backed up by running the football and that was a huge benefit. I think the very first play of the drive was a big gain on the right side. So, to have those run-pass, have that balance, goes a long ways and it makes a big difference."

On how important Garçon was during the game:
"Yeah, Pierre has always been very consistent. He runs precise routes. He runs through the football. He's fearless, he makes the tough catch. He's a true professional and he showed that today throughout the game but certainly on those catches at the end. He's the kind of guy you want to be in the huddle and out on the field and in those moments with."

On tight-window throws:
"I think in the NFL you're going to have tight windows. When teams play man coverage, that's the way it is. So you will get those kind of coverages throughout the game. That's why it requires so much precision from myself, from the receivers, the depth of the route, the way they're cutting out of the route. We have to be on the same page and that's why you can't just show up and play. It takes time; you have to build an understanding of where he is going to be. If I throw in anticipation, where is he going and what depth is he taking the route to. All those things take time to develop between a quarterback and receiver. Today we were certainly on the same page enough to be able to get the win."

On having several inexperienced receivers play:
"I thought everyone did a really good job. It really felt like a total team win, much like our other victory this year. It feels like it takes offense, defense and special teams. Whoever is on the field, it takes all 11. We got a lot of contributions from a lot of different players today and it's going to take that down the stretch here. You're going to have injuries. You're going to need depth and it was encouraging to see how many guys were stepping up today."

On recognizing the defense:
"It's a big part of it all recognition of what they're bringing and how they're covering us. It's not an ability thing. I could throw the ball the same when I came in as a rookie. It's the knowledge. It's the understanding. It's the mental side of the game. It's the chemistry with your teammates. It's the experience in the offense. Those are the intangibles that take time to develop. Today we were able to put a lot of things together to come out with a win."

On how much better this team can get:
"'How much better can this team get?' Well, if we keep working and stay together we have high expectations. It's a process. We'll just keep going one day at a time, one week at a time, one game at a time and focus on the next challenge and we'll see where we are come the end."

On what it means to be 2-2 as opposed to 1-3:
"It certainly gives us a great position now in the division and going forward feeling like we have everything we want there in front of us. Quarter of the way through the season 2-2, so the first quarter is over, moving into the second quarter. We'll just keep working, keep battling and try to win football games anyway we can."

On the touchdown pass to Garçon:
"The Eagles brought an all-out blitz, played cover-zero. You have to have a tight throw in a tight window and a precise route and the ball's got to come out because somebody is unblocked who's blitzing. It requires a great catch in traffic in a tight spot. That's why execution is so important because it's not easy. When you're in the red zone, it's very tight windows. They know that and we know that. That's why it was such a big- time catch and finish by Pierre."

On being in his second year in Gruden's system:
"I think the system has allowed quarterbacks to be successful, but I know from where I sit, it's taken time. It's taken time for me to learn, for me to fail, for me to make a mistake in practice or in a game and say 'OK, if I choose to do that, this is the result.' Last week, I felt like I missed a touchdown pass because I didn't adjust the protection. This week, I did adjust the protection and we got the touchdown. There are things like that, that happen that again aren't ability. It's experience. It's going out there and learning from failure. The key is to not let these mistakes repeat themselves too much. Today it was encouraging and I felt like we took a step forward by making that play at the end."

On if that process is why he didn't have a turnover today:
"I don't know. Turnovers are going to happen. I mean, you're going to throw the football. Plays today I could have thrown in a tight window and the ball could have bounced up and gotten picked. I'm not going to, again, worry about results. I'm going to be process-focused. Is my read right? Are my feet right? Am I throwing the ball with accuracy? Am I making good decisions? If I'm doing that and the ball gets picked, the ball gets picked. As far as what I can control, am I doing those things? There are probably some passes today that I'll look back and say, 'Boy, I got away with one there and didn't get picked.' If we get worried about results and, 'Oh, I didn't throw any interceptions and now I'm good,' I'm going to get exposed pretty quickly. I focus on the process and where I can be better each and every game. If I do that I think I'll be all right."

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