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Game Vs. Rams: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries: "As far as injuries go, LB Akeem Jordan has a shoulder sprain and DE Darryl Tapp has a pec strain. We came out of this pretty healthy."

On game: "Wins are hard to get in the National Football League, I think you see that when you check out how things are around the league. On the other side of that, there are plenty things that we need to work on. Obviously, we are not satisfied with today, we can play a lot better. My hat is off to Steve Spagnuolo and his football team; they went down today like crazy with quite a few injuries out there. That is a tough deal. He sure has done a nice job, along with his coaches and front office. He has a pretty good football team."

On team's communication: "You have to work through the first game and the first part of the season. You work those things out, that is what you are seeing. As you watch different games, I think you probably see that that is the way it is. But you have to enjoy these things, everyone that you get. They are a tough team."

On how the noise or newness of the offensive line affected the game: "Really, they were bringing more than what we can handle. That wasn't' really so much the offensive line as it was what they were doing. We were just off, you saw that. We were just off by a hair, just sheer inch plays. We have to make sure that we get those taken care of. We have to be just a little step quicker and we will be ok.

"They showed us a lot of looks which we knew they would. Spagnuolo and Ken Flajole know what they are doing and that is good test for us. We were able to hit a few big plays against them, and you need those when they are coming after you like that."

On the start of the game and if the team had to be calmed down: "I think every coach will tell you that everyone is excited. The fans, the media, the players and coaches; everyone is excited. It is the first game and we are getting things started, you just have to work through that a little bit. You have to get back into the swing and just take one play at a time and exhaust yourself on that play and then start on the next play. You learn something for each play and get better, that is the objective."

On expectations: "As coaches we are a little greedy. The close ones, I expect to make those and I want that to happen. I want every run covered from the defensive side and run play to be tackled at the line of scrimmage. That is how we look at it and we need to get better at those things. We will go back and keep growing as a football team."

On the play of QB Michael Vick: "He did good things with his legs and he also did some good things with his arm. He made some nice calls up front and changed the protection around so that he could get a couple of balls off."

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