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Game Vs. Redskins: Eagles Locker Room



On what he does in practice that hasn't translated into games:
"We're doing a great job in practice and in games. It's just sometimes you fall short. You try to do something and it doesn't always go your way."

On his fumble during the game:
"Mishandled by me. I have to look the ball in no matter what. I have to look the ball in no matter what happens."


On the team being 1-3 and if the team can be any better:
"I think we have to be better. I mean, it is what it is. We're 1-3 and, you know, a lot to correct. We'll watch the film and we'll go from there."

On C Jason Kelce being very critical of the offensive line and how much blame he puts on inconsistences there:
"I think it's a total group effort. I think it starts from us as players, no matter who's in there, no matter what plays they may call; it's up to us to get the plays. I think every guy has to look in the mirror and take accountability for their actions. I'm the first to do it at all times and you know, Kelce's a great player. He's the leader of that group and you know, guys are banged up and when your number is called you have to step up to the plate and do your best."


On the last drive of the game:
"It was just a long drive. They did a good job of just taking what we gave them, kind of dinking and dunking it down the field. They had a couple of crucial third down conversions, a couple [of] penalties that extended the drive; it was just a tough position to be in defensively. Basically, you just have to find a way to get a stop."

On if they were fatigued during the last drive:
"Oh no, I think the time of possession directly affects what we do on third down. I didn't think we were that good on third down today. I know we had a lot of conversions and a couple of penalties that extended the drive. We have to win on third down to get ourselves off of the field. That's something we didn't do too well today."


On the amount of rushing attempts on the last drive:
"They had some time on the clock. I have to go back. I honestly don't know what the answer is now. That last drive, as a defensive player, we have to get up the field and they have to score. We got put into a situation and you have to make the play to win the game."

On the impact of injuries:
"The only one I can think of is [DT] Bennie Logan was out there a lot more in some nickel. Bennie and Beau [Allen]. I know Bennie had a heck of a game. I don't know what kind of impact it had but Bennie played great. Those are the only two people I noticed out there. As far as I can tell they played well."

On the third down conversion rate:
"Yeah, we've been really good on third down. Now you just have to make those plays. We didn't make enough of them to win the game."

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