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Game Vs. Ravens: QB Vick

On the first series:"I really can't explain how I feel in those situations. To come out and get off to such a great start and then to have it all negated by a turnover when you know there are better decisions that could have been made. You can't always hit a home run. Sometimes you have to get singles and doubles and that's what I have to learn to understand. I just force too many balls sometimes."

On how he felt in the fourth quarter compared to last week:"Going into the fourth quarter, I felt confident. Obviously I'm saying to myself, here we go again. You never know how it's going to pan out or what the outcome is going to be. You just look at your teammates. You look at your coaches, the people who depend on you -- obviously we're home and the crowd. You just want to get it done. It's just another opportunity to be 2-0 and that's what it all boils down to."

On having nine turnovers during the last two games and still being 2-0:"It just goes to show how good we can be. It definitely shows how good our defense is because they're stopping the offense and putting the ball back on our side so we can score points. I think at some point we'll cut down on the turnovers, we'll cut it back, but it's still early and we just have to get in tuned and stay in-sync with what we do in our offense. I think it all starts with me though."

On whether there was more stress after his 4th quarter incomplete pass was initially called a fumble:"Yeah, it's extra stress when you have to sit there and wait. The one thing you don't want to do – you don't want to put the game in the officials' hands. You want everything to be clean so you can just come out and play and everything takes care of itself. I tried to make a good decision in the moment and I just threw the ball away."

On being 50-50 on the pass and run play selection in the first half:"We just wanted to be balanced. Coach is still going to throw the ball downfield, but we have a great running back in LeSean McCoy and he does such a great job of making guys miss and getting yards and our offensive line does a great job as well. So give those guys a lot of credit. They played extremely tough against a tough 3-4 front and we got it done today."

On whether the 50-50 play selection in the first half opened plays up in the middle of the field in the second half:"Well, the running game didn't open up the middle. The way they were playing, we just did a good job running routes and seeing everything that was happening downfield. Everybody was all in one accord and we were able to make plays we needed to make."

On the last drive:"Do I have to take you back through that drive? (Laughs). It's kind of tough. I can't even remember what happened right now. (Reporter: You scored a touchdown). Yeah, that's all we need to remember. Next question."

On the best thing in his mind about going no huddle:"It's fun. It's great to go no huddle. It just pushes the pace. Everybody saw how sometimes they couldn't even get lined up. Nobody has ever seen us do it before. It's something that we added into our arsenal. I don't know how much we're going to use it. That's up to the coaches but it paid dividends for us today."

On whether he is encouraged that they were able to come back and win or discouraged because of the mistakes:"It's kind of a Catch-22 situation. We know how good we can be. We see the progress and we see what we do down after down and then it's all negated by penalties and turnovers so the sky is the limit. I'm waiting to have a game where it's all clean and I know sometimes that is very rare in this league but it can be done."

On whether the two-minute drill is getting him into a rhythm:"The two-minute definitely gets you into a rhythm. It just gives you the opportunity to see the field and just kind of negates what the defense can do at certain moments."

On whether he considers how prolific the offense can be with less turnovers, considering the offensive yardage in the first two games:"Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach as far as how many times we turned the ball over in two games. We just have to do a better job at holding on to the football, I have to do a better job with my decision making and everything will work itself out. I believe in my guys outside. I believe in the guys in front of me. I've said that before and I'll say it again. That's what I truly believe."

On his thoughts about TE Brent Celek hurdling over Ravens S Ed Reed:"Celek's the man. He's definitely Player of the Game."

On what goes into having the fourth quarter game winning drives:"In the moment, you just have to be at your best and it's got to be by any means necessary. Mentality and you just have to want more, more and the closer you get to the endzone, the hungrier you get. It's amazing how much of a difference 10 yards can make when you're first down after first down after first down and next thing you know the endzone is 40 yards away and it looks like it's so close. It's just encouraging and I think all the guys feel that."

On what it means to still win with two offensive linemen injured:"It says a lot for the guys coming off the sideline and goes to show that they've been doing a great job during the week of studying and paying attention and understand the concept that at any given moment you can be out on the field and they stepped in. (G/C) Dallas (Reynolds) stepped in and did a great job. (T Demetress) Bell stepped in and did a great job. I have to go back and look at the film and obviously there are things that we're going to have to correct but those guys did a tremendous job out there for us today."

On Reid's comment about putting in a defensive lineman if another offensive lineman was injured and whether he would choose DT Cullen Jenkins or DE Darryl Tapp:"Stick Cullen out there. He's got the size to do it."

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