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Game Vs. Ravens: Head Coach John Harbaugh

On tonight's game: "I can't wait to watch the tape…you know as a coach you can't wait to go to work, watch the tape and see where we can get better."

On specific things that stood out in the game: "I saw a magical effort, that's where it starts. I thought QB Tyrod (Taylor) did some great things; he's going to learn more from this game than any game his whole career today. He was electric at times, that's exciting. I thought the offensive linemen did okay, that's a big plus for us. The biggest problem we had was just issues of tackling or containing…things that you probably would expect to see. Offensively we had a couple of false starts, things like that…that's the kind of thing that plagued us last year. We have got to clean that up.

On the offensive line: "I think we did okay out there, the pass protection was pretty good…a couple of the false starts were a problem, and that's got to be corrected. I thought they did pretty well for themselves for their first time out there."

On overall effort: "I think were going to be a good football team…I told them that. We have a chance to be a great football team, and that's going to be on us. How much we can improve from now until next Friday is going to be our next test…take one day at a time, put as work in as we can everyday, and see how much better we can get. We should make our most improvement next week; we have to determine ourselves to do that."

On QB Tyrod Taylor: "Toughness was never a question…he showed that in college, he did show it tonight…I thought poise was big, he commands the offense very well. I think he's a pin-point passer if you look at him…and he's an excellent thrower. He made some big plays in the pocket scrambling around…he probable learned a lot more from this game, than any other game he's had in his career, and he's smart enough to take advantage of that, and he will do that."

On being behind due to the lockout: "Everybody is…you know the Eagles are too, and everybody else is, so it's all relative. Obviously we have tons of work to do, we just have to get better faster than the people we have to play, and that's our job."

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