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Game vs. Ravens: Eagles Players


On the Eagles performance: "I think there is enough talking that has been done already. It's just one of those games that was a bad game. We own up to it and we just need to get better."


On the loss:"We're just frustrated because we definitely have talent and there are question marks right now and we have to get some answers. If we didn't have much talent, that is one thing, but we are a talented team and to lose like we did in a pivotal game is especially disappointing."

On whether the players have lost confidence in the coaching: "It's not anything to that nature. The coaches haven't lost confidence and the players haven't lost confidence. It doesn't matter what play is called or what scheme, you have to go out and execute. That is what it boils down to."

On whether the coaches have lost confidence in the team: "I don't know, you'll have to ask them. They scout and prepare us for the plays to call in certain situations and it is up to us to make the plays."


On Ravens RB Willis McGahee:"I think we did a good job on them earlier, and then late in the fourth quarter they got away from us. He is a good back and a strong back and he did a good job of closing out the game."

On Ravens QB Joe Flacco:"He is tough and a lot of us were close throughout the game. We got him down a couple of times and could have had some more, but I think he played well for a rookie QB."

On the Eagles QB change and its effect on the defense: "As a defense, you kind of like the challenge of going out there and getting stops for our offense. Every time we get a stop, it kind of builds some more confidence and I know the offense will get it going sooner or later and we'll have things clicking."

On Eagles mindset after the game: "We are definitely disappointed in the outcome of the game. We really can't dwell on it. We have a short week coming up with Arizona. We have to start off with a good practice tomorrow and look forward to Arizona on Thursday night."


On whether he thought his kickoff return would be a spark for the Eagles: "Any time you can get a kickoff return for a touchdown, you hope it can be a spark for your team. It was a big-time play, and I hoped it would get us going. I just trusted my blocking. Then, I picked up my knees and ran hard. I just hit the hole and went. At about the 50-yard line, I knew that I was going to score. I made one move and that was all I needed."

On whether he was relieved to get a touchdown after so many close calls: "I was confident that it would happen sooner or later. But, I would gladly trade it for a 'W.' Making a play like that would have felt a lot better if we won the game."

LB OMAR GAITHER On when he found out that he wouldn't be starting against Baltimore: "I know you guys [media] didn't find out until today, but I was told about it on Tuesday. The coaches told me they wanted to make a change and that I would be playing on special teams. I was surprised because I thought I was playing well, but that's their decision. I am just going to do everything I can to help us win. Akeem [Jordan] is playing very well but, obviously, I wanted to be out there playing."

On what it was like watching from the sidelines: "It was eating me up inside. I wanted to be out there with my teammates and battling. But now, we have to forget everything else and get ready for Thursday."


On his play: "It's always exciting to play. It's always exciting to be out there with everybody, enjoying life."

On the defense's play: "Well, we lost the game. I mean, I've got emotions about losing. I don't like to lose."

On going forward: "We've got to win every game from here on out."


On the play of the defense: "I think we did good, and also I think we did bad. But we lost as a team. I don't really know what else to say."

On the play of Joe Flacco:"He led his team to a win, and so that's all you can really say."

On the pressure they got on Flacco: "I think it was working. It's a team. We win as a team and everybody's got to do their part and everybody's got an affect on the game, and everybody affects each other and things just didn't get done."

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