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Game Vs. Rams: Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

Opening Statement: "First, I apologize for being so late. Just a couple things in there I had to take care of. If its ok I'd like to do this. I want to go back to the beginning of the game and remember the tribute, this country, what happened ten years ago. Sometimes, I'm probably just as guilty as anybody you get so wrapped up in this business and wins and losses. But something really important happened ten years ago here and I just kind of want to throw that out and let everybody know that I thought that was a special tribute. I thought the NFL did a great job with that and I know they're going to do it with these later games, the afternoon ones and certainly tonight. I just don't want us to forget that.

"I'll move on to say really quickly first I'd like to credit the Eagles and Coach Reid. I thought they did a heck of a job and I wish them well going forward. I know you guys are interested in the injuries here so I'll begin there. RB Steven's Jackson got a quad. I'm not sure whether to call it a pull or a strain or whatever. We'll have a better idea on those tomorrow so he'll be reassessed. T Jason Smith is an ankle. Head Athletic Trainer Reggie Scott has called it a high ankle. I'll have a better idea what we're dealing with tomorrow. DE C.J. Ah You just his wrist. Hopefully that's OK and we think we'll probably take a picture of that. WR Danny Amendola did dislocate his left elbow. It's not broken but it was dislocated and now the thing is getting an MRI and see how much damage is actually done in there so we won't know that until. CB Ron Bartell got a stinger. Sam banged his right index finger on a helmet. It's not broken they did x-ray it but they've got to find out a little bit more about what we're dealing with here. And again, probably take it into tomorrow.

"S Quintin Mikell just cramped up when he came out. If I missed anybody else you all can let me know. As far as the game and our football team I'll go back and credit the Eagles. We knew no. 7 was going to be tough to stop. We thought we would do a better job in that but we didn't. But like I said to the team I think it goes back to overall there were fundamentals things we didn't do right. When I say that you all probably know what I'm talking about. And I also thought that the penalties hurt us. You can't when you play good football teams, the first thing you've got to do is make sure you don't beat yourself.

"We didn't do that today so we suffered the consequences. There were moments in that game where I thought we were doing a pretty good job. Certainly early. I don't know what the score was at half-time and there was a point there where it kind of got away and the Eagles took over the game. We're pretty banged up. We've got to get our football team back and healthy and ready to play a really good New York Giants team. I didn't mean to be long-winded but with that I'll open it up."

On the job RB Cadillac Williams did filling in for Jackson: "I'm glad you mentioned that because I do want to find the silver linings and positives here and I think that's one of them. I thought he really went in and did a nice job. You never want to lose a guy like Steven but it's nice to know. And RB Jerious Norwood went in there and made a couple plays too. And Cadillac's been doing that so that's nice to see. Good move by General Manager Billy Devaney and his staff. Cadillac has been great since he's been in here from the standpoint of being a team player and knowing his role and what he had to do. He stepped right in there and didn't skip a beat."

On if he is concerned about the quarterback situation: "Yeah that would have been shaky there at the end if something happened to QB A.J. Feeley. We'll have to reassess that. See how long we are with everything with both Danny and Sam. We'll figure it out going forward."

On when Steven Jackson sustained his injury: "On the run, that's what he said. He didn't get hit or anything."

On if he thought they were going to be able to run the ball: "I thought we ran the ball effectively. Drops are going to kill you, penalties are going to kill you. Bad tackling, or backside leverage as well call it, with the cutbacks are going to kill you. They've got some talented, talented players. But I just didn't think, I thought if we had done some of the fundamental things right I don't think the talent would have come out quite like it did."

On stopping QB Michael Vick's scrambles: "I would separate that in a different category. I guess when I say that about the fundamentals it's the running plays, the cutback and I think that can be corrected. We should be able to play that better. I don't know, that's probably the biggest thing. He's going to throw and have some completions. No.10 is going to run down the field because he is fast. And '7' was going to scramble and make those. If you're, you guys know how many times he scrambled. If you could get, if you could cut that yardage in half when he tucked it, just by however, then you've got a fighting chance. But he gets out there, there is nobody in the league like him. He knows how to play in the dome."

On how many plays he thought guys could have made the plays but didn't finish the tackles: "I'd probably have to look at it. I'm sure that's some of it. I did feel like we were there and didn't finish. I'll have a better idea when I look at it but my gut is that we did do well against their up-front people. They did a nice job too with some of the max protections they did. But when we had the opportunities on '7' and that's your point, we didn't make them. I think Quintin Mikell made a good play on the pressure early that got the fumble. So we remember that one but you've got to make more. You've got to make him make a couple mistakes. I'm talking about Michael Vick now. Other than dropping that ball when Q sacked him, I'm not so sure he made any another mistakes. He made good decisions, he didn't throw the ball up where we could have got it. He played a good game."

On what the plan was if A.J. Feeley would have gotten hurt: "Well we had one over there but I can't remember what it was. It was talked about. Somebody would have obviously had to go in there and take a snap."

On the illegal contact penalties the team had: "I can't tell until I see them. I don't know. I don't know, I'll have to look at it. I don't know if our hands are too high. I mean it's what we do. We're not going to stop doing it. We've been doing it for years and the rules haven't changed so maybe we've just got to get better at doing it."

On what the plan is this week to fix the problems: "We'll get back to work this week and address the fixing first. And we've always, I know you guys get, I'm a pain, I know but had we won this game this week wouldn't have been…going forward…had we won the game and had bad fundamental football we'd be focused on the same thing. Again, we'll put it in the rearview mirror after we tuck it away tomorrow and move on to the next because you can't get stuck thinking about a game that's already played."

On what medical evaluations are going to happen with Bradford: "I'm not sure I know all that. I can tell you that it was x-rayed and it's not broken. And that it appears to be some kind of nerve issue. But I don't know how you study that. I don't know if it's MRIs or but we'll figure it out. We have good doctors and trainers."

On if he second guesses the decision to go with two quarterbacks instead of three: "No. No I'm not going back. We'll just figure out how to go about it going forward."

On if Sam having a nerve issue is better than the finger being broken: "I don't know that. I'm not a doctor, I really don't. I didn't get into depth with Reggie I was just trying to find out from Reggie where we're at right now. We'll obviously get together tomorrow and we'll have a better idea."

On how he views the fumble return for a touchdown: "It's a scoring play so the review comes from above. I know, the officials came over and told me that they did look at it and they thought it was clean. That's why it didn't get reversed. If I remember correctly I think somebody got through the line that shouldn't have. I'm not sure why, I think they got his legs, right? I'd have to see it. I haven't really gotten a chance to talk with him specifically about the play but ... I'd have to see it. I didn't go over and ask all of the explanations of what happened. They put the ball on the ground and they picked it up and scored."

On DE Robert Quinn being inactive for the game: "Well, I mean it was hard to go to nine defensive lineman. We just felt for a lot of different reasons, we didn't know where DE Freddie Robbins was, he hadn't played a lot of games. So we had to weigh it all out and went with four tackles and four ends."

On WR Danario Alexander being inactive for the game and missing his deep threat ability: "Same thing. I don' t think so I mean we threw the ball deep and ended up getting a penalty so that was good. We had a couple other plays. No. We just went the way that we did."

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