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Game Vs. Ravens: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained in the game: "(CB Jamar) Wall had a hamstring strain. (G/T) Fenuki (Tupou) had an MCL sprain. (T King) Dunlap twisted his knee. We're not sure exactly what it is right now, but (Dunlap) has a twisted knee. He got rolled up."

On the game: "I thought for the most part, the offensive line played pretty well assignment wise. The defensive line likewise was able to get a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks. I thought our quarterbacks, really all four of them had decent play here and there and they executed. There are plenty of things to work on as an offensive unit and a defensive unit, but there were some good things there. It was good to see our young punter and kicker get in and do a nice job. Also our punter is our holder, so you want to see how the mechanics of that go, and it looked like it was really smooth.

"We also had a couple of nice picks by our safeties, which was a nice deal. It was the first preseason game, and it was a little rusty. I think (Ravens head coach) John (Harbaugh) would probably agree with that on his side too. But that's what the preseason is for. We will work through it and correct our mistakes. The one thing that I liked was the enthusiasm and the effort. I thought the guys played hard and there was some great contact out there and hits and hustle – all of the important things. With our last group, we don't put people back in to win the game, we expect the guys that are in there to do it. They sucked it up there at the end. They were tired, but they ended up putting a lot of pressure on the quarterback on the last snap."

On QB Michael Vick getting the ball out quicker: "I thought he did a nice job. The other guys got to play a little bit more, and it looked like they all were getting it out and doing a decent job of that. Mike has worked very hard on that. (Baltimore) did throw some pressure at him with some different blitzes, and he was able to handle it. He did a nice job."

On the pressure generated by the defensive line without blitzing: "To be a good defense, you have to be able to generate pressure with your front four guys if you're a 4-3 team, and if you're a 3-4 front team with your front five guys. You have to generate it from there and then add the blitz in as a wrinkle. If you're going to blitz every down in this league you're going to be in trouble. It doesn't work that way. I thought (defensive coordinator) Juan (Castillo) did a nice job of managing his first game here and calling it. It didn't look like we had substitutions problems at all. I thought he handled the mechanics of it very well."

On the play of the first-team linebackers: "I have to look at the tape, but it looked like they did a decent job."

On whether the game was cleaner than he expected due to such little practice time: "I don't think it was any different than the normal first preseason game of the season. We cut things back a little bit like we normally do for the first game anyway. I was worried about the substitutions during the game and then the assignments once we got into the two's, three's and four's. It looked like we were at least getting the calls in at the right positions and guys were lining up right for the most part. That's a tribute to the players and the coaches for preparing. We have to build on it and expand this thing and get a little bit more in next week. We'll be on the road, so that will be another challenge."

On how he will assess the play of rookie G Danny Watkins: "He only had four days of practice, so you're looking at execution, the assignment in terms of whether he is running the right play that is called, and how he is getting off on the ball. Some new guys and rookies are slow off the ball. I think he did a decent job."

On the concept of rotating defensive linemen: "I thought (offensive line coach Jim) Washburn did good job with that. He loves throwing fastballs at the offensive line, and he feels that he has a group of guys that he's very comfortable with, and he trusts them. That's hard on an offensive line. You think you're just wearing one guy down, and all of the sudden the (defensive line) brings in a new crew. It's a tough deal if you can make it work."

On why WR Jeremy Maclin traveled to his hometown of St. Louis: "He's having some tests done."

On when Maclin will return to Philadelphia: "I don't have that for you right now."

On why the tests are being done in St. Louis: "He has to have some tests done. His father is a doctor, so that is actually a comforting feeling. He has someone there that he is very close to, and his dad has a good pulse on things which we encourage, so that's where he had some of the tests done."

On whether it is fair to say that no one knows exactly what Maclin's illness is: "No we don't, and that's why they are doing these things. I encouraged it. I just want to make sure he is feeling right and okay. I know he can play football. That part I know. The important thing right now is for him to take care of business there."

On whether it will be difficult for Maclin to be ready for the start of the regular season: "I don't think so. I think he'll be fine."

On whether the signing of WR Steve Smith has any correlation to the Maclin situation: "They are completely different. That has nothing to do with Jeremy."

On how he can be confident that Maclin will be ready for the start of the regular season when he does not know what his illness is: "I think he's going to be ready. I guess I'm optimistic. I'm waiting to hear the results, but I'm optimistic."

On the timetable for WR Steve Smith to practice: "He had a small microfracture, but all of his ligaments and cartilage was intact. He knee is very stable, and he's had no swelling in his knee throughout the whole process. He's been running, and he started running routes this past week. We're just going to bring him back slowly and see what he can do. We'll get him in a formal rehab with (head trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and we'll just see exactly where he's at. It could be three weeks….I don't know. I have to see how he does here. We know he's a fine football player, and we just need to get his leg where it needs to be."

On the progress of QB Vince Young: "We've thrown a lot at him. It is like learning French in four days. He's hanging in there and digesting everything. He has a great attitude, and you saw that he loves to play. He will do nothing but get better with more practice. He's so willing and he wants to learn, and he's studying and doing everything he's supposed to do. I was a little hesitant to put him in with so little practice, but he wanted to get in there and he did a nice job."

On the play of the rookies in the game: "They did a good job. I thought they hustled. I couldn't see all of them at the same time, but the ones that I was looking at played hard and were aggressive. It didn't look like there were a lot of mental mistakes. We have to clean some things up technique-wise, but I like the effort from them."

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