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Game Vs. Redskins: QB Robert Griffin III

On stepping up and controlling the game when he had to, especially in the third quarter: "Everybody stepped up big. I was able to go out there and get guys that were wide open because they ran the routes the right way. The offensive line gave me time to block and (RB) Alfred (Morris) got all those tough yards running the ball so it all accumulates and eventually you're going to break through and we did there in the third."

On how his knee felt during the game and how it feels now: "It feels good. Winning always cures all ills, so it felt good during the game, it feels good now. It's just good to be back there out with the guys."

On whether he felt like himself or he had limitations: "I mean, we won the game. I was playing quarterback for the Washington Redskins, so I felt like myself out there."

On if he wanted to push his leg more than Shanahan would allow: "It's whatever. I felt like during the game, that's why they call me quarterback. It's not abbreviated with a running quarterback before that or whatever else anyone wants to say. They call me quarterback because I lead the team. I'm supposed to go out there and throw the ball and hand the ball off to Alfred and that's what I was able to do."

On putting themselves in a great situation and making the team in a position to make the playoffs: "We're playing the best ball that we have all year at the right time. We're rolling and we all know that. It's been a change in our mindset since after the bye week. And I think everybody is just dialed in now. We know that we can win any kind of game and we have to whether it's a high-scoring game or a low-scoring game or a gut-wrencher at the end. So it feels good to be in this position and we've controlled our own destiny since we were 3-6 and we continue to control our destiny until next week."

On what happened on the interception play: "Me and (WR) Josh (Morgan) talked about it. At some point, if I have to throw the ball that hard, I'll go down to my check-down. I didn't want to get him, as I said, annihilated across the middle. He had a corner on his back and a safety in front of him and I was trying to protect him with the pass that I threw to him and give him a chance to make a play. Tipped balls get picked and at the end of the day, I have the ball in my hands so I'm responsible for it and I shouldn't have thrown it."

On what he thought of the new lineman Maurice Hurt today: "Yeah, Mo Hurt. He stepped up big. He's been working his butt off all season waiting for his chance and he got his chance to start and he played big for us. So it was good to see him and just everybody on this team, no matter who it is, everybody's been stepping up when they have to to make those plays and that's why we're winning."

On the job the running game has been able to do in this stretch: "It's been awesome. And it sets up everything for us, it sets up our play action pass and it's no secret, teams know. They know they have to shut down our running game in order to try to shut down our offense. I think teams have been loading the box on us since the bye week, since we've been on a roll, and we still find a way to get those tough yards and it's a testament to the offensive line, getting all their blocks and getting guys on the ground. And it's a testament to Alfred for just running so hard like he has all year."

On what happened on the reverse to Moss that led to 2nd and 27: "Are you talking about the backwards pass? They blitzed off the edge and usually when you have a blitz like that and a ghost or a reverse guy going back around it holds them for a second. It didn't hold them for a second and I was just trying to get the ball to ten right there and I got hit and it went backwards. It was a smart play by (WR) Santana (Moss) to jump on it even though all of us in live action thought it was a forward pass, it wasn't. So that was a big play too."

On if he is thinking about the Dallas Cowboys game next Sunday: "I'm kinda hungry. So I'm going to think about that for a second and then move forward. I'm hungry, I just played a game. So I'll probably think about the Cowboys after we land, but I think that's everybody's mindset. We're already on to the next one. You don't have to celebrate wins at this point of the season. You just know what's ahead of you and all that is for us right now is the Cowboys."

On what he thought of the last play of the game: "It was great for us. I thought for sure if they were (going to) go down and try to score, that they were going to try for two. That they weren't going to play for overtime, so that was the best case scenario for our defense to step up big and make a stop."

On how it felt to wear a knee brace during the game: "Any time you wear a brace, I don't know if any of you guys have worn a brace before but, it's going to restrict your motion, so from that my mobility was down a little bit just because of the brace, but at the same time, I was still able to do everything a quarterback is supposed to do. So it didn't necessarily slow me down by any means and I was able to protect myself out there at any time."

On feeling the pain in his leg or playing it safe in the beginning of the game when he slowed down: "It was just getting out of bounds. I took what you guys said to heart and just made sure I got out of bounds. Five yards is fine on any down so we just want to get ourselves in a good position so I took the liberty of taking a nice stroll to the sidelines."

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