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Game Vs. Redskins: HC Andy Reid

On the victory: "Any win in the National Football League is a good win. I appreciate the guys trying to prove you (the media) wrong on these comeback games, but I would like to do it a little easier now. I'd like to thank the fans. I shoot myself in the foot for the onside kick. That's my responsibility. We are going to stay aggressive with things, but I want to make sure that when we stay aggressive, we execute and come up on the right end of it. I thought we started the game decent. The second half, we have to go back and look at that. Offensively, I didn't think we started the second half very well. I thought the guys continued to push through and we ended up making some plays down the stretch. We need to do better on third down on both sides of the ball, but especially in getting off the field defensively. (WR Jeremy) Maclin and (WR Jason) Avant, and (RB LeSean McCoy) Shady all did a nice job, all young guys who stepped up and made some big time plays when (WR) DeSean (Jackson) was down, (including) (CB Asante) Samuel with the two INTs and (K David) Akers with the field goal. DeSean (Jackson) went out of the game with a concussion. We'll see how he is this week here."

On whether the concussion suffered by WR DeSean Jackson was comparable to the first concussion suffered by RB Brian Westbrook: "It wasn't quite like that one where (Westbrook) was knocked out like that. We'll just have to see how he does here. We'll do the test on him and evaluate him."

On what he saw on film that triggered the Eagles game-opening onside kick attempt: "Obviously not the right thing. (Washington) plays a five-man line, and we thought we could sneak one in there."

On whether he was looking for early momentum after trying an onside kick after winning the opening coin toss and deferring instead of electing to receive: "Yes."

On whether he was trying to send a message in terms of aggressiveness by starting the game with an onside kick attempt: "I want to stay aggressive. When I see a five-man front, I want to take advantage of it. Although it looked that way, we just didn't pull it out of the sky."

On why he called timeout prior to the Eagles two-point conversion attempt: "I called it just to calm it down a little. We had enough timeouts left, so we wanted to use one and make sure we had the right play in. We had used some of our two-point plays already when we were down in the red zone. I just wanted to back up, calm the situation down a little bit, and make sure everybody was on the same page and move on."

On the risk and reward of attempting an onside kick: "If I think it's there, we're going to go for it. Sometimes you're going to make it, and sometimes you're not. I obviously thought that the chances of us getting it were better than not getting it. But I can't sit here and tell (the media) that it didn't look very good."

On the Eagles recording back-to-back fourth quarter comeback victories: "I'm proud of the guys for battling through. When you play these NFC East teams, especially this one here (Washington), last year we did not beat them. We went down (to Washington) at about this time of the year, and we had momentum and everything else going and we didn't play very well and came out on the other end of this. So I'm proud of the guys battling through and doing what they had to do. (Washington head coach) Jim (Zorn) is keeping that team together and they battled the same way against the Cowboys as they battled against us. They battled their hearts out."

On staying with a balanced offensive attack despite struggling throughout the third quarter: "We were running the ball decently. We went back and looked at a couple of things formation wise that we were doing when we went through that period where we were not having success, and we made a couple of changes there. We felt like our offensive line was controlling the line of scrimmage, and I thought that was important. There was a bit of time left on the clock, so we wanted to make sure that we used some of that while at the same time, being productive."

On why he uses RB Eldra Buckley in short yardage situations: "He hits it. He hits it hard and aggressive. There's a time and place for that. He's got a good eye for it, and a good knack for it."

On whether the experience of last week's fourth quarter comeback win against Chicago helped today: "I don't know. I think they're all different, but it couldn't have hurt us."

On QB Donovan McNabb executing a game-winning drive despite not having WR DeSean Jackson or RB Brian Westbrook: "I'm proud of him for stepping up and just taking over. He was into it, not that he isn't all the time, but during that time, he just gathered everybody up and said, 'Hey, listen we're scoring.' He was very upbeat and positive with the guys and very strong. As far as the depth goes, the guys that I mentioned, I'm very proud of them stepping in and doing a nice job, having developed some relationship with Donovan where they're on the same page. That becomes very important at that time."

On adjustments the Eagles made offensively in engineering the game-tying touchdown drive: "We did a couple of little things. (Washington) did a couple of little things, and we tried to counter them."

On whether the two-point conversion play was the same play called before the timeout: "It was actually. Yes."

On the shovel pass play used for the two-point conversion: "That look we showed a couple of weeks ago when we ran a sprint option. We sprinted Donovan out and were going to throw it, so we gave that same look. (Washington) kicked everybody over and came strong off the edge, and our guys did a nice job of walling off. LeSean (McCoy) did a nice job with the run. That was one of the all-time nice runs that I've seen here. Even though it was a short one, he did a good job of staying up. (Washington) vacated the linebackers out of the middle and kind of over-shifted in that direction, but we were able to get inside of it."

On WR Jason Avant being a primary target in the game-tying touchdown drive: "Those were plays according to the coverage that they were playing, that we felt like we had a good shot with them. (Washington defensive coordinator) Greg (Blache) did a good job of rolling (coverage) and mixing things up, but we had a little read there at the end on it, and that gives (Avant) an opportunity against that coverage."

On Avant growing into a clutch receiver: "He has. Donovan has a lot of trust in him, and if the ball is near him, normally he's coming down with the football. I know he had one earlier there where a defender did a nice job on him, but normally he's coming down with the football if you get it close to him."

On changes made by the Eagles offensively in the fourth quarter: "We went with a little bit more of our vertical game. We formationed it a little bit differently in the run game."

On what Washington showed defensively to trigger the Eagle offensive changes: "The right thing."

On whether he was confident that RB LeSean McCoy would be able to step in the play right away as a rookie: "We knew he was smart. It was just a matter if he would be able to kind of throw the spread offense into the West Coast offense. We knew he had the work ethic, he was smart, and he had skill and ability. He worked very hard at it and spent extra time with Donovan (McNabb). He got on the same page with Donovan. Normally when we bring in a guy, I like to sit up and tell you that we feel like he can come in and help you in some way, but you don't know until you get him here. He did nice job."

On the symptoms exhibited by DeSean Jackson following his concussion: "He just was a little groggy, but he was able to get up and get off the field and all that fairly quick."

On whether he expects the Eagles to make the playoffs: "Obviously we're shooting for that, but right now we're shooting for the Atlanta Falcons. If you don't take care of business every week and focus in on that and you worry about all of that other stuff, then you have problems."

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