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Game Vs. Patriots: HC Chip Kelly


On the play of quarterbacks Michael Vick and Nick Foles:** "I thought they both did a good job. Nick unfortunately had that fumble on the series when we had the protection breakdown, but he came back and put a pretty good drive together. They both got us into the end zone, so I was pleased with how those guys played."   

On whether the strong play by both Vick and Foles makes his starting quarterback decision even more difficult: "No, it would make my decision harder if neither of them completed a pass. I think they both played pretty well, and it gave me confidence in both those guys. That's what you hope happens. I think both o f those guys rose to the occasion, and I was excited with how both of those guys played."

On why he changed his mind in terms of alternating series between Vick and Foles: "I had no idea what the series question was the other day. We were just trying to balance out their snaps. I wouldn't read much into that."

On whether he intended for the offense to go at a faster pace when Foles was at quarterback: "No, that's just kind of how we practice. We huddle some times, and we'll go fast at other times. We had some work with the NFL officials a week ago and then we did it with the Patriots. You want to be able to make sure you get enough reps with (New England) because we aren't going to have them in practice this week coming up. A couple of points in the game we wanted to see if we could play with some tempo and get used to how they were spotting the ball. I didn't see any problems with how it worked. It was just something that we wanted to make sure we worked on."

On whether the media should not read into the fact that the offense executed faster with Foles at quarterback: "You can read into it all you want. I will never tell you (the media) what to do."

On missed tackles by the Eagles defense: "I think there were a couple of missed tackles out there. I've seen LeGarrett (Blount) do that a couple of times when I coached him. He's a big strong physical back and you have to get a lot of guys to the ball. We missed a gap on the first long run to start the game. We'll watch the film and make sure we understand exactly what happened and try to correct those mistakes when we come back on Sunday."

On him stating prior to the game that CB Brandon Boykin would start:"I was wrong."

On why Boykin did not start: "(Defensive coordinator) Billy (Davis) said they wanted to start (CB) Brandon (Hughes)."

On whether he will consider having the team tackle to the ground in practice due to the number of missed tackles in the game:  "We have tackled to the ground. We did a live tackling drill last Tuesday, and we'll continue to do those live tackling drills. I think our guys are getting tackling in practice. We just don't tackle in 11-on-11. I think we did it in the Sunday practice. We'll continue to work on that stuff."

On whether he will increase the number of practice drills that involve tackling to the ground: "We weren't going to do it with the Patriots. Bill (Belicheck) did not want to do it. They don't do it. They don't tackle in practice. We believe in tackling in practice when you do it in isolated drills. The biggest thing isn't the guy tackling, it's the pileup that occurs and what's going to fall over them. We do need to live tackle. It was interesting that every player said it was the first time they live tackled. (LB) Connor Barwin said it was the first live tackling drill that he ever had after playing with the (Houston) Texans. There's a fine line in terms of what you have to do, but we believe that if we can do it in an isolated situation, we'll tackle and take to the ground."

On his impressions of the Eagles pass rush: "We always knew that Vinny (Curry) could get after the quarterback and I was pleased with him. I thought Brandon Graham did a really good job. Those are two dynamic guys. You continue to look at packages, especially your nickel package in terms of how you can get your best pass rushers on the field. I was pleased that we generated a pretty good pass rush with that first group. Hopefully we can get a little bit more. I think Chris McCoy had one (sack) down there at the end on (Tim) Tebow. If you can generate a pass rush with three down linemen and four down linemen, I think it helps you from a coverage standpoint."

On the play of the offensive line: "You have to go to the tape to see the specifics. I wasn't displeased with them. I thought we moved the ball decently. On the one fumble, I think two guys missed. They were in there too quick, and we have to work on some of those things. Sometimes just one missed step can cost you in this league, and we have to make sure those things don't happen."

On his decision not to attempt a field goal late in the game: "That was a decision we made because of our snapper. We haven't had Brent (Celek) take a lot of snaps. He's snapped from a punt standpoint, but we haven't done it with field goals very much, and it's not fair to put him in that situation. It was the same reason we went for two. Obviously the numbers didn't match up and we weren't going for two to try to get closer. We weren't going to kick a field goal in the second half after (the injury to Jon Dorenbos in) the first half."

On whether the full Eagles offense was on display in the game: "There's a scope of offense that you have in for the total year, but then you always have to pair it down in terms game plan. The specific game plan is based on the fronts and coverages that you're going to see, because you can't practice everything. You don't have enough time. Every week is going to be slightly different because everybody we play is slightly different."

On how long he can go before needing to name a starting quarterback: "We're going to pull the trigger before we game plan for the Washington Redskins. We have to have a quarterback in place when we're really getting ready and getting into the meat and potatoes of what our game plan is going to be. That quarterback will be named."

On what he learned about his team in the first preseason game: "I liked our effort. I liked how hard our guys played, but there are obviously fundamentals that we need to continue to work on as a group. I like their attitude. There are a lot of guys in there that aren't very pleased. They didn't take this like it was just a preseason game and it doesn't matter. It matters every single time you step on the field, whether it's in practice or in a game. I liked their mindset and their effort, and I think the fundamental part of the game is what we have to continue to work on as coaches. We'll do that and get back on the practice field on Sunday."

On whether he will start game planning for the Redskins prior to the fourth preseason game: "No."

On how the offense reacted to the first time operating at a fast tempo in a game: "We've had an opportunity to do it since April 1. We have a bunch of football junkies, and I think they like playing the game that way. I think it will be a weapon for us and a tool in our toolbox. For what we have the ability to play fast with, I think they handled it pretty well for the first time in a game situation."

On Michael Vick's touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson: "Mike had a great read based on the coverage. Usually when you're throwing deep, not everyone is running deep. You have check-downs and you have people running underneath. You have to read the coverage. It was a great play by Mike and DeSean, and obviously (DeSean) is a great weapon to use at our disposal. I thought Mike did a great job of reading the coverage and throwing it on time."

On his decision to start Chris Polk at running back over Bryce Brown: "I think those guys are a lot like the quarterbacks. I wouldn't read too much into who played first. I thought Bryce played really well tonight, and Chris has played really well in camp and did some nice things. We feel like besides LeSean (McCoy), we have a couple of guys that can play, so we really were just rolling those guys."

On the play of wide receiver Greg Salas: "He's one of those guys that just keeps showing up. He made a catch like that two days ago against the Patriots on the sideline. He's that guy that whenever he gets his opportunity, he seems to step up. That's an important thing, because depth at wide receiver is a huge question for us right now. But you have a guy that has a little experience, and that showed today. He kind of has a knack for making plays. Every time you get a chance to get on the field, you're building your resume, and he keeps building his resume and showing up, and everybody will take notice of him."

On the severity of the injury suffered by long snapper Jon Dorenbos: "I don't have any information on the injuries at this point and time. I haven't met with (head athletic trainer) Chris (Peduzzi). I know he was out the rest of the game, but I don't know the extent of how many days or how long that will be."

On the play of rookie QB Matt Barkley: "I think Matt has a great grasp of what we're doing. Sometimes it's tough because there might be a protection breakdown or a receiver doesn't end up exactly where he's supposed to be. I thought he was high on a couple of throws early, but once he settled down, he was pretty decisive. The long third down that he ripped in there to (TE) Clay Harbor was what I saw for a long time when I was on the opposite sideline. Some of those guys, especially the rookies, it was the first time ever playing in an NFL game. For some of them, they catch themselves looking around a little bit, but once Matt got settled, I was impressed with how he played."

On whether he feels he has a couple of good young defensive linemen in Bennie Logan and Damion Square: "We feel like we do. Bennie made a great play on the screen and from an effort standpoint, both of those guys played extremely hard. I think it reflects on how they train. It's nice to see when you have young guys like that coming up. The game is won up front on the offensive and defensive lines, and I think we have some young defensive linemen that we're excited about seeing how they grow up."

On whether he was nervous for his first NFL game: "I didn't really think of it that way. You kind of just focus on the game itself and it's 11-on-11. That part is a little bit different for me. I also didn't play. I think some of those guys were a little more fatigued than I was on the sideline."

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