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Game Vs. Redskins: QB Nick Foles


On the last play of the game:** "We said in that situation the clock is the most important thing and it's just one of those things where initially I didn't feel like anything was open so I was just trying to make a play and I just have to be smarter and make sure it gets past the line of scrimmage. It's on me."

On the play on the last drive where Maclin was open in the endzone: "I just have to drive the ball, continue to drive it out there. Maclin ran a great route and gave us good coverage so I just have to take advantage of that and get the ball out there to him. Give him an opportunity to make a play."

On his reaction when the throw to Maclin hit the ground: "I thought I got it. When it released, I felt good and I saw it hit right in front of him and it was frustrating because the ball didn't get there and I have to get him a better ball and let him make a play."

On whether he's holding the ball longer and extending plays more than when he first began to start: "I couldn't tell you. When I play the game, you know I think a lot of players will tell you, you play in the zone and you just sort of react to things, you're reading things, and sometimes when I look back at games, it's hard to remember things because you're in the zone. You play, you feel the game, so I'm just playing the game like I know how."

On how he hurt his hand: "I banged it up a little bit in the first half. It's fine."

On whether the injury affected his throwing later in the game: "Not at all. It didn't affect my throwing at all."

On how he would evaluate his performance today: "I have to eliminate mistakes. I fumbled and threw an interception and it's the quarterback's job to make sure that we get more points on the board than the other team and I didn't do my job today. It's frustrating because I'm hard on myself and I want to win, but I'm going to keep working hard and I know my teammates are too and I'm going to show them and I'm going to keep working hard and we're going to stay together. Like I've always said, we're going to keep sticking together. It's been a tough year, but we still have each other and I know we're going to keep going to work. We have another game left. We'll watch the film from this one and keep moving forward."

On what happened on his fumble and whether he sensed that LB Ryan Kerrigan was there: "Yeah, I sensed it.  It just slipped out. I have to protect the ball better. It's as simple as that. I have to make sure in that situation I get two hands on it and protect it so it doesn't shoot out like it did."

On whether he should have thrown the ball away instead of taking the sack and fumbling: "It would have been a penalty because it was a screen. In a better situation I should have thrown it at the running back's feet instead of scrambling around trying to make a play. I should have thrown it at his feet and lived to play another down. So, it's frustrating. I'll learn and just next time it happens, I just have to do that."

On the slant to TE Evan Moore and whether it was tough for a new player to be the best option to pass to: "No, he's a great player. He's shown so much throughout the week at practice and he's going to continue to get better. I have to make sure to give him a solid ball. I put that one in there pretty hard. But he's a great player. He showed a lot during the week. We're going to keep working together and he's going to make a lot of plays here."

On whether that route was something they were able to work on in practice: "Yeah, we were able to work on it and we'll keep working on it. When things happen, mistakes happen, you get frustrated but the day happens, 24 hours happens and you work on it. You keep moving forward. You learn from it, you keep moving forward. We'll all continue to push for it and keep going. That's all we know to do."

On whether he saw anything different out of the Redskins defense compared to his first start against them: "They run their defense. They're going to bring different things but it's their defense. I don't know how else to explain it. They brought different things from different sides of the field but it's what we saw on film."

On how important it was to have McCoy back: "It was great having him back. You saw him make so many plays out there today. When guys had him, he made them miss. He made several guys miss on several runs and catching him out of the backfield. He extended a lot of plays. He's such a playmaker so it was really great having him back out there to extend the plays. There were some crucial plays he made that helped us out a ton so we just have to keep feeding him the ball."

On how he would assess his good plays today versus the plays he might like to have back: "You look at it and it's positive and it's in the right direction. But, I look at the plays that I didn't make and how next time, if that situation arises, what else what I do differently, it's just different things. I try to look at the throws I didn't make and work on those and make those better."

On the demeanor of Reid today: "Coach Reid was the same Coach Reid. He stays the same. He stays the path. He's a great head coach to play for. He cares a lot about this city and he's done a lot of great things here. The one thing I love about Coach Reid is he always stays the path. He always pushes. He doesn't change. He's solid. That's something I'm going to always respect about him."

On whether he sees offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and Reid tailoring plays to cater to his strengths: "I think that's what you do when you have a quarterback out there. I know I feel comfortable with the plays we were running so that's always important. If I were a coach, that's what I would do and I know that's the philosophy for a lot of coordinators. Yeah, we always talk about the plays and if I'm comfortable with them. Throughout the week at practice, if I'm not comfortable with something, I let them know. It's huge being a quarterback and being on the same page as your coach. So, yes, they do."

On whether he thought he would connect with Maclin on the incomplete pass in the end zone: "I felt like I had him but I have to just continue driving, maybe put a little more, loft it up a little bit more. I threw a pretty stiff ball so maybe just put a little more air on it, a little bit more room for air. With that throw, I tried to dart it in there so next time I see that throw, I'll make it."

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