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Game vs. Redskins: Head Coach Andy Reid

* On injuries sustained during the game:*
"[S] J.R. Reed had a hamstring strain. [CB] Sheldon Brown came out with a stinger. [RB Brian] Westbrook has a rib contusion."

On the loss: "Obviously, Washington played a better football game than we did. I'll tell you that it's my responsibility that we play better. That's absolutely my responsibility. I have to get our guys into better positions to make plays, and when [the players] are in those positions, we have to make sure that [plays] get made."

On what was missing today for the Eagles: "I have to put them into the right positions to make plays."

On the team's struggles in all three phases of the game: "We just have to keep working. That's the only thing that you can do."

On what happened near the goal line on the Eagles last offensive possession of the game: "I'm not going to get into all that. We just have to punch it in when we're down there."

On whether the Eagles were outplayed physically on both sides of the ball: "There were times when we were, but there were some times that we rallied back and did some good things."

On what QB Donovan McNabb saw which caused him to audible on the third down play on the Eagles' final offensive possession:"There was just a little bit of miscommunication. We'll get that straightened out."

* On what can be done to get the team to play with more intensity:*
"They will play hard. They will play hard for 60 minutes. We'll get that done."

On the struggles of the Eagles' offense after a quick start in the beginning of the game: "[Washington] did a good job. I didn't do a good enough job of getting our guys into the right positions."

On the Eagles' run defense: "[Washington] did a good job with its run game. We bowed up there for a couple of series, but they came back and got that [first down] at the end."

* On the missed 50-yard field goal attempt by David Akers:*
"David is going to make a lot more of those than he is going to miss. Down the stretch here, he'll be fine."

On whether he is still confident in Akers:"Absolutely, I'm confident."

On whether the Eagles will have a tough time regrouping following two difficult losses: "This group, they'll regroup."

* On whether he was surprised the Washington offense went for a 4th-and-1 on their final possession of the game:*
"No, not from where they were at [Eagles' 38-yard line]."

On whether the Eagles can be the team he thought they were at the beginning of the season:"Yes, but we need to change this thing around obviously. The last two weeks haven't been good weeks."

On whether he is concerned with the team's lack of intensity: "We have to get back in gear and play more consistent. Again, I'll take full responsibility for that."

On whether he feels drastic changes need to be made at this point in the season: "I'll evaluate that. Right now, we just need to be more consistent all the way around."

* On why the team appeared to lose intensity after jumping to an early 14-0 lead:*
"I don't think it was a matter of intensity, I thought it was a matter of sustaining drives on offense so that we could keep our defense off the field and not force them to play as many snaps as they had to play. I'm stating the obvious, but when you get backed up, you have to be able to get off the field with the field position."

On why the Eagles were not able to get rookie WR DeSean Jackson more involved in the passing game: "That was just the way it worked. [Washington] was in man coverage quite a bit of the day, and it just didn't work out that we could get him dialed up."

* On defensive adjustments made by Washington to slow down the Eagle offense:*
"That's my responsibility to make sure that it gets taken care of. I have to make sure that I put our guys into better positions."

On his evaluation of the Eagles' offensive line in the running game: "We need to continue to call the right plays so that there are holes there for the ball carriers to run through."

* On whether he is surprised at the Eagles performance after all of the offseason moves:*
"We're going to get it straight. Things happen during the season, and we will have to straighten it out."

* On how fast the problems can get corrected:*
"You want to get the next week straightened out. We wanted to do it this week, it didn't work out, so now we have to go back to the drawing board and get it done next week."

* On whether there are any plays that the Eagles' offense cannot execute due to the absence of starting guard Shawn Andrews:*

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