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Game Vs. Patriots: Eagles Offense

QB Nick Foles

On the team's reaction following the Vick injury: "They're confident. Michael Vick's the leader of this team. He's a tremendous quarterback and a tremendous leader. They were very confident when I stepped in because those guys have been together and they know I'm going to go out there and play as hard as I can for them. There is a sense of confidence in there, within the unit. And I was just going to go out there and execute. The line did a great job protecting and our receivers did a great job getting open so my job was really just to stay in rhythm and get the ball to our players."

On his mindset following the game: "It's like it always is. Tomorrow I will go to work, go into the office, get a workout in and study the film, keep working and keep learning. This will be great film to learn from. There's things I can do better. There's a lot of things I can do better. Tomorrow will be a big day to learn. My mindset is to go out and be ready for anything."

On what he said to the new group of players he was working with in the huddle: "I didn't give any speech or anything. I was ready to play and they were too. I could look in their eyes and see the confidence. That's a really confident group. They believe in each other. So I just went in there and called the play and was like 'Alright, let's go'."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On the mindset of the team when needing to go to a backup plan sooner than expected:"That's part of playing football. If anybody goes down, your star goes down, your quarterback, anybody at any position, the next guy has to step in there and get the same job done. I think Nick played a pretty good game today. "

C Jason Kelce

On his penalty: "I don't want to get into whether it was a good call or not. I just thought I was blocking my guy until the whistle, obviously the ref thought something different. "

On the way they played in the first half: "The penalties killed us, obviously, and the lack of communication on the play when (Michael) Vick got hurt, that was another killer.  It was just a communication breakdown that we need to fix."

OT Todd Herremans

On the injury to Michael Vick: "Anytime the quarterback gets hit it automatically reflects on the offensive line.  It's our job to protect the quarterback, so you never want to see him on the ground. We're just thankful its not as serious as we thought and hopefully he'll be ready to go for the beginning of the season. "

On Coach Reid stating the offensive and defensive lines performed poorly: "I'm not going to cross words with Coach Reid.  There were some good things out there and there were some bad things out there. I think we should have performed a lot better than we did, especially since it wasn't their first string out there. We should have been able to run the ball a lot easier earlier in the game."

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