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Game Vs. Panthers: QB Mike Vick


On whether he feels that he should start after his performance:** "I've got to continue to work hard. I think that's what is putting me in a position to succeed and excel out on the football field. It is overlooking the situation overall and focusing on what I have to do to make myself a better quarterback."

On whether he feels that he is in rhythm or not: "I mean I feel in rhythm all the time. I've felt in rhythm when I am in practice, just the flow of the way we prepare has had me in a position where I feel like I can do it all, that's a good thing but I do not want to get too overconfident, I want to remain humble and continue to have the same work ethic that has put me in the position that I feel that this team can go places and I can do it with them. I am just trying to stay in that flow and continue to prepare and keeping doing the things that help us succeed."

On whether he feels that there is anything else that he needs to show: "Just to continue to stay consistent and protect the football. I am going to try not to turn the ball over and do all the small things and when you do that usually amounts to the things you are proud about, the big things show. I just have to keep pressing forward and not regress."

On whether he feels that someone needs to start getting all the reps and focus on the regular season: "I agree, I think there comes a point where somebody has to start taking more reps, but that is totally up to Coach Kelly and what he decides on. We have to continue to do it the way we have been doing it. The offense stays in the rhythm so that's a good thing, but we can't continue to dwell on the things we have no control over, we just have to go out and control what we can control and that's the pace of the game, the tempo, the flow and moving the team."

On whether he thinks the tempo on offense was good: "I think we can be faster. I think we can go a lot faster and I see what it does to a defense and the concepts and things that we do really puts this team in a position to succeed, but it has to be done right."

On whether he feels this is as comfortable as he has felt in the pocket in a while: "I'm having fun playing football and I fell in love with the game again and I am thankful for that. You've got to play this game with intense passion and purpose and I thank Coach Kelly for what he has done for me and that's just giving me that confidence that I felt like I was losing at some point in my career. You just have to keep working hard and when you do that you get the results that you want. But can't be satisfied with this performance tonight, it's a long season and we have a lot of work to do and I understand that and I can't lose sight of that."

On why he thinks that this offense makes him feel the most comfortable he has felt in the last couple of years: "I just think it's the things that we do. I think it fits what I like to do and a lot of things we've been able to implement in the offense. I've seen some version of it before, I've visualized doing it over and over again before the game. I play the game in my mind all week and just drive myself crazy with that so I think that's why I am able to stay in the rhythm, stay in the tempo, stay in the flow of the game, during the game. It's the preparation and it's probably about 75 percent of the game."

On whether he thinks Coach Kelly has restored his confidence: "I mean when things don't go well and when everybody is pointing the finger at you it can hurt your confidence. You could be one of the best players in the league and sometimes outside sources can maybe waiver your feelings or emotions. I read everything that was said, I lived it, but when I first sat down with Coach Kelly his main concern and goal was to help me get back in tip top shape, and get me to the point where I am comfortable and can believe in myself again. I thank him for that, so that is where the work ethic comes from now. I come in early, I train hard and I do everything they ask me to do and I encourage my teammates to do the same thing because I see how it is helping me develop as a quarterback even in the later stages of my career."

On whether he feels impressed about the offense: "I am very impressed, myself and Nick (Foles) we go out and each and every day we come out with a plan and how we can get better and how we learn from one another. Nick will tell you I teach him everything that I know. I teach Matt (Barkley) everything I know and Dennis (Dixon) the same because when you believe in yourself and you know what you can do nothing else matters. It means more to me to help these guys to develop as quarterbacks in this league so I am just trying to stay motivated in the best way that I can."

On whether the chemistry has changed at all between the quarterbacks since a starter has not been named: "No, I mean we just have to keep on punching. We have to keep focused and not lose sight of what the most important thing is and the common goal and that is to win football games regardless who's behind the center or who's out there. We are going to win and that is the main priority right here and we won't stop until we do."

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