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Game Vs. Patriots: QB Nick Foles

On how he felt bouncing back after his first drive: "It's huge, I mean I fumbled the ball which is never a good thing but I thought the guys mind set never changed. Out defense did a great job they weren't able to get any points off of it and we were able to go out there and just march right down the field. (RB Bryce) Brown and the line did a great job to get in the end zone so it's always a great feeling when something happens, adversity happens in a game and you are able to come back from it and score a touchdown. It's always a really good thing."

On what he saw on the defense on 3rd & 8: "I saw man coverage and I knew coming out that I had to hit (WR) Jason (Avant) right out of his break because the guy was tight on him and you know with Jason he is so talented with all those man routes so I just got the ball to him as soon as he got out of his break and he did the rest."

On whether he thinks that it was a critical play on third down: "Yeah that's a huge play especially in that situation and that drive. You hate when you get in the red zone and something like that happens and you sputter and don't complete a third down especially when its man coverage, you want to take advantage of a receiver like Jason."

On whether he got the sense they were putting pressure on the defense: "I mean they were great. Obviously they played great all night but when you go up tempo, sort of like a two minute drill it is hard on defense to really mix in a lot of blitzes and that really makes it tough. So it was really a job for us, and the coaches really wanted to push it so I thought the guys did a great job."

On what he thought personally about the tempo level: "I feel great in the tempo. I love the tempo, I love anything, when we huddle I'm ready to play no matter what, so I'm ready to play."

On comparing snaps with QB Michael Vick: "Yeah I mean you are exactly right, they are analyzing us all the time, it's hard to pick and choose but I think it's just the huge amount of our work that they are going to take in account but it's something Mike and I really aren't worrying about. I was excited to watch him go out there and play and really sling it around. I think he only threw a couple of passes and just easy so he did a good job, but it was fun to watch Matt (Barkley) and Denise (Ditan) and G.J. (Kinne) get in there as well, so it is always good when I am on the sideline watching its great watching them go out there and run the offense and see what they do. I think they all did a great job making plays."

On whether he expects Chip Kelly to take this to the 4th preseason game: "I have no clue. That is a question for Chip, so I'm just going to keep playing, practicing and working like I always do and I know all the quarterbacks are going to do the same. We have a good group of us, a great team working every day, so we are just going to keep working."

On how he feels about not knowing who will start for the season opener: "Hey, it's a situation we're in, we're going to keeping working. We are fortunate enough to be with the Philadelphia Eagles and I mean we have a great relationship and I understand where you are going with the question, but hey we're going to keep working and become the best players we can be."

On how he feels about competition between Vick and himself: "I go up to Mike and say great job.  That's what we were talking about before the game was go out there and march it down the field and let's get this thing going. When I went out there he was excited to watch me play, so it wasn't anything like that, it was alright, I'm going to take it one play at a time and I fumbled and it was like alright. Come back, this is a huge drive. Because once you have a turnover like that what is the team going to do? How are we going to respond? I think the guys did a great job responding to that."

On competition with Vick scoring on the first drive: "I think if you start doing that then you start getting out of who you are and your comfort zone. Of course I am a competitor, of course I want to score touchdowns every time I am in. I want to do go and do great things but I also know that if you start pressing and doing too much then bad things can happen, you will throw a bad ball. You'll throw it into double coverage, so I knew that going out there I just needed to stay within myself and see what the defense was giving me. I think the key to having a great drive is to focus on that one play, what is the defense doing, let me execute this play against this defense, let's do it at the correct time. There are so many things that go into it but I understand what you are saying."

On whether he thought Vick and himself both had good performances: "I think we and the players around us do a great job. I think it's exciting for our team. We need to start out strong and finish games and win games. We have a lot of good talent on our team and it's not a good feelings losing any game and I know you guys are upset but we have to get back to work and we will get things going but it's a good step in the right direction."

On how he felt about the tempo and camaraderie picking up on the offensive line: "I thought that they really did a great job, handling what the defense is doing and really doing a great job protecting. They have always done a great job and they will continue to so we have a great group of guys up front."

On how he feels about the offensive line compared to last year: "The guys were fighting their butts off last year and it's also the quarterbacks job to step up in the pocket and sometimes it's our fault. It's our job to get away from the rush too, they are doing everything they can. Our guys fought their butts of last year and they are fighting them off right now."

On how he feels the tempo has altered the protection: "It's hard to tell right now, you go into a game expecting to pick up everything so it is still football I know you would like to think hey this tempo is going to make the protection better but they are going to bring blitzes at us that sometimes won't be picked up so it's the quarterback's job to pick up and maneuver and step out and get away or throw hot, we have built in hots that you know if that does happen we get the ball off fast and we can gauge for big yardage."

On the fact that he is making a quick decision and whether he feels he is faster: "It is just reaction. I don't know how you really work on that but I just feel like I am more comfortable and I saw somebody step up, there was a blitzer right there so I just ran and got what I could and got down and I got a slide in there so I'm glad that worked out."

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