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Game Vs. Patriots: WR/PR DeSean Jackson

On how it felt to start the game: "It was a priviledge to be out there with the starting group. I was able to start due to injuries to [WRs] Kevin [Curtis] and Reggie [Brown], but I gave it all I could give out there and that's what I was hoping to come out and do.""

On his punt return for a touchdown: "It was a beautiful punt return. I felt the punter got a good kick on it and kind of outkicked his coverage and I just did a great job of catching the ball and making two moves to the side and hitting the seam and getting right up the middle. From there, it was nothing but daylight.""

On whether he feels like he is up to speed in the punt return game: "I feel like I am definitely in the range of up to speed. The first three games I gained a lot of really good experience out there. The biggest thing is just being able to get out there and play freely. The veterans have done a good job of making me feel comfortable.""

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