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Game Vs. Patriots: Quarterback Sam Bradford

Q: Sam, you have to be insanely proud of this team, as resilient as they have been coming off three losses.

SB: Yeah, I don't think you can say enough about those guys in that locker room. Obviously, I think the last few weeks were tough on us all. I'm not sure anyone outside that locker room gave us a chance to come in here and win tonight. But we believed in ourselves, we knew we had a chance and we had a great week of preparation. And then to come in here and get the contributions from all three phases tonight. You know, I think this is the definition of a team win.

Q: Is it crazy that you guys are still alive, because if Dallas wins tomorrow night, you guys are tied for first.

SB: Yeah, you know, obviously this division has been crazy thus far. After 12 weeks, we are still in the hunt to make the playoffs. Regardless of what your record is, obviously, we would like for it to be much better, but if you are still in the hunt at this point in the season, then you've got a shot. 

Q: Does this kind of remind you of your rookie year when you were with the Rams – 7-9 and won the division?

SB: Yeah, and then Seattle beat New Orleans, you know, in the first round after going 7-9. But it's a very similar situation to my rookie year.

Q: Your two touchdowns came on third downs. Did you feel the need to get seven instead of three in those situations?

SB: Yeah, obviously, we knew anytime we had an opportunity to get points, we needed to convert touchdowns. Especially going against that offense and that team, we knew at some point that it would catch up to us if we had to settle for field goals. So, getting those two scores was big.

Q: Some guys have talked about you lose those three straight, it can shake confidence. Some guys have talked about tonight at least that Chip reminded everyone last night that, 'We are a good football team, forget those three losses.' Did that feel like the case? Did Chip reassure you guys last night at all?

SB: Yeah, I hope it didn't take Chip to reassure anyone in that room. You know, I still had the belief, I know there were a lot of other guys that still believed in themselves and believed in this team. You know, I think tonight hopefully gives us even more of that belief to know that we can come on the road and beat a really good football team.

Q: The throw you made on third-and-11 to Riley Cooper, was he the first option?

SB: Yeah, you know, it's really one of those things we are just kind of working it inside out off a squeeze and we had Jordan [Matthews] in the middle. You know, I think they took him away and then Coop did a great job running that route, you know, pushing it to get us depth and then a big catch to get a first down.

Q: So he was the second option then and Jordan was the first?

SB: Yeah.

Q: What was your message to the team before the game? A lot of the guys have talked about a pregame speech. What made you decide to do that?

SB: I don't know. I think it was just one of those things that, you know, that I kind of felt like the time was right to say something and I just had that belief, had that confidence, know that we can go out there and if we do play well, we will win. You know, and go out there and we knew it was going to be a four-quarter game regardless of how it started. It was going to come down to the end. You know and just to continue to fight. 

Q: What did Darren Sproles and Kenjon Barner do for the pace and the way you ran your offense?

SB: Yeah, those guys ran hard today. I think we didn't have a lot of opportunities in the third quarter, but then we had the chance in the fourth quarter, I think we went on a like 13-play, 80-yard drive and the guys up front really started getting movement and then those guys were finding holes and running hard and picking up some extra yards.

Q: How's the shoulder?

SB: It's good. It feels good. 

Q: Were you concerned at all about not being able to pick up where you left off because you felt confident about how you played before the injury?

SB: You know, I think any time you miss a couple games from an injury, you're not exactly sure how you're going to come back. But, you know, I felt that I was playing really well before I got hurt. I didn't know exactly what it was going to be like with the shoulder, but I felt like I made the plays when they had to be made. 

Q: How different was the offense, running this offense, Demarco Murray seemed to be extremely limited, was all Sproles early. That kind of changed things up for you guys….

SB: Yeah, to be honest, sometimes we get out there and we get going so fast, I have a hard time really knowing who is in the game out there. But I think Sproles did a great job tonight. Like I said, he found some holes that might not have been there. I'm not sure if anyone else but him could have squeezed through some of those and I thought he ran hard and he picked up some extra yards for us tonight.

Q: What does it do for your guys when there are three non-offensive touchdowns?

SB: It's huge, not just for the offense, but for the defense. I think everyone feeds off that. When our special teams contributes like that, you can't ask them to score three touchdowns every night, but when they are able to go out there and do what they did tonight, I think it just gives us a lot of energy and momentum on our sideline.

Q: When you were down 14-0, that drive when you took them down, how big of a drive was that in building confidence for the team?

SB: It was huge. I think especially after the past couple weeks, I think to go down there and score and keep it close, and then obviously to get the punt return right before halftime or the punt block, that was huge.

Q: This was a homecoming game for Chip, being from up here. For you guys to come up here and pull off a win, is it a little more special for you guys to come up to his home base and take one up here?

SB: You know, I really didn't even think about that, but I think to come in here and to beat that football team is really what is special about it. That's a really good football team. You know, it's tough to come in here and beat them, so to come in here and do what we did tonight, I think that's what makes it special.

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