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Game vs. Redskins: Eagles Offense

WR DeSean Jackson

On his punt return for a touchdown: "It was a great opportunity. It was a middle return and I caught the ball close to the hash. I tried to go right first and then from there, just went back, trusted my speed and blockers. I went back to the left and, just like I said, it was a great play."

On what happened to the offense after the team went up 14-0: "It was a rough one for us today. I can't sit here and put my finger on anything, but we didn't play good football, the Redskins are a team that is playing well and they just came here and outplayed us."

On whether he was surprised he wasn't more involved in the offense after his punt return: "I really don't get caught up in that. We have a game to win and whatever we need to do to win the game, meaning whoever's number is getting called and whoever the play is going to, that person has to make that play. If that is my number, then I have to go out there and make a play. I have to do whatever I can to help this team win. I really don't get caught up in that."

On the lack of consistency in the offense and what that did for the team's defense: "That definitely hurt us. The Redskins defense stayed off the field a lot of the game and our defense was out there. So, it just took a lot of opportunities away from us on offense. Like I said, they just outplayed us, they played a better game than us and they got the victory."

On what they did on defense today: "They just played hardnosed football. There wasn't anything special that was going on. I give it to them, they are a great team, but we are a great team here also. We are capable of doing great things also, but today wasn't our day."

K David Akers

On his missed field goal and whether it was a momentum changer: "Sure, it would have been nice to go up 17-0. I understand all of that. Fifty-yard field goals are long kicks, but obviously, (Redskins kicker) Shaun (Suisham) went out there and hit a 48 and a 50-yard one as well today. That made a difference."

On whether he worries that the team is losing confidence in him: "I can't control that. All I can control is what I go out and try to do. The rest is not up to me."

On whether he is in a slump: "I don't know. I hit the ball well and they are just not going – I pulled the ball a little bit today and drew it a little further. I wish I had about 3 feet for 3 kicks. That would be about the difference. But, I don't and I can't take them back. I let the guys and the organization down again and other than that, all I am trying to do is go out there and make the kicks. I am not trying to go out there and miss them. That is for sure."

RG Max Jean-Gilles

On the biggest difference the Redskins made on defense after the 1st drive: "They didn't really do anything different. We just didn't execute. Give them the credit; they played harder than we did."

On the goal line stand and quarterback Donovan McNabb trying to change the play: "We tried to run an inside zone and then we checked out of it, but I don't know what happened. They stopped us."

On how frustrating it is to come so close, like last week, at the goal line and fall short: "It hurts. These games hurt us the most. It was just inches away, 1 yard here and 2 yards there. It makes the whole difference in the game. That's football."

WR Reggie Brown

On the offense disappearing after the 1st drive: "Yeah, we came out good, hitting on all cylinders. We mixed it up, throwing passes and screens and we moved the ball up the field great. Then DeSean took one back for a touchdown on the punt return. So, early on, we had a lot of energy. We were executing and doing things right, we were making plays and then I don't know where that went. I don't know at what point we decided to switch up things or not do things that we had been doing and we sputtered. I really don't have an answer. I don't have an idea why we are doing that or why that is happening."

On the momentum changing today after the missed field goal: "Yeah, this is a game of up and downs. It's like the NBA; everybody is going to go on runs. Everyone is going to change the momentum and make big plays because this is a professional sport and you have guys on both side of the ball that can do that. At the same time, we still need to be producing. We still need to go out there and contribute. As an offense, we can't ask the defense to shut another offense down every game. We need to put points up on the board to win. How that is going to come about, I guess we will figure that out next week."

On whether the Redskins defense made adjustments today: "I think they were pretty consistent on what they did throughout the game. They didn't really show us anything that we could not handle. They are a good defense, but still, we just didn't connect. It was a block here, a catch there or a pass there, it was just the inconsistency of the whole thing. It was not just one series, it was throughout the game and we have to fix it. I don't want to say we are in the hole, but it's a long season, a very long season. We can always turn it around, but there has to be a point that we turn it around and get things going."

RT Jon Runyan

On whether the Redskins defense made adjustments after the 1st drive: "No, it's just a matter of making plays and putting yourself in long yardage situations. We have been struggling to do that the last few weeks anyway. It just keeps getting worse."

On not being able to put the ball in again on the goal line: "Everybody is getting a piece of it (the blame). It's just a matter of getting it in. Everybody has to be perfect in those situations because the creases are not that big. It's just not happening."

On getting TE L.J. Smith and RB Brian Westbrook back and whether that should have made a difference: "In the same light, if you have injuries, you are missing practices and your timing is going to be off. That becomes an issue. So, you have to be out there going over this stuff day in and day out."

On where this team is right now: "We have been here before. It's not going to be easy, but it's not fun. We just have go to out there and keep trying to win the next one and hope you have a chance to go out there and make a run at the end of the season. That's all you can hope for."

On how much it hurt the defense that the offense had trouble converting on 3rd downs: "It comes into it. It goes both ways. We have to convert and they have to stop opponents. We both have to do a better job."

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