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Game Vs. Redskins: Eagles Defense

Eagles Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis

On Redskins TE Jordan Reed giving the linebackers a lot of trouble tonight:

"We gave up three touchdowns from that spot. We needed to do better as a team. It wasn't just one position or one group. As a whole unit, we didn't play well enough to win and they did."

On how discouraging it is to be talking about another loss:

"It's awful. This is the last place you wanted to be, but this is where we find ourselves. We have to look hard at everybody and everything we're doing. We have to ask ourselves why it's happening and fix it and do the best we can going into next week."

On how he would rate his job now that the team has given up more than 38 points in four games this season:

"We have to get it fixed. I'm not going to rate anybody's job performance. Forty points is not a good thing and we've had [three games where we've given up that many]. We have to get it fixed and we have to find out all the why's and how's and solve the problem."

On whether he thinks about his future in Philadelphia:

"I do not. That's for other men to decide that. What I think about is how I'm going to get this group of men to play next week. That's all I've done every day and that's all I'll do. I've been down this road where you have seasons that are disappointing and everybody is looking for the blame game. As a team, we have to make sure that we hang together and take all the accountability that we need. The city of Philadelphia, we have to give them better. I've got to do a better job and everybody has to look at themselves and see how they can do a better job."

On why he thinks the defense has struggled to make the proper adjustments:

"We made all kind of adjustments. Every week seems to be a little bit different of a flavor and we're moving a lot of things around. We didn't get it done today."

Eagles DE Fletcher Cox

On the Redskins clinching the NFC East in Philadelphia:

"It's embarrassing. It's on us because we didn't make the plays. They made more plays than we did today and won the football game. My job is to play as hard as I can every play and show up every week."

Eagles S Malcolm Jenkins

On the frustration of the loss:

"It's frustrating. It's been a frustrating year, and obviously, there is nothing really more to say than that. I thought we played hard and guys put in the work. It's just not coming together in the end."

On why the team has struggled this season:

"When I look at the roster and I look at every guy in the locker room, we have talent and we have guys that can play. But for whatever reason as a cohesive unit, we're not that good. I think that everybody in this organization has a hand in that. We just couldn't figure it out."

On the two touchdown receptions by Washington TE Jordan Reed:

"I can't remember his first score, but I remember that his second one was just a bad matchup. Early in the game, he took advantage of some matchups that we really didn't want. He's a good player, and he's been doing well, especially the last month or so of the season. He's been a huge target for them and he's special."

On Washington clinching the NFC East title at Lincoln Financial Field:

"With the division on the line, especially at home, there is nothing worse than that. You don't want to lose at your house and have them clinch the division at your stadium."

Eagles LB DeMeco Ryans

On not making the playoffs:

"It's a tough feeling. We knew it was all on the line today and for us to not show up and not play our best is disappointing. We didn't cover well. They made plays on us. They do a good job with the play-action, but that's no excuse. We have to cover better. We've been so up and down. We've had sloppy plays and it's just not good enough."

Eagles LB Connor Barwin

On the disappointment of the loss:

"It hurts bad and it's very disappointing. In a playoff-type game, you would have liked for all of us to play better and obviously get the win. It's extremely disappointing."

On whether the Eagles are a 6-9 football team:

"Yes, I think so. I think you are always exactly what your record is. When people say we're not a 6-9 football team and you go out there and do what we've done in certain games to get nine losses, that's what you get. We have some things to get fixed. I think there are a lot of talented guys in here. At times, we played well and we played together, but there is a lot of room for improvement for everybody."

On Washington clinching the NFC East title at Lincoln Financial Field:

"All of it is bad. I'm not thinking about the Redskins. I just wish we would have played a better game."

On what separates playoff teams from non-playoff teams in the NFL:

"It's a couple of things. You can't beat yourself. You have to pay attention to the details in games, at the end of games in December – especially playoff-type games. And the players have to step up and make plays."

On whether the team gained confidence following the offense's opening touchdown drive:

"We felt like it was our game for most of the game, at least for the whole first half. Offensively, we had a great start. [Defensively] we had a good first series. I think in the first half, we played pretty sound defensively. There were times when we were playing good football. We didn't let them run the ball. They beat us on some matchups. They played some matchup football and their guys won those matchups. I think there was one drive when they just kind of moved the ball all the way down the drive. That was the one really disappointing drive that I thought they had on us."

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