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Game Vs. Redskins: Locker Room Offense

RB LeSean McCoy

On how it feels to be back on the field competing: "It felt good to be out there, the preparation for the game and knowing that you're about to go out there and play. It's going to be physical and it's going to be live. So, it felt good to do that. It was tough on me. I think late in the game I kind of got fatigued a little bit. It was different from running in the training room and rehabbing. To actually physically cut and stop, getting tackled, and getting up and blocking, so it kind of got to me a little bit. I think I'll be better for next game. My wind was probably above average. Like I said before, there's a difference between conditioning and getting back. Missing four games at that, and I really started running these last two weeks. Overall, I felt good. I think the small things, as far as the blitzes earlier in the game, I missed a blitz up the middle. Just the little stuff and eventually I got on to it and caught on and finished up pretty well."

On things opening up for him in the second half: "I kept playing. The guys up front did a good job and my teammates made plays around me. It was a good supporting cast. Offensively, we played well. I think Nick played really well. People forget that he's only a rookie. He's only been here for a couple months and he's doing a good job. I think the way the game turned out it wasn't his fault."

On what he likes about Foles: "He's so poised, man, his attitude in the huddle and his leadership. You really can't tell that he's a rookie. It's his attitude. Everything is always positive and he's motivational all the time. I can see in the future he can be an outstanding quarterback. I can definitely see that in the future."

TE Brent Celek

On whether the loss hurt even more knowing that the team was nearly five yards away from tying the game at the end of regulation: "Yeah, it hurts. That hurts. If things go a little bit differently during the game we're not in that position, but we were in that position and we have to finish and we have to play a little bit better. Hey, you can't ask for more than that, a few opportunities down there."

On whether he was thinking that this could be the final game for Reid: "I'm not thinking about that. We're going out there to play football. When you're on the football field you don't think about anything else outside of the stadium. You're thinking about what you have to do on that drive to beat that man that's across from you and that's it. I don't get into all that other stuff."

On the red zone problems: "I don't know what our stats were in the red zone, but I know we didn't convert a few times. We have to turn those field goals into touchdowns. I know we killed ourselves with the penalties, a few turnovers. That's been the story of this season. Not good."

On Foles' performance today: "I thought Nick did good. Like I was saying before, he kept us in there and we battled all the way to the end. We had an opportunity there in the last few plays. In a game like that, that's what you want."

WR Riley Cooper

On whether the team was aware that Foles had an injured hand during the game: "Everyone knew. Nick is not the only guy with an injury out there. Yeah, he had a hurt hand, but the majority of the team is hurting too. Did we know it? For sure, but we look right past it. If he's good to go, he's good to go."

On whether there was anything noticeably different with the velocity of his passes: "There was no change. He looked good, there was no change in it. He's a tough kid."

On his opinion of Foles after his recent starts: "I love him, man. He's a competitor. He's always super poised in the huddle. He's a natural leader the way he runs our offense, getting people up to the line of scrimmage and understanding what he has to do. I'm really proud of him and he's playing at a really high level."

On the possibility of Foles turning into a quality quarterback and how good he can possibly be: "I'm sure you guys know that and I know you all know that he can be great. He's a rookie and the way he's running this offense is impressive for how young he is."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On what he thinks happened on Foles' incomplete pass to him in the 4th quarter: "I don't know. It just didn't connect. It just came up a little short."

On whether the last few minutes felt like the end of the Tampa Bay game: "We knew we had an opportunity to win the game. We knew that the way things were going, we had a little momentum. We understood we were still in the game."

On what Foles said to him in the huddle after the completion: "Nothing, we were on to the next play."

On whether Foles looked disappointed: "No, we had to go."

On how he thought Foles played today: "I think he showed his toughness by battling through (his hand injury). That was his throwing hand, so he showed toughness to do that. I think he played alright."

On how long it typically takes to build rapport with a quarterback and whether he thinks that him and Foles have it: "I think we will continue to grow. It's a feeling thing. It's something we have to continue to be a part of and grow together."

On whether he feels like Foles is the type of quarterback who will be able to lead teams on end of game drives: "Yeah, we were in complete position to do it again. This time it didn't work. We came up a little short. The penalty at the end killed it. Stuff like that happens."

On what Foles has shown him with his attitude and toughness: "He stays positive. He is going to remain poised and always give off the reputation that he is never going to give up."

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