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Game Vs. Ravens: QB Michael Vick

On how it felt to knock the rust off: "It felt good to get back out there and play against somebody else. We've been practicing with our defense for the last two weeks. It was good to get out there and see some different defense, some different looks and play against different players and different oppositions. So, we took full advantage of it and were able to come out and get a nice drive going and score the touchdown, which was great."

On whether it was part of the progression to make some quick throws: "It's all about seeing the field. We had other routes in the progression but it was all in what I saw and what the defense dictated so I was able to take advantage of what they gave us and get the ball out quick, make some calls to the protection. Our offensive line did a great job up front with holding up throughout the entire series so we were able to capitalize on that drive."

On whether he feels that TE Brent Celek can excel as a receiver this year: "I think this season is going to be a great year for Brent. He's worked extremely hard in the off-season and had a great training camp and we've been connecting a lot over the last couple of weeks. I told him that he just needs to trust me and that I'm going to get the ball to him. 'I'll find you. If you stay open, I'll find you.' Our offense creates those types of situations and it was great for everyone who was involved."

On whether it was harder last year to get in a rhythm with Celek: "I think as time goes on, you adjust and learn the different players and their strengths and weaknesses. I think that this off-season I paid more attention to Brent. I watched the film by myself and how I could get the ball to him and the majority of the time last year, he was wide open and I just failed to get the ball to him because I was just focusing on (WR) DeSean (Jackson) and (WR) Jeremy (Maclin). I went back to some of my Atlanta film and how I used Alge (TE "Alge" Crumpler). We are going to get Brent the ball this year. He's one of the best tight ends in the game and I think he deserves the best."

On his first in-game impressions of QB Vince Young: "It's a totally different field out there. Things were moving slow but we need to understand that he is new to the system. This offense is very sophisticated and there is a lot of verbiage, a lot of terminology, and a lot of concepts that you've got to get a grasp on. It's not easy. It takes a lot of studying. It takes time but, in the grand scheme of things, he did well."

On whether he feels comfortable with T Ryan Harris and G Danny Watkins: "I'm comfortable with anybody they put in front of me. Danny did a great job. We were able to get a feel for one other. Everybody on the front line did a tremendous job of protecting. We have some new things that we're working on as well. I think it's all about us getting going against somebody else, getting some different looks and trying to capitalize on each and every snap and what we can learn from it and we were able to do that today."

On how much he wants to play in the preseason given the lack of OTAs and other off-season activities: "It doesn't matter. I really don't think we need to play as much, but we do. We didn't have an entire offseason to gel with one another, so we have to get out there and practice the new plays and get in sync with one another and try to execute the offense as best as we can and not shake off the rust.  The only way you're going to do that is by playing, so as long as coach wants me out there, I'm going to be out there playing.  I learned my lesson back in 2003 – never go into a preseason game not wanting to play. I did and I broke my leg and I learned from that experience.  It just happened to me against Baltimore, so tonight I was prepared to go out and give it everything I had. Play smart. Ball security. Take care of the football and trying to get the ball to the endzone and we were able to do that."

On whether he feels rusty: "It actually felt like the game slowed down a little bit, which is crazy. But maybe we're just playing faster, which is great. I know practicing now against our defense, practicing against those guys has made us better in so many different ways. I think it's going to be beneficial to us as an offense to be able to play at a high level.  I'm excited about it."

On having C Jamaal Jackson back this season: "It feels great to have Jamaal back out. I've been excited to play with Jamaal. I always told him that and never had a chance to. To have him back healthy and playing great football is good for this team.  We're all excited about it and I'm happy that he's on my team and he's my center."

On whether he's discouraged about WR Jeremy Maclin's illness: "We're just going to put Jeremy's situation in the hands of God and it'll be taken care of.  We'll see what happens and how it goes.  We're pulling for him. We're optimistic that he's going to get back at some point in time and we'll accept him with open arms.  We'll continue to try and build this offense so when he comes back he can fit right in." 

On whether he expect Maclin to be back this season: "I don't know.  I can't answer that question.  I don't know the situation or what is exactly causing the sickness. So I think you'll have to talk to our team doctors about that."

On having WR Steve Smith as another weapon on offense: "Having Steve is going to be a great addition.  In conjunction with the other guys we have I think he'll be able to make great contributions to our offense and whatever package that he's in. I just think that he poses another threat.  So as many weapons as we get, we'll use.  Our plan is to use him."

On this team being special: "I feel that each and every guy in the locker room wants to be on this year.  We've enjoyed each other so much over training camp and just spending time with one another, getting to know one another. (We're) just so happy to be back and gelling as a team that I think that every guy in the locker room wishes they could be on this team. And I think that's why you get the effort that you just saw out on the field.  Because guys want to play for us. It's awesome.  It's awesome. I wish every guy could make this team and be a part of it.  But yeah, we definitely have something special and this was by far one of the best training camps that I had, one of the best teams that I ever felt that I've been a part of and I enjoy each and every teammate that I have in the locker room."

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