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Game vs. Redskins: QB Donovan McNabb

On what did he saw on the third down play in the goaline situation when he audibled: "Well, I knew that they were pretty much sitting in linebacker level. I thought we maybe could maybe get a bounce outside and be able to pick up a touchdown and just check the two of the plays out we felt comfortable with. I know that we all knew and we would all be successful with. They did a great job with pursuing over to stop us obviously from getting the first down or possibly the touchdown. So when you get in that situation you have to capitalize and obviously we didn't."

On being down at the 1 yard line two straight weeks:"If I had an answer we would definitely know what's going on. It's something that we definitely have to find an answer and solution for right now to get the job done."

On whether Brian Westbrook was healthy enough for the goaline play to work: "I think he was healthy enough for that play to work. But it's not just Brian. We all have to do our job. It's got to be blocking up front. For me, it's got to make sure that the hand off is secure and that everything works kind of in place, but it's not just one particular person. We all have to do our jobs to do it correctly."

* On why the rhythm of the 1st quarter was lost and if it was due to the play calling:*
"I don't know. We started out with a good rhythm early on and we had some plays that we didn't convert on third down when we needed to continue on with that rhythm. So it's hard no matter what rhythm you start if you don't continue on by converting third downs and moving the ball. You just find yourself back on the sideline waiting on the next opportunity. We have to capitalize on third down, that's the most important thing. If we capitalize on third down you can continue to call more and more plays to get people involved and have a better chance of having successful plays."

* On who or what will motivate the Eagles to sustain the intensity shown in the 1st quarter:*
"When you have the big plays. I think that if you look at that first series, we had some big plays and guys got involved. When you sustain drives like that, things happen. I thought that when we didn't convert third down and found ourselves back on the sidelines trying to find out what we need to do in order to get things going. We would complete passes and we would make mistakes. I would make mistakes or drop a pass or whatever it may be. That's just something that just can't happen when you are trying to sustain drives."

On whether the loss was attributable to the players:"We are the ones out on the field. We got to be the ones to execute the plays."

* On whether he changed sides on the audible:*
"It was a miscommunication."

On whether he is embarrassed with the loss: "I was embarrassed these last two weeks. I mean to two teams we shouldn't have lost to. When you make mistakes and you don't capitalize on opportunities things like this happen. There is no way that you can look at this game and say that, and not taking anything anyway from them, but there is no way that this team is better than us. The same went for last week and then you find yourself here wondering why. It's going to be a week in which you got to look at yourself and not look at anybody else. You have to ask yourself, 'Did you do the job?,' and sometimes you have to go through that process. It's better that you go through it now, but there's no reason for us to be going through that right now."

* On whether he thinks the Redskins are a better team because of their win at Dallas:*
"It doesn't make a difference. We capitalized on it. It doesn't matter if they beat the Cowboys. We should've beat the Cowboys. Does that make them a better team because they beat them? Not really. They beat us last year and then we beat them at Washington so does that mean that they were better than us earlier in the year and we were better later? I don't see it that way."

* On the how much more important a win at San Francisco is after today's loss:*
"More than this week. And it is important for us to go out and come home with a win. Not to say that we've lost confidence, but in this game that we play, wins, it will add a little more to the spark of practice and to the spark of individuals who don't understand what we are doing around here. This being my tenth year, it shouldn't be this way.

On whether the loss was a result of what the Redskins did or what the Eagles didn't do: "It's what we didn't do. Not what they did, but what we didn't do."

On what he thinks happened to the rhythm after the 1st quarter:"I don't know. I don't know if it was we were trying to force different things or because of them playing man coverage and trying to do too much. I don't know, but when opportunities are there we have to take full advantage of them and capitalize on them and I know that we didn't do that today."

On whether Brian Westbrook's absence affected the rhythm of the game:"No. We have guys that can make plays on the team. We have to give guys those opportunities to make plays and we just didn't do that."

* On the confidence level in the locker room of the abilities of David Akers:*
"We have the utmost confidence in Dave, and Dave knows that. Dave does a great job kicking in practice and its just now he'll have to just translate that over to the game. We know that when Dave is out there we have confidence that he can make the field goal. With the next opportunity, I think Dave will get into a rhythm and be able to make it, but even in that situation we should've converted on third down and made it easier for him."

* On whether his chest injury affected his play:*
"No. Not to the point where it would take me away from anything, no.

* On whether he is satisfied with the offensive line:*
"I think that they are doing a good job."

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