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Game Vs. Rams: Eagles Locker Room

WR Jeremy Maclin

On being back in St. Louis and if he noticed all of his family and friends from the field: "It feels good. It was an opportunity for some of my family to come and see me play. I couldn't really hear his fans when you're on the field you're kind of zoned in but it was pretty cool, it was pretty neat. I'm just happy to be back out there playing football."

On how the team bounced back after the Rams' quick start: "I think we kind of settled down and got our rhythm. I think we weathered the storm a little bit and got comfortable and took over the game. We were pretty lucky to be up."

On how he felt coming off of the shortened training camp: "I felt fine. My legs are fresh. It wasn't anything of that aspect. I was just happy to be out there."

On how much he will get to see his family on the short trip: "I'll go out and see them here when I go out to the bus."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On starting the season with a win: "Anytime you are starting off the season with a win that's a great thing. I don't know how many times I've started off a season with a win so everybody is excited about that."

On the Rams scoring the early touchdown: "We just had to calm down. It's the first game and everybody is amped up and we just needed to calm down and just start to focus. Early in the game everybody was all over the place. They got that long run and after a while we started to calm down and it got better."

On how the pressure by the defensive line affects the secondary: "It helps when you have a front four that can rush like that because a lot of times the quarterback will just sit there and throw all day. When our front four is getting there then obviously we are going to have more chances to make plays. They made a lot of plays today with the sacks and obviously the fumble that we scored the touchdown on was huge too, so a great front four."

DE Jason Babin

On the Rams jumping to an early lead: "When they make a big play like that right off the bat, you want to look at how the defense responds and no one hung their heads, no one pointed fingers. We said you know what we got this, let's get out there and do it again."

On being able to get the Rams in obvious passing positions and rush the passer: "I think that as the season goes on that people are going to know that that's what we do best. That's our goal, to stop them on the early downs so we can rush the passer."

On what the defensive touchdown meant to the team: "It was huge and especially with a D-lineman scoring, I mean it doesn't happen too often. We were all pumped for the play."

On the depth on the defensive line: "We've got two freaking, first and second waves of guys that can start, so it's impressive."

WR DeSean Jackson

On how he felt about his performance: "I felt good. I got a couple of reps in the preseason. It's good to start fresh and fast in the regular season. We had a hard time at the beginning of the game, but we stayed patient and it came out for us."

On how important was the score on the second drive after the rams took the lead 7-0: "It was very important. I think anytime a home team gets momentum in a football game its dangerous. As an offense we just had to keep going out there and chugging away, staying humble, staying patient and just looking for any opening we can get and take it"

On how people should view his distraction of holding out: "I think it speaks for the heart and determination I have to play this game regardless of off the field issues. I'm here to work, I'm here to play football and do it at a high level. Anytime I can go out there and perform and help my team win, I think it speaks for itself."

On what impressed him the most about QB Michael Vick today: "Vick was very calm. he had a lot of different blitzs and they hit him a little bit. So they got to him, but he was able to stay calm stay patient, read the defense and do everything like that to keep us going down the field. He had some great big runs like he always does. Its great to play with a quarterback like that. When things breakdown, he can make a great big run."

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