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Game Vs. Ravens: HC John Harbaugh

On today's game:"That was a tough football game. Give credit to the Eagles, very well coached team. Obviously they compete right down to the end, and they found a way to win the game, they made the plays that they had to make to win the football game…did a nice job. To my guys, I feel the same way…I feel the same way about the Ravens. The Ravens fought, competed, it was a chaotic game out there and it didn't go our way at the end, but I'm proud of our guys. I like the way they competed, and I think we'll be just fine coming out of this game going forward."

On the Philadelphia Eagles defense:"They played a lot of man coverage, and they were keeping our guys on the line of scrimmage and beyond pretty well, that's what I'd say. They had eight guys in the box most of the time to stop the run, they did a nice of that."

On S Bernard Pollard's injury:"Well I thought James (Ihedigbo) did a good job, I thought he played pretty well. Of course Bernard (Pollard), missing a guy like that is going to be a factor, it looks like a rib contusion so it's not going to be something that's going to be serious, but it's very painful right now for him."

On the physical aspect of the game:"I thought it was a physical game, I thought our guys brought it real well and they did the same, it was a physical game."

On the pass interference call with WR Jacoby Jones:"I did not get a good look at it, what did you guys think? There was a lot of contact the whole game I know that, you know…so?"

On the Baltimore Ravens defense:"Obviously we gave up more than we scored. That's not what we want to do. We want to give up less than we scored, that's the idea, that's team football. That's how we look at it, all three phases…if we score 23, we give up 22, if up give up 24, you score 25, so I'm disappointed in all three phases because we weren't able to find a way to win in that sense. Tough football game."

On the contact in the secondary throughout the game:"I saw it on the one side. The challenge for us right now is what constitutes what? You know, what constitutes illegal contact, what constitutes pass interference, I'm not sure right now?"

On the play of K Justin Tucker:"He's great, thanks for asking. Three field goals, all tough ones, kicked off great. Yeah he kicked great, did a nice job!"

On the last 2 plays of the game:"We ran the ball a lot in the second half, the last two plays of the game, we thought about running the ball yeah, but we thought we had some good calls. I think that's fair, you could have called a draw or something there, but you know they (Philadelphia Eagles) were bringing some heat, and they were hugging the backs too, you know what I mean…it was man coverage, so it would have been hit or miss. We tried some draws, we tried some traps, and even some passing situations, some 2nd and longs, and we really weren't hitting that stuff either, so I think that's a fair thing to talk about."

On whether he had any comments about the officiating of the game:"No, not that I'm allowed to talk about."

On getting a play before the end of the first half:"That is what we were looking to do there. If we had a short kick that (WR) Jacoby (Jones) could have gotten to, we were going to fair catch and free kick that was the plan. Along with when he was going to return if it was a kick that he couldn't get to, he played it well off of the bounce and got a few more yards, so I was really pleased at the way that sequence went at the end of the half, but that is exactly what we were thinking about doing there."

On not using any time-outs at the end of the game:"Well I just thought, I thought it was a short enough game on 3rd down where we had a chance to call a play real quick to get them (Philadelphia Eagles) off balance and get them scrambling a little bit. Could have called a time-out there to get a play in. Then I didn't want to call it with the clock stopped, and Joe (Flacco) had a play that we liked, you know if you take them (time outs) into the tunnel you're not very happy about that, and so you could argue that we could have used them to get a better play, but we had a play. They (Philadelphia Eagles) defended it and we didn't get it done, so I guess you could make the argument either way, but I felt that we would at least need one for the field goal, and I felt that with a short game like that, we didn't want to use it in case we had a chunk play down the field we could use it, but it's a fair argument."

On the Baltimore Ravens offensive line:"I thought we did okay. There was a couple things in there, I think they had one where they made us miss inside too, Joe got hit a few times more than I would want him to get hit, but that's a pretty good pass rush team. I thought we did okay with that, just from watching on the sideline, now I may watch the tape and feel differently about it, so we'll see?"

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