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Game Vs. Redskins: Head Coach Andy Reid

On Will Witherspoon's impact on the game: "He did a nice job. Without looking at the film, I think he played well and he had pretty good command of what we were calling."

On what he saw from the Eagles offense today outside of two big scoring plays: "Not much. We need to do a better job there. Big plays are important. This is a good defense. Greg Blache has done a heck of a job with this defense. You know points are going to be hard to come by. Not a lot of people score 27 points against this team."

On the offensive line's play: "I think it was good to get everybody back in there – to get Todd (Herremans) back in there and (Jason) Peters back in there. They made it through the game. That's a good thing. We won't get any worse. We will keep getting better as we go. Stacey (Andrews) had some good downs in there so I'm optimistic about that crew. It comes at a good time as we hit the NFC East here."

On the consistency of the offense: "Twenty-seven points – I don't think that's bad. I don't think that's a bad night. Should we have scored a few more in the second half? Absolutely. Can we improve on things? Absolutely. We need to keep doing that. I'm going to enjoy this one though."

On how it felt to get back on track with a win: "It was good especially after last week. That wasn't a pretty picture. So this was better. We just have to continue to focus in on getting better as we go here as a football team."

On if the Wildcat Offense affects the rhythm of the offense: "We had a couple good downs. It was good to get Michael (Vick) in there. He had a couple nice plays, he threw the ball, started working, and came back and had a nice run at the end. That was good. Some of the Wildcat plays, they put a lot of guys in the box. We're going to go back and look at that."

On what he looks for during a week after a loss to make sure the team can bounce back: "I think it's between the coaches and the leadership in the locker room. I think they did a nice job of coming back. You just don't want a lot of hiccups like we did last week. We have to eliminate those. You just have to keep the peddle down the whole way through. If you have one you have to make sure you come back and focus in - come back to the basics and take care of those first."

On what was going through his head when Brian Westbrook was down on the field: "I hope he's OK. He wasn't moving at first. That worries you a little bit because you don't know exactly what happened. When a player isn't moving that worries me."

On Byron Westbrook standing next to Brian Westbrook while injured on the field: "I thought it was important that he stayed there. They were doing their job trying to get people away but I think it's a little different when it's your brother."

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