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Game Vs. Redskins: Head Coach Chip Kelly


On the defense being on the field for significantly more plays than the offense:

"We didn't sustain anything in the first half offensively — and that's what we talk about all the time. In the second half we protected [quarterback] Sam [Bradford] better and gave him an opportunity to feel the football and you saw what he could do and we could do that. We didn't do a good job in the first half of protecting Sam so we couldn't convert third downs in the first half. "

On why the team's running game did not work:

"I think we missed a few blocks inside, so we got some penetration — we kind of got that straightened out. I thought we ended up moving the ball halfway decent in the second half, but in the first half we didn't handle their movements very well upfront. It was still a game. It was a six-man box. It wasn't an overloaded box or anything like that, we just didn't handle their defensive line in the first half.  "

On why he did not call any timeouts on the final defensive drive:

"Obviously I think if we call timeouts we're just saving clock for them to score. We [were] ahead in that situation. We felt like [referencing Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis] we were in a good look and we were on the headset [saying] if you need it we can use it — but he didn't feel like he needed it. "

On if he got the sense that the defense was tired at the end of the game:

"No, I didn't get that sense."

On kicker Caleb Sturgis' misses:

"I would have to ask him technically, but he missed them. It was a clean look, it was a clean snap and clean hold from where I saw on the sideline. I haven't seen the film yet."

On how Sturgis kicked after being recently acquired by the team:

"He was fine in practice. I said that the other day, there's a difference between a practice and a game. You can't simulate anything in practice that's going to give you this environment. That's what I said the other day, that it's going to be a big unknown because he hasn't had the opportunity to kick for us in a game."

On protecting the ball in the second half:

"We thought we had it early, but we just weren't protecting it well, so when we had an opportunity to protect it, then we had the opportunity to get it. We had one to Nelson [Agholor] early, then we had one to Coop [Riley Cooper] and we had one to Miles [Austin]. So we felt like we had a shot at it, but we just had to protect it better and we ended up protecting it better in the second half than in the first half."

On what made this the week to take shots down the field:

"The coverage and the way they played us."

On why they called the reverse:

"We thought we had a good look. The exchange wasn't there. We had the corner. Trying to get Nelson [Agholor] going."

On why this team is having a hard time finishing games:

"We are not executing. They play with great effort, but I don't think we are executing. It's the execution part and that's what I told them after the game. From an effort standpoint, I think they played hard. They gave it everything they got but we got to execute. We had a couple of key drops in the fourth quarter. We get those drops, changes the game. We had two key drops when we were trying to drive down the field. You catch those two balls and you give yourself the chance to win the game. You have to execute."

On the defense being banged up today:

"I mean, obviously when you lose players it has an effect on you; but we don't make excuses."

On what "hole" this loss puts the team in:

"I'm not concerned by that. We've just got to go win a football game. I'm not worried about any holes or anything."

On playing better in the second half:

"Like I said, it's about executing. We didn't do that in the first and we did that, at times, in the second half compared to what we did in the first half, especially on offense."

On what made him think the jet sweep would work with Darren Sproles:

"Just the front we were playing."

On if the mistakes are correctable:

"Yeah, I think it is very correctable. That's the difference between being a good player and a great player. Can you do it on a consistent basis, and we are not doing that."

On how QB Sam Bradford looks to him:

"At times I thought he looked good."

On if the lack of execution comes from players not playing together:

"We are not going to make excuses. No."

On the process this team is going through:

"We've got to make plays. We can't delay it. We've got to make plays."

On what makes him think the team will be able to execute:

"Because I think they play hard. They do what we ask them to do. We've just got to get this straightened out."

On if T Jason Peters and LB Mychal Kendricks reaggravated their injuries:

"I don't know. I just know they are out. If they were up or down, they just couldn't go. I do know that."

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