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Game vs. Redskins: FS Brian Dawkins

On starting the game out well and then having the game go the way it did: "It was very tough, very tough. It's something as a defense that you never want to happen. You get a certain amount of points. You feel like you should win a game and we definitely felt like that today. We just didn't do what we were supposed to do in the second half and keep points off the board."

* On whether you pin your ears back on third down when a team stays committed to the run:*
"It doesn't change. You pin your ears back, when you say pin your ears back that means penetration—the run and the pass. It doesn't mean just rush the passer. That means that you play aggressive as possible, recognize the formations they give you and get to the quarterback or get to the running back. Negative plays — we did that for the most part but we just didn't do what we were supposed to to get off the field on third downs."

* On whether there is confusion in the locker room about what the team is about after the last two losses:*
"I don't know about confusion. What we are, I think what we are right now is we've lost a couple of tough games. And a lot of it, give the other teams credit, but a lot of it is ours because of mistakes, mental mistakes that we're making that's assisting good teams. You can't give good teams assists and the teams that we've lost to are pretty good teams. So you can't give them assists by making mistakes, whether its penalties, or mental mistakes or a leverage in coverage, eyes in the backfield, all that stuff."**

On whether the losses and the mistakes should be happening to the team now:**

"Yeah, it should not be happening but yet they are. So we have to find out those reasons why they are, get them fixed, and do what we need to do as a team unit to stop them from happening because you know, there's enough going on in every phase now to cause these things to happen. When you have a play here, a play there, a negative play, penalty or whatever -- one or two, its not that bad -- but when you have so many that mount up, and that's what's happening. We have so many mental whatever you want to call them that's allowing, like I said, good teams to have more opportunities."

* On whether the defense was on the field too long:*
"If you're tying to say that it's the offense that got up and went three-and-out and kept us on the field then no. We kept ourselves on the field by not getting off the field. Getting them in third downs, we make them punt, get the ball back to our offense and that's what we're supposed to do as a defense. But we didn't do a very good job of that the second half."

* On being 0-2 in the division and how that will affect the season now:*
"It's going to be a tough fight anyway. But we definitely didn't help ourselves out today by allowing the Redskins to do what they did and controlling the ball and controlling the clock and winning this game. We didn't help ourselves out."**

On whether the Redskins did anything different with their run game:**

"No, they didn't do anything particularly different. We just didn't do a good job of what we practiced in certain situations for whatever reason. Give them credit for sticking to their guns and sticking to what they like to do as an offense and that is run the ball. But we didn't do what we were supposed to do defensively."

* On whether it adds more pain to the loss after coming in ranked No. 1 in rush defense and allowing the Redskins to run the ball with success:*
"Yeah, it should. It should. I think to a man defensively that's going to sting a lot more. Not because we're ranked number one, but the fact that we allowed this team to come in and have a successful day running the ball on us period. The rankings, I mean you can feel what you want to feel about the rankings, but game to game you want to come in and set a tone for stopping the run and we did not do that today."

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