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Game Vs. Redskins: QB Kevin Kolb

On the delay of game penalty: "Obviously there was a challenge to see if he got in or not and they placed the ball. When they came back and said he didn't get in they placed the ball at a certain spot. We had a play call with that spot. And then they moved the ball back and we went to get our next play call in and by the time I got the play call and was coming back in -- I mean we were on the sideline and by the time we were coming back in -- I want to say when I was running out there, there were eight seconds left, somewhere around there, ten to eight seconds left, and obviously I didn't have time to call it and execute before the play clock went off."

On whether the play call after the spot of the ball was changed was different: "Yes."

On how he thought he played: "The thing is, early is what got us. We've got to get going a little bit there early and of course the mistakes that we made when we got down there, that cost us. I think the whole ball game is a lot different then. I felt like the team battled and put ourselves in a position to do something there at the end, but we just can't make those mistakes early."

On whether it's common to have that different of a play call when the ball is moved a few feet: "Sure. Yeah, especially on a fourth down. It was fourth down, right? Yeah, fourth down. In that critical of a situation at the end of the half, I told the guys early in the drive: "We have to have this one." I think everybody understood that and it was very critical -- that extra foot and a half there -- and it played a big part in our play call."

On his play today and whether he had a better outing than his two previous ones: "I mean yeah, you always want to play. (QB) Mike (Vick) has been playing outstanding. The thing that I did today was: I didn't want to force anything. I didn't want to try to be overly aggressive and to learn from my mistakes that I made last time and take what the defense gave me. I feel like we did that as an offense. Again, I just feel like when a team is playing that style of defense, you can't make mistakes and the mistakes early costs us. I didn't feel like it was anything they did, I think we killed ourselves and the game would have been a lot different if we had done something earlier. "

On the deep sideline pass to WR DeSean Jackson and whether it's difficult to develop timing with Jackson when they are not practicing together every day: "There is some difficulty there, but I've got to execute that play. I saw him, I saw clear. I saw what everyone was doing. To be honest with you, when I let it go, I thought it was on the money. DeSean said the wind carried quite a bit there and it just kept pushing and kept pushing. But when you've got somebody like that, you've just got to dot him with it. That's a big play that we missed out on. That's another one of those mistakes that I'm talking about and of course the mistakes start with me and (I need to) get them fixed."

On whether he's been given any indication on whether he'll start next week: "I have not talked to anybody. Mike I talked with briefly before I got pulled away and that's it."

On how much he wants to start next week: "You want to be up there as much as possible and I'm a competitor and I want to play. I want to win. It's vital for our season and for our team right now to go out and win next week and I hope I get the opportunity. But we'll see what happens with Mike's injury and what the situation is and then we'll go from there."

On whether the Redskins did as good a job on WR Jeremy Maclin and Jackson as any other team this season: "They did a good job. But we had some chances there. You all saw it. We all saw it. We have got to execute there a little better when we have the shots and then if not we've got to not make the mistakes whenever they do force us to check it down."

On what adjustments he made in response to Jim Haslett's changes in coverage: "Well, we had a certain play in our game plan that was ready for that. Of course people play me and Mike (Vick) a little bit different and so once we saw what he was going to do with me…it's more a mindset than it is adjusting the total game plan. Like I said, we had stuff in there and I felt like Marty (Mornhinweg) called a great game. I thought there was stuff there to make the plays and a couple of times I could have done something a little bit quicker or hit DeSean (Jackson) on the deep pass there that could have been different."

On what the defense did differently with him versus with Michael Vick: "They didn't change a whole lot. They ran a lot of coverage and forced us to nickel and dime them and be accurate with them."

On how he saw the play develop when Jason Avant got his hands on the ball at the end: "I saw that they were getting on (WR Jeremy) Maclin pretty bad and so I knew I just had two guys there and, of course, as a quarterback, you just buy time until your guys get settled and I gave Jason a shot there and it looked like he got his hands on the ball but somebody knocked it out and they knocked him over. It sucks that he was real close to it as well and those guys had a good play there."

On whether he tried to convince Andy Reid to go for it when it was 4th down and 5 on the 44 yard line with the score 17– 6: "My view of that is that it is Andy's job is to make that decision and, even in the situations that I've been in, I always trust him in his decisions. I never question it. I know he gives all of those things a lot of thought so I don't question the decisions that he makes and I go with it."

On whether it would be fair for Michael Vick to lose his job as starting QB because of injury: "I don't even know the situation and we will see what happens when we get in there."

On his emotions when he saw Michael Vick go down and knew that he would be going in: "Well, we have all seen Mike take some hits and you've got to be ready at all times. Mike is a very tough guy, not a guy who plays around if he's not injured and I could tell that the contact on that hit was going to be pretty bruising and it was so I just said 'Here we go. Gotta go.' The good thing for me is that I'm ready to get on the field and I want to be out there so I try to prepare like a starter every single week and I'm going to try to do that this week as well."

On what Vick said to him post-game: "He just said he was in some pain and explained the injury just a little bit. It wasn't much, just a little chit-chatting back and forth about the game and he just said he was sore."

On whether the last two weeks have been difficult: "There have been some difficult times. I think if you know you're strong and you understand the situation, then you've got to just keep pressing on. That's what I've tried to do. I've been a back-up long enough to know that you're really just one play away and that's the way you have to approach it."

On whether he spoke with Donovan McNabb: "I didn't get a chance to. (Joking) You guys were swarming me pretty good so I came in here."

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