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Game Vs. Ravens: Eagles Locker Room

RB LeSean McCoy

On Vick driving the team down the field in the fourth quarter to win the game:"We just battled so much from turnovers in the first half. We were driving the ball the whole game. It just shows the fight we have. We settled down, relaxed – (Head) Coach (Andy) Reid came in here fired up at halftime. It kind of got with us a little bit and we turned it around. The last drive was all heart – heart and determination."

On what Reid said to the team at halftime:"I'm not sure exactly what was said, but the message was, 'Let's pick it up. You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot. You're moving the ball, you're making plays, but fumbles, turnovers.' I had another fumble today and we had an interception and everything, so he just said, 'Man, if you minus all the turnovers, you'll be fine.' He was right. I think we kind of settled down and relaxed a little bit, got in a groove and won the game."

On how good this team is considering that they are 2-0 despite having nine turnovers in two weeks:"We're a good team. We're an explosive team and we're a good team. It's just that you have to minus the turnovers. I think we're a disciplined team, but we're not displaying it right now. If we want to be a great team, that's the only thing we have to change."

On whether he thinks the team would be 2-0 if he was told they would have nine turnovers in two games:"I wouldn't believe so. If you told me that I would have two fumbles in two games I wouldn't believe it. So it's something that we have to work on."

On what it says about this team going forward that they're able to win games with numerous turnovers:"It's nothing to brag about. I don't want to say, 'We have turnovers, we're still going to win.' The message here is that we have to turn the turnovers around because we're spotting teams points. We're putting so much stress on defense to go out there and stop a team after we're making mistakes. We have to watch the turnovers, man, and I think it's a lack of focus. Fumbles, I think, kind of come when you're not expecting to get hit. So having that thing in your head, like 'Okay, stay conscious of it.'"

On the balanced offense today:"Sometimes when they thought we were running the ball we were throwing it. It kind of kept them off balanced a little bit. I think in the second half they kind of focused a little bit on the run because you could tell some the lanes weren't as big and a lot of their guys were in the box. I think the call of just switching it up and not being so predictable."

On how the team is building confidence off of these fourth quarter comeback wins:"It builds a lot of confidence because we know we can come back late in the game, but we also want to take the approach of let's kind of get up. Knowing that we can come back if we need to, but let's try to minus turnovers and let's try to get a big lead, you know, and work a different way."

On going toe-to-toe with a physical team like the Ravens:"It's that kind of division, it's a tough division. We'll be battling each week with that division until we're done. So it'll be tough."

On how explosive this offense is if the turnovers are eliminated:"Like I said, if you minus the turnovers we're a dangerous team. I think that's the difference between a great team and a good team. Right now we're just a good team. We have to go back to the drawing board and focus in. (We have to) cut out the penalties, cut out the turnovers and play football. The second half was Eagles football."

WR Desean Jackson

On the team being able to overcome turnovers and win games:"Today was a great game. From the beginning of the game, I felt like we had a shot of winning the game. Going into halftime being down 17-7, we were angry at ourselves and said to each other that in the second half, it would be totally different. When we came out after halftime we proved that we could play with the best. Like I said, if you cut away those turnovers, we can be the best team in the league, hands down."

On whether he can handle a season's worth of physical games:"Absolutely, but I was just saying that the way my body is feeling now, it's tough. But, I'll get into the cold tub and the hot tub and do what I need to do in order to get out there. It's definitely a physical game, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love it."

On the last drive today:"We switched it up, sped up the tempo and caught the defense off guard. I am just happy we were able to make plays. Mike is giving us the opportunities and the coaches are calling great plays. I am very impressed with the guys today. We fought back when everybody said we couldn't do it."

On how much the defense helped the team today:"The defense is doing a great job right now. Without their play and the things they are doing, we wouldn't be as good as we are. I credit them, they are playing great. Now the offense has to go out and help them. As long as we can put points on the board, we will be okay."

On whether there was a chance he was not going to play today with his hurt hamstring:"It was a game-time decision. My hamstring was about 85%. Anything I could do to go out there and help this team win the game, I did. I was able to get here early and warm it up. I felt it a bit throughout the game a bit, but I was still able to go out there and be productive."

On what the hurry up offense does for this team:"It is great for us. It keeps the defense off their guard and we are able to be quick. As long as we can continue to do that and keep the defense off guard, we will be good."

On comparing this team to last year, especially this team's ability to win close games in the 4th quarter:"I just think that everybody knows what we have. We had a great offseason and a great minicamp. With this being the second game of the year, going undefeated in the preseason, we are just trying to keep everything on a roll. As long as we are able to keep playing the way we are right now, the sky is the limit for this team."

TE Brent Celek

On whether the coaches saw something in the film that led them to believe that he would be a big part of the offense this week:"Not necessarily, it was basically just what they were giving us. They started playing a bit of cover 2 and the middle was a bit open. We took advantage of that and Mike did a great job of getting us the ball."

On comparing the feeling of winning close games this year to losing them last year:"It feels amazing. These were the games we were losing last year. Coming from behind every week is not something you wish for, but we will take it. It just shows the heart of our team. We have a never lose attitude."

On bouncing back from the big hit he took in the first half:"Yeah, it was a very physical game. Anytime you play the Ravens, you know it's going to be tough. We just wanted to be physical too. Yeah, I took a shot on that one, but I just didn't want them to know that they got me that hard."

On whether he was trying to fire the crowd up:"Everything, get the crowd going, my team going and not let them know. You don't want the defense to know they hit you good."

On the crowd today:"The crowd was amazing. It was so exciting, especially out there at the end of the game. You couldn't talk to anybody because it was so loud in there. I can't thank the fans enough. It was amazing."

On whether he thinks the team has a reputation for not being tough, because of their reliance on speed:"I wouldn't say that people see that. It might be a perception that people have, but I know that we have a very physical team. It starts with our defensive line, they are very physical. We just have to keep it going."

On overcoming nine turnovers in two games:"I think this offense can be real good. It's just we have to eliminate those turnovers. I know we had a few interceptions and fumbles, but they are everybody's fault. One of them was my fault. I take responsibility for that. I can't do that and drop a ball like that. But it takes all of us; we need to be more disciplined, that is what it comes down to."

C Jason Kelce

On the play of G/C Dallas Reynolds at center:"He did well. It didn't seem like he got pushed back very much and it seemed like he was making the right calls. Dallas is a very good player. He was good for us in training camp and he'll get a good opportunity here, hopefully barring how serious the injury is for me, to prove himself."

On how his knee is feeling following the injury:"It doesn't hurt that much right now, but it doesn't feel like I can go out and play a game today; I'll say that."

On whether he was scared when he went down:"Yeah, I mean, that's what most of the rolling around and everything was. Not even so much of it was pain as it is just shock and fear that something serious is wrong."

On the play where he got hurt:"Yeah, I don't know who it was, but whoever it was, (LeSean McCoy) made him miss and it just so happened that right when I was putting my foot down and planting, they were going headfirst into my knee."

LG Evan Mathis

On the confidence level the team has when they're down after they've been able to win games late in the fourth quarter this year:"It's good that we can finish like that, but when we look back on it, we didn't have to put ourselves in that situation. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot early on. We had to overcome some mistakes and we need to clean those things up. We have the potential, but we need to clean up those mistakes that we're making and move forward."

On what those mistakes are and what the team has to do to clean them up:"They're all different, they're all different. I haven't seen the tape just yet and I didn't see how all of them unfolded, but we'll see the tape, we'll focus on them and they're probably different things than what happened last week. We'll correct those moving forward."

On whether he had fun watching the defense today:"Yes, the defense did an incredible job. This was a 100 percent team win from top to bottom. The coaches, the players, offense, defense, special teams in the fourth quarter and the fans were as loud as they can be. That's an intangible. That goes a long way."

DE Trent Cole

On the questions about the defense during the offseason and how the team has responded through two games:"It was a battle. Both teams were battling and there are a lot of areas that we have to improve in. We have to (force) turnovers, keep fighting as a defense, work on what we did today and we'll keep improving."

On whether his best game is still to come:"Yeah, yeah. Like you said, there's a lot more room for improvement as far as the defense and I see a lot of good things that are going to come out of the offense here down the road."

On what the game ball in his locker is for:"Sack, forced fumble, whatever. Like I said, it's a team thing and it's great to relish the first sack of the season. I'm just going to build upon that. It's a start."

On whether he thinks the team would be 2-0 if he was told they would have nine turnovers in two games:"We won, that's all. It was a great win and a lot of guys fought. We made mistakes. Players make mistakes, you know, but we kept fighting and we just showed people that we're not going to let down. We're a tough team to play and we want that persona. We want people to respect us and I'm glad that we got this win. It was home-field advantage and we needed to win at home for the fans as well."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On the importance of being able to hold a lead at the end of a game:"It's good to have. We talk about that all the time as a defense, us being a great defense stepping up and having to close games out. That's the way we like it. We like the pressure to be on us. We like to lead this team with the energy and with closing it out and making plays."

On having to overcome turnovers and late leads in the first two games:"We're 2-0. We're excited about it and we're happy about it. A win is a win and wins are hard to come by in this league. Any time you can get one, no matter how you get it, it counts as a 'W'. So we're excited to be 2-0, but we know we still have things to clean up. It's not perfect. We still have mistakes to clean up and we'll continue to work and get better at those."

On what it takes for a team to win in the fourth quarter in consecutive weeks:"It just takes fight. That's what it's all about. In the fourth quarter, you have to pull out everything you've got. It's going to take everything you've got in your body, everything to fight to make that play, to get off the field, to score a touchdown and everybody has to have that mindset and that want-to and that's what you see from our team. Last week and again this week is just that will and that fight to win and we just have to continue to bring it every week."

On how proud he is of the defensive effort:"I'm proud of the defense. The defense, we let some things get out on us, some mistakes. But I'm proud of the way we continue to fight back and close the game out and had to play four full quarters. That's a mindset that we had to get. The first half wasn't pretty. We had to come back in the second half and finish it out. That was our message at halftime; (it) was all about finishing and we did that."

On his fourth quarter sack of Ravens QB Joe Flacco:"It was a big play for us to move them back. The guy still made the field goal but it was good. We put more pressure on them. To get that sack, it kind of made the field goal even tougher, (more) yardage. That was a big play."

CB Brandon Boykin

On the defense's ability to get turnovers this year:"Turnovers are always good. We got our hands on a lot of balls today and we made plays. I guess you can say we stepped up today and made plays."

On why he is able to play with this much poise, considering that he is a rookie:"I think it's a combination of a few things, like playing nickel in college, so it's not new for me, although it's faster. (Defensive Coordinator Juan) Castillo and coach (Todd) Bowles do a great job of helping me prepare. Then I have great defensive backs playing around me, knowing that if I do mess up and make a mistake, they have my back. It gives me some leeway and freedom to cheat on some plays."

On whether he has ever been involved in such a physical game:"I never have, not in any years of playing. They were ready to come in here and make a statement, so when everybody is hyped up, stuff like that is going to happen."

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On the team being able to pull out two close games to start the season:"That time in the offseason was well needed and it seems like everything's starting to fall in place. When you add a guy like DeMeco Ryans, (he's) out there just playing unbelievable and making all the calls and getting everybody in the right position. It's going better."

On how the defense limited Ravens QB Joe Flacco in the second half:"I think we tend to play with pressure; just go at them and try to (rattle) them and make them make the quick decision and get in his face. I think our d-line, even though we didn't get as many sacks as we would like, it still made him throw the ball a lot faster and it's hard for a receiver to come out of his break when that ball is right on you."

On whether he feels as if the defense has played their best game yet:"No, not the best game. The best game has yet to come. There's still just a little communication problems that we're having on the back end, but other than that, I think it's starting to gel."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On why the defense appears to be clicking sooner this year than it did last year:"I just think there's more belief. I think when you're around each other for a while, you start to believe in each other a little bit more, so I think that's what's happened. You start to get more belief, you start to play better and more as a team, you know, you still have mistakes but those are cut down so much more than they were last year just because we've been together a bit longer."

On being able to overcome a lack of flow in the first two games and come out with two wins:"It's great. The fact that we ended last year 4-0, you started to see that kind of go around the guys and the belief started to build a little bit. So coming into these last two weeks, it's been good to come away with a win in the end and fight hard for a victory. Like I was saying earlier, it's the NFL. It's going to come down to the wire the majority of the time, whether you're playing Cleveland or Baltimore, no matter who it is. But just the fact that we were able to finish it out and the defense was able to finish it out, it felt good."

On the defense making big plays and whether that builds confidence in the unit:"Absolutely. I think the confidence level is building because of that type of stuff, because of those sort of plays that we're doing. Then when you look at the numbers at the end of the game, whether it's how much they threw for or how much they rushed for, they've been fairly good so far. So the defense has been holding up."

On the Ravens' fourth quarter touchdown that was overturned due to an offensive pass interference call:"I didn't really know either. I looked up for the ball and didn't see it, so then I turned the other way and just tried to play his hands. Then there was a push right there before the ball came in and they threw the flag, which it rarely goes that way. For it to go that way, it was big for us."

LB Mychal Kendricks

On the Ravens final fourth down play:"We had one fourth down situation they converted, so I pretty much knew that the game was on the line at that point. Right before we broke the huddle, DeMeco (Ryans) told me, 'It's for the game.' I knew it was a crucial moment and we had to get that done. I knew that the quarterback took a couple of hitches, the line was for-sure going to get to him and whenever the quarterback's hitching like that, that means that the deep routes are covered so his last option is Ray Rice and I had to squeeze on him tight. He overthrew the ball. I'm sure he saw me in coverage and overthrew the ball and we came out with the 'W'."

On what LB DeMeco Ryans said throughout the last drive to lead the defense:"Middle linebacker. He's very poised and conducts himself well. It was just endless energy for everyone. We all knew what was on the line and that's our Mike backer on defense. So, he led the 'D', as he should."

On what stopping a team on the final drive does for the team's confidence:"It lets us know that in pressure situations, if we handle ourselves right, we can get out of anything. We played pretty well. It lets us know we've got to just keep our composure and just do our job. Don't try to do too much."

S Kurt Coleman

On whether having to come from behind in the fourth quarter is a dangerous way to play:"Hey, it's building character though. I think this is going to be a great testament as we continue to go through the season if we happen to make the playoffs, we're built for almost every situation right now. Now, we've just got to play with a big lead. But this is good. This is building our character and this team is going to continue to win and we're going to continue to fight until the end."

On the irony of the tight games last year having the opposite outcome:"Absolutely. I think this all goes back to the way we attacked this offseason. Our mindset was we're not going to leave anything out there. I mean, we came in at halftime, it wasn't that they were doing too much; it was we hurting ourselves on both sides of the ball, bottom line. We just had to clean up our roles, be surer upon certain things and just play our game. Don't let them affect what we do. We've got to play our game."

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