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Game Vs. Patriots: Head Coach Andy Reid

"All right, injuries real quick here, (Oshiomogho Atogwe) and (Jamar) Chaney did not play, they are still recovering from hamstrings. Chaney did all the warm-ups, then we decided to keep him out of there, he had a little bit of discomfort. And then Michael (Vick), I had a rib injury. We had it X-rayed, it was negative. They were not broken so, he'll have an MRI, CT-Scan tomorrow, just to see if there's anything else as far as cartilage or anything. I chose not to bring him back in, he was sore. Dominique (Rogers-Comartie) hurt his shoulder, he's had that before. Again, he wanted to go back in but I kept him out. And then Tom Nelson looks like he had a high-ankle sprain. The MRI and X-Rays were negative.

"Again, I mean, it was pretty simple. Too many penalties in the game, we had 22 penalties called, obviously too many penalties. Sixteen and four, it's tough to win football games in the regular season with those kinds of numbers. Now, preseason's a little different. As I told our team, it was important that we had our 'ones' reps in there, and we were able to accomplish that today. Even though there can be a bit of a mental let down when the other team's playing their 'twos', you've still got to battle through that. You can't play sloppy football doing it.

"The positives were that we were able to come back when we were down and made some positive plays defensively. Then also, score offensively. It ended up where we came out on top in the game, but got everyone a lot of work. That was something good. Like (Nick) Foles, it looked like did a pretty good job. He had the one turnover, but he seemed to play pretty good. We'll take a look at the tape. Third down, when you're as bad as we were on third downs, two weeks in a row, you can contribute all of those to the penalties there. You have to do better.

You pretty much knew that Vick was not going to play against the Browns, does this definitely keep him out of the game? "We'll see. I'm just going to play it by ear. I'm not going to say anything about where we're at with that right now. I wasn't necessarily going to hold him out for that game, the start. I just wasn't going to play him as much as I did tonight."

What happen with you and Cullen (Jenkins) on the sideline? "It's an emotional game, he was fired up, I was fired up. Those things happen. Cullen's my primary leader on the defensive line so, I count on him for a lot of things. He was upset, I was upset, we talked about it afterwards and we are okay."

You went over to say something after: "Listen, I put a lot of responsibility on our defensive line, and also I put a lot of responsibility on our offensive line. I don't think this was necessarily either one of their best performances. So, they picked it up after that point, and I thought they took charge the way that they are very capable doing."

Is there a tone that you are trying to strike early with this team? "Listen, it's an emotional game. This isn't the first time that I've... I was born with red hair, I know I don't have much of it now. Sometimes it flares up once in a while. It's always for the good of the football team."

Do you think the nature of 'ones' going against 'twos' is part of the reason they did not seem as focused as they might? "Listen, that can be a letdown, but you can't let that happen. You can't do that. They battled through that. Listen, their 'twos' played very well. (inaudible) whether there was or not, you just can't go there."

You prepared all week based on the 'ones' playing, when did you get the word? "I had a pretty good idea they weren't going to play. Their schedule is a little different than ours. They are on basically the same schedule as we are. They have Tampa Bay next week, and we have Cleveland, who we are playing. It wasn't Cleveland that we were playing in the regular season, I probably would have gone the same way Bill (Belichick) did. I kind of knew what to expect there."

With the amount of work that Michael (Vick) has been able to get in the games so far, is that an issue in your mind? "Listen, if he didn't play again (in the preseason) then he'd be okay. I would tell you I'd probably like to see him play a little bit more, but he's got enough experience, we're not talking about a rookie. I think he'll probably be ok."

You spent so much time in the offseason talking about avoiding injuries. It sure looked like in this one you opened yourself by trying to throw that long pass with Jermaine Cunningham coming right at Michael Vick. You could have covered it up or throw it away: "I wouldn't put that in that category. I was glad to see him slide and get down. When he dove there, and got himself down. Not there, I wouldn't consider that one in that category."

Your impression of King (Dunlap)'s play tonight? "I try to give them equal opportunity. They both had a chance, I'm going to go back and take a look at it. I think they both did a halfway decent job. They both had a couple penalties. I am never happy about that, but I'll go back and look at it."

The MRI and CT-Scan for Vick, is that precautionary? "He's sore. He was trying to talk me in to going back in. How sore is sore? He got a good shot there. But, the precautionary measure is just to see if it's involving cartilage. That's why we're doing it."

Does he not wear a flak jacket at this point or does he? "He's got protectors there, yeah. We have a variety of flak jackets, the cumbersome ones and the ones that are a little more flexible."

Are you concerned that whatever he has on is not adequate? "Well, tonight, probably. You are probably right. It didn't work. Whatever he had on didn't work. But listen, things happen."

Is there any level of concern that he hurt the hand and now the ribs and we are two weeks away from the regular season: "Now listen, no, I am not that concerned other than the fact that he is hurt. I want to make sure that he heals up and gets back out there. And hopefully he doesn't get hurt again."

You have left (Nick) Foles out of the discussion of the backup quarterback. He has performed well the past two games, is it safe to say that he is your number two: "We'll see. You have to go back on those kinds of decisions and, like the left tackle, you have to make sure you go back and study the tape and see what you think. But I will you, he's done a decent job and we'll go back and look at it and see. Just kind of evaluate it and I don't need to make a decision right now, so I credit the kid. Listen, he's a young guy and you can see him progress as the game went on. He did a little bit better at every opportunity he had."

What was he like when he got the call, he didn't have a lot of time to warm up? "He was pretty cool and all that. You got to see him take a big hit and he bounced up from that and didn't really hesitate and that was a big hit. Big one. So, he got up and got himself off the ground and got back in and continued to play well."

Have you ever had a rookie quarterback who has played two preseason games like this? "I don't think we have."

Along those lines, how has he picked it up so quickly? "First of all, he threw the ball a little bit in college and college is a little bit more sophisticated than when Donovan (McNabb) came out. I think they are seeing more, particularly from the defenses. They are more aware of the blitz game. So, I think he was better prepared coming in, and then he is a smart kid on top of that – very  hard worker, very diligent."

Regarding legal substitutions on the special teams: "On the special teams, I talk to the team about this all the time, special teams is the biggest nightmare for substitutions during the preseason. You got guys that you don't want in, you want to see this guy and that guy, and keeping track of them, so you know, we did that. And we got caught a couple times with the wrong guys out there and not the right guys."

You had (Brandon) Boykin in there pretty early, was that the plan going in? "We were giving both him and Jose (Hanson) opportunity to play and then when DRC (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) got banged up then we figured we would give him a little bit more time."

Is there an issue on third down defense that is troubling you right now? "Well, there are a couple (plays) where we didn't quite get in the right zone. But the penalties – listen, they were going to get a first down, but to give them first downs, that's the issue. And we have done that the last two weeks, too much."

What kind of looks was the Patriots defense giving (Nick) Foles? Was it something that you would see in a regular season game or was it more vanilla? "They played a lot of cover two against us and then they shot a couple man blitzes, zero blitzes in there and played a little two man, but a majority of it was cover two zone. And that is something that they would do during the regular season, but they had a heavy influence on that particular coverage."

Have you ever been as fired up as you were with (Cullen) Jenkins? "I have been fired up a few times. There have been some that I am sure equal that."

How far away is this team from being away from starting the regular season? "About two weeks."

For Friday, you do not rule out anybody who played a certain number of snaps tonight? "No, they will need this preparation like they are preparing for the Thursday game during the season. So this will be good for them. They are off tomorrow, they come back on Wednesday and they will have a practice, almost like a Friday practice, where they put everything in and then you'll have your mock game on Thursday and play on Friday. Travel day, along with the mock game on Thursday. So it will be good, good preparation for the guys, as if we are playing Thursday, an in season, Thursday game."

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