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Game Vs. Ravens: Def./ST Locker Room

P Chas Henry

On his experience holding for field goals and extra points: "I held for two years at Florida and then our kicker had an injury our senior year, so I took over kicking."

On how he did tonight: "(LS) Jon (Dorenbos) makes it really easy. He puts it right there. I don't have to turn the laces or anything. I thought tonight went well. As long as (K) Alex (Henry) is alright, I guess it's alright."

On the dynamic of being on a team with such high expectations: "It's great. I love winning and coming to a place like this, where the expectations are winning a Super Bowl. That is the expectation you should have as a professional. I relish that and can't wait to begin the season."

S Kurt Coleman

On what the team was looking for tonight and how he thought the game played out: "With the way (defensive coordinator) Juan (Castillo) is having us play, I mean, we're playing fast and we're manning up a lot of guys. I don't know if you can tell, but we are getting after these wide receivers. They made a couple catches, but at the end of the day, they didn't get in the end zone. From (the first team) to the end of the first quarter, everyone did their job and I think that's something that we can improve on. There are still things that we have to go back and check the film on and get better at, but overall, I'm pleased with the way it went down."

On the defensive pressure from all the groups tonight: "That's the one thing that you can expect out of this (defensive line) – the four rushers. We're going to get after the (quarterback). I think that's what we want to do. We want to be able to get after the (quarterback) without blitzing and allowing us to play coverage back there and the linebackers are just going to eat."

DE Darryl Tapp

On whether his two sacks and tackle for a loss had something to do with the jersey number change: "(Jokingly) It might have been. No, it was definitely a lot of work with (defensive line) coach (Jim) Washburn. There's still a lot more work to do, but it was a good feeling to get a good start."

On what it was like rotating with the defensive line under coach Washburn: "It was a great rotation. We started the game off with (DE) Trent Cole and (DE) Jason Babin – two Pro Bowlers. Then I get to come in there with (DE) Juqua (Parker) and we get to continue the same path, but it's great to be able to know you have four plays all out, and then somebody is coming to get you. It worked for us the entire game."

On how the rotation will keep the players' legs fresh: "Definitely. Everybody can get their fair share of opportunities to make plays and it will keep guys fresh, definitely."

On what was his impression of the defense as a whole tonight: "We're making steps, we're making steps. We have something special going and we're going to continue to work when we get back to training camp on Saturday."

On the change in the speed of the game from practice to tonight: "Actually (head) coach (Andy) Reid has a very high tempo in practice and coach Washburn and coach Castillo do a great job always getting on our case in practice. Today was kind of easy, but like I said, it was just the first step. We have a long way to go."

K Alex Henery

On coming in as the starting rookie kicker: "It's pretty cool. I'm happy to be here and to be able to help the team out and make them rely on me if a big moment comes along. I'm happy to be here."

On getting that first field goal down: "Yeah, the first kickoff was kind of nice and I got a good one. I snuck it in. It was good to just get started off on the right foot. I was happy how it went today."

S Jaiquawn Jarrett

On how big of a deal it is to come up with an interception in an Eagles uniform after being a local product: "It was a great experience to come out here in my first professional game to get out here and compete. The coaches had faith in me and the players did, so it was exciting for me to get a turnover and get the offense back on the field."

On whether getting the interception helps him feel confident about picking up this defensive scheme: "The more I study and the more the veterans help me, the more comfortable I become."

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On getting some action with the high expectations on the defense this season: "It felt real good especially after waiting so long to get back out there and play against somebody else and not just your team. Everybody was anxious, hyped and flying around today."

On the defense having six sacks and a couple turnovers and if this is something that can be expected every game: "Yes, that's the main thing. With the guys we have on this defense, the main thing is to get to the quarterback, cause turnovers and get the ball to the offense, because if we do, we know what they can do with it."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On how he felt in the first game, especially with the defensive pressure the unit brought to the Baltimore Ravens all night: "It was good watching the group go to work. Obviously when we were in there, I thought we played well—We did give up a couple plays that we're going to review and get better at, but overall we played really well."

On the kind of sense he has of how good this team could be: "Yeah, I definitely have a sense. I've had three practices and a preseason game, and obviously we're talented—it's laid out all over the place and everyone sees it and the coaching is great here as well. So, we could be really special. I think we have a great opportunity to do some big things this year. But with those expectations, you have to put in a little more focus, so it may not be as easy as other people are expecting it to be. We still have a lot of work to do."

On whether six sacks from the defense is something that can be expected each game: "Yeah, that was when the twos and threes were getting in there and getting a lot of pressure in there. That wasn't even the guys that are starting and we know what they can do. So, you can absolutely expect it. We have blitzes that are drawn up if need be, but we have a front four that is pretty special, so we may not even need to do that."

S Jarrad Page

On whether he thought he initially had a chance at making an interception once he saw where the pass was thrown: "I thought there was enough air. I knew that I could catch it. I just wanted to make sure I came down in bounds, because I didn't want to fly out of bounds. I tried to slide a little bit so that I was in bounds, so that was the only thing I was worried about."

On whether he feels that if he continues to make plays on this team with so many safeties already, that he will have a chance to make a mark on this roster: "Well, like I said only the coaches know that. The one thing I am in control of is going out there and doing well in practice and in a game—That's the only thing I'm in control of. Everything else is in the air. I just feel like I can do what I can do and we'll see what happens."

LB Casey Matthews

On his assessment of the defense in the first series: "We actually were pretty happy with our performance. We're still running some stuff that we're new to, but other than that we played pretty well especially with stopping the run and as soon as we get more reps at each practice and in each preseason game, we start to get comfortable."

On whether he was surprised at how well the defensive unit performed: "I knew what this team was capable of doing. With this outcome, I wasn't surprised, but with how fast it went. I only got eight reps and that's fine. Each game we'll start getting more and more and just looking forward to getting in a rhythm. We have a good group of guys and we know what we're all about. Obviously, it's nice coming out with the victory."

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