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Game Vs. Rams: Eagles Defense

DE Darren Howard

On the overall play of the defense today: "We had a really good mix today. I think that our defense showed well and that we have to keep focusing on getting pressure."

On what he has done to improve from last year: "I wanted to come into this season to do my job on the team. I just came into the season to try and do whatever I can to help the team, whether it's coming in on third down or coming in at tackle or just doing more and be ready for whatever comes my way. Just trying to help the team out."

On if he likes playing defensive tackle more than defensive end: "No, but you get a lot of reps. I've been getting a lot of reps in practice, at training camp, and in games so I'm getting better and better at the defensive tackle position. I feel like I want to come off the edge every once in awhile but my main role right now is to maximize my effort."

LB Stewart Bradley

On his getting pressure on the quarterback during the game: "(Defensive coordinator) Jimmie (Johnson) had a great plan for the game. Getting pressure on the quarterback and just keeping our game plan in tact and their offense off the field."

On having the defensive microphone in his helmet: "It was OK. Fourth quarter, for a little bit, the system kind of broke down so some of it was a little funky but it seemed to run smoothly."

On the play where he sacked the quarterback: "I was coming through the A-gap and I figured the quarterback was dropping back and I tried to make a move and try to get home."

CB Asante Samuel

On the overall play of the defense: "Whenever you can hold an NFL team to three points it's good, but there's a lot of room to improve and there's a lot of work we still have to do. We have to keep chopping at the wood."

On how long he'll think about today's win: "After today or tomorrow, I'll let it go. You have to move on. There's a new, better team coming soon. You have to go out there and keep trying to get better."

On how the overall game encourages the team: "It's definitely important. The punt team did an impressive job. (Defensive coordinator) Jim (Johnson) told us before he was going to bring the heat, and it's all good."

On if they're looking forward to the next game: "Personally, I just take it one day at a time. I try not to get over-excited. That kind of gets me out of my game. So I'm just relaxed, kind of a laid back guy. When it comes time, we're all looking forward to it."

On his experience from his first Philadelphia home opener: "I didn't get booed so everything is good."

On almost having an interception: "Man, I should have had that one. If I did, you all would be loving me right now."

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